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The Billionaire Doctor's Surrogate Triplets

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It all started on her birthday. Amelia Wilson, an orphan who lived with her kid brother and best friend Emma, was taken to a party to celebrate her birthday in a clubhouse, where she met a random guy and they both got drunk and had a one night stand. She got home the next day after her encounter with a stranger and got an Emergency call from the hospital that his kid brother slumped on his way to school and was rushed to the hospital by his friends. He has a serious leukemia and to save him, she needs to pay $50,000 for his surgery. Devastated, she went to her boss Mrs Swaggers to ask for money but she gave her an offer to sign a contract with a billionaire doctor and get her brother's surgery bill paid. What happens when she finds out that her baby daddy is the man she had a one night stand with and that she is pregnant with his baby triplets!? Tension and truths to be revealed when his ex-girlfriend showed up. Find out!What happens when a lot of obstacles want to pull them apart? Will Amelia be able to avoid the storm that follows?

Chapter 1 The crazy night


Amelia's POV

My life had always been torn apart, loveless, and abused by everyone that crossed my path and I was already used to that. But I never thought that anyone would be able to hurt me so badly again to render me so broken, not until I met him.

It all began on a blessed Saturday night, the moon and stars covered the sky. I was at Mrs Swaggers's bar where I worked as a waitress, loud music blaring.

“Get me 4 glasses! What's holding you!?" Lousy customers fired angrily at me. I have been doing my best to attend to all of them but it seems they kept dropping in.

I kept glancing at my wrist watch every second. I normally go home by 10pm. My only friend and best friend will come soon to wait for me so that we can go home together. “It is 9:55 pm and there are 5 minutes left to go home." I muttered to myself.

I served the last customer and hurriedly rushed to my boss, she already knew what I came for, she shot a brief glare at me.

“Here is your daily payment, $100, make sure to come early tomorrow morning." She said Coldly, I nodded and rushed off.

My name is Amelia, I'm 20 years old and an orphan. My parents died when I was 10 and left me alone with my kid brother Tony.

The only person who is close to me and acts as a parent and sister is my friend Emma, she works in a bar too but not where I am working. I don't know much about my parents death but all I could remember is that, on that fateful day which was my birthday, my parents took me and my brother who was 5 to celebrate my birthday, a black jeep double-crossed our car and shot my both parents to death right in front of me.

I layed down in the passenger seat with my brother. That was why we were spared, but the only word I could remember they uttered was, “I will make sure your children and generations will continue to pay for what you did to me!" The voice of my parents' killer yelled. I don't know why I feel like revenging and finding out what exactly my parents did to that unknown man.

“What took you so long Amelia? Your brother and I have been waiting for you." Emma said immediately I opened the exit door.

“Sorry Emma, you know my boss and how the customers here are." I pouted and she smiled, we both left with my brother. We all live together because Emma is also an orphan.

“Sister Ami, I'm feeling too tired recently and I don't know what's wrong with me, sometimes I will feel dizzy." Tony said while we were having dinner.

“Tomorrow I will take you to the hospital for a check up, okay? For now after eating, go to our medicine box and take some analgesics." I responded to him with concern.

“Sorry Tony, don't get sick too much." Emma patted him.


“Amelia, seems like you forgot, today is your birthday!" Emma screamed joyfully.

“Oh my goodness, it slipped my mind, I was so occupied with work that I didn't even remember." I said with a smile.

“Since Tony is already asleep, why don't we go out and celebrate it tonight? Maybe have some drinks." Emma suggested. She is such a party freak!

“Alright Emma but it's just for today okay? We will go to another bar apart from ours." I said and Emma nodded happily.

Club house.

We got to the club house, everywhere was lit and loud music blared from the inside. We tried to pass but some security guard or bouncers blocked our way.

“This club house is restricted tonight, some influential personnels are hosting a party and only those with invitation cards are allowed to get in." The security said.

“I told you Emma, I think we should go back." I whispered to Emma.

“Shh…I got this !" She responded and walked up to the security romantically and bit her lips, yuck!

“Hello sir, why don't you allow us in, it's late and we don't know anywhere else, I can render some services to you tonight!" She said romantically touching the security. He smiled sheepishly.

“You can go in." He responded to my surprise, Emma held my hand and we walked in. The lights were dimmed and a party was going on.

“Hey beautiful lady, let's dance!" A handsome man said to Emma, she nodded and left with him, now I'm alone.

“ Waiter, a glass of wine please." I called on the waiter passing by, I sat down and sip the wine gently.

“Can I drink with you pretty?" A Cold but drunk voice said to me, I turned and saw a handsome and muscular man with curvy hair staring at me directly. Seems like he is drunk.

“Oh…ok" I responded, he ordered more glasses of liquor and I drank with him.

“Tell me, why are you here?" He asked drunkenly.

“Today is my birthday and I came with my best friend, she went to dance over there " I said pointing at Emma who is dancing. I feel a bit drunk.

“Well, I'm here because my father insisted that I give him an heir and just this morning I got to the office and found out that I have been dismissed by my father and until I provide him an heir!" He half yelled, glumping down a whole glass of liquor.

“So sorry about that sir." I said feeling sorry about him. We drank so much that we both got drunk and he requested that we go and have fun. I agreed and followed him with his car to a hotel.

We got to the hotel, he threw me on the bed and crawled to me, he kissed me and his lips made me shiver and wanted more. He kissed my neck, his hands trailed inside my gown. His hands caught my breasts and I grasped. He sucked my breasts, flicking his tongue up and down my nipples.

“Oh…my…. Fucking God!" I moaned, creasing his hair with my hands.

He unzipped his trousers and let out his huge erection, he swiftly undressed me and carried my both legs up, he buried his head under my legs and sucked my wet cunt.He was about inserting his erection.

“Please take it easy on me, I'm a virgin." I moaned softly.

“Don't worry baby, I will have you softly." He responded and I could feel his huge meat inside of me. He pumped in and out of me until I could feel a hot liquid poured inside of me.

“I love you so much, you are mine!" He groaned.

Chapter2: The ordeal


Amelia's POV

Sun rays penetrated into my eyes through the window which made me wake up, I stretched myself and yawned. I looked around the room, and then I remembered what happened last night.

I sprang up from the bed and checked myself, I'm really naked! I scanned my eyes around but couldn't find the handsome who I had a one night stand with last night. I got down from the bed still with the duvet tied around my chest. I picked up my clothes and undies scattered around the room and tip-toed to the door.

“And where are you trying to run to!?" A cold voice said behind me, I turned sharply and found him staring into my eyes, he tied only a towel around his waist and I could visibly see the butterfly tattoo on his chest. He looks so hot, which gave me a tingling sensation.


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