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Liam,how could you do this to me?all I did is loving you and you know very well that am the only person who has ever stood with you during tough times,but what did I get in return? Liam is the CEO of Group F campany.A guy that every lady want to be with,but surprisingly he is a man who doesn't likes clubbing and spending time with ladies all he thinks of is work. Riah has always been so possessive about him .she does everything to her power just to win him over only to realize that the CEO is in love with his house help keira.

Chapter 1


Keira, You're still sleeping, and it's getting late. Who do you suppose is going to look after us? Do you believe that all your labor entails is sleeping and subsisting off of my hard-earned money? Go outside and start looking for a way to support yourself after waking up your lazy *ss.

But mom, do I really have to get up this early? Please give me a few minutes to sleep.

Keira. I believe you are insane. Find someone else who will put up with your slackening if you wish to sleep somewhere other than my house. You will see the other side of me, spoilt brute, if you don't wake up and listen to what I say.

Clara and Talia are still alive, right? Don't you believe that, as three ladies, we ought to all be looking for work to support ourselves? Please, for the love of God, there are adults.

You can talk back at me me so I can tell you are an adult. nevertheless, not at my home. Do you really believe I am unaware that Clara and Talia are in this house? How many times will I have to tell you that you are not my daughter? Take a look at me. Do I even resemble your mother, who was an absolute loser? I wonder what it was about that witch that attracted my husband and made him fall in love. I praise God that she is no longer disturbing my peace.

Keira laughs sarcastically at her stepmother, who gets angry at her.

Why are you laughing instead of pitting yourself against me in case I throw you out of my house?

Mother, have you ever witnessed a lion who constantly brags about being the ruler of the jungle becoming frightened? You can't be terrified of my mother still being alive; I thought you were a lion; it seems her presence affected you. Eish, my mum was your medicine.

Keira, shut up or I'll do something that will make you regret ever having existed, was not afraid of your mother. Moreover, what did she possess that a confident woman like myself would be afraid of?

"You can't be compared to my mother." Your comparison should be to zombies, who, when they are dead and decide to attack, don't care who is in their family; they just attack, even their loved ones. And do you know what I thank God that you already know: that my father loved my mother, and that's why he took her for a wife? What about you? Just a substitute to feel the gap left by a mother; actually, I should be the one asking what my father saw in you.

Keira's stepmother, Annabel, becomes enraged and hits her.

That's just the start; if you keep spitting rubbish, I'll kill you, and you'll have to accompany your wretched mum.

As soon as Keira hears these remarks, she breaks down in tears, drawing Clara and Natalia's attention and causing them to come out of their room

Clara laments, "Oh, God, not again this early in the day." Have you got nothing better to do with your life, Keira, but yell and wake us up? You ought to have followed your mother to the grave.

Clara, Remember that we are family and that Keira is our sister; it is not appropriate to speak to her in that manner.

Natalia, hold on, what do you mean by "my sister"?" How many times must I repeat that Keira is neither my sister nor a member of my family? I'm also going to disown you if you ever say that again. I have no relations with orphans, even if we have the same father, therefore it doesn't make her my sister.

Can you hear yourself, Clara? How are you able to say that? She is not a nobody because she has no parents, and you have no right to belittle her for that matter. Because I can tell you are losing your mind, if you keep spouting nonsense, I'm going to forget that you are my younger sister and will beat the living crap out of you until you stop.

Be quiet and return to your rooms, you two. And as for you, Natalia, I sometimes doubt whether you are really my child or whether something went wrong at your delivery.

Keira is left alone in her room as they all depart in a mumbling manner.

Keira says, "I wish my mother was still alive," as she thinks back on her devoted mother who used to look out for her and spoil her a lot.

Mother, don't you think you left me with my evil stepmother and stepsister so soon?" Who doesn't care about my feelings? All they do is harass me and make me feel unworthy of existing in this world. I sincerely miss you. "I wish you were here with me," While crying and thinking of her mother, Keira is also considering where she will look for work. She takes a shower and changes into her favorite dress, which her mother had purchased for her just before she passed away. She adds subtle cosmetics to make her look magnificent, elegant, and stunningly attractive. She gets ready and then heads out to get breakfast.

Where is my breakfast, mother?

You want your breakfast, right?


Okay, Mother, but could you maybe go hurry ? It's becoming late and I have no idea where I'm going to look for a job.

Keira's stepmother walks into the kitchen and comes with a cup, which she gives to her smilingly.

Here is your breakfast, Keira

"Mom, you brought me water and the breakfast I requested? "

Hmm! Do you hear yourself when you speak? Consequently, a useless, unemployed daughter has the courage to ask for breakfast as if I have money that you have given me to buy it for you. I should be charging you for each and every sip of water you take in this house, but instead I'm doing you a favor.

As Keira leaves the house on an empty stomach to look for work, she is overcome with emotions.

Chapter 2


As the CEO of Group F, Liam is motivated to gain the confidence of his investors and has a contract with them. He is in his office getting ready for a meeting with a few clients who are willing to invest significantly in his business. People refer to him as a workaholic because he just loves his work and never makes jokes about it. People often assume that being wealthy makes you more attracted to women, but Liam doesn't fit this stereotype because he only cares about his business.

He makes a call to Neira, who is her secretary and constantly on the ball and sees to it that business goes as planned.

Hello, Neira. Please come into my office.

okay sir

Neira gets up from her desk while carrying some of the materials she had prepared for the meeting. She enters Liam's office after knocking on the door.

Boss Liam, the clients are waiting for you at the reception and everything is ready for the meeting.

Okay, are all the files tha


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