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The Arrogant CEO And His Secretary

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Castor an arrogant CEO who is known for being discipline and straightforward employed a female secretary called Karla who he made life miserable for but later falls in love with her due to her caring, kind, loving and crazy nature. His love story changed when his best friend who is a musician also falls in love with his secretary, he got jealous and did everything possible to make Karla his and made sure no one takes her away from him, Evander his best friend was heart broken when she choose castor instead of him. She was heart broken when castor told her to move on with her life. After 7 months Castor came back for her. Will Karla accept him again after breaking her heart and leaving her hopeless. Read and see.....

Chapter 1

Karla a girl of nineteen years lost her father at a tender age and had to grow up with by the side of her mother who loved her dearly and was ready to sacrifice everything just for her to be happy, although they were poor and could not afford two square meal a day.

She is the only child her mother was able to give birth to before her father died in a car accident, her mother did different types of menal jobs just to put food on their table, at times her mother would starve herself to make sure her daughter eats to her satisfaction.

At the age of seventeen, she joined her mother to work as a cleaner in order for them to earn money for their basic needs, she worked in a private cosmetics industry called Hush beauty empire industry as a cleaner, although her earnings was not much to provide most of their needs but she kept on working, "since it's better to do something other than been idle" she said to her self, she work for two years and six months, while working she also looked for another job where she can earn more than her recent place of work.

She came back home weak and tired, she entered the bathroom to shower, after having her shower, she went to the kitchen to cook Little spicy noodles, while she was eating she also used the opportunity and go through her laptop for vacancy in any company, she was disappointed when she didn't see any but she made up her mind to keep checking.

At around 2pm in the afternoon she slept off after eating and woke up around 5pm in the evening, she picked up her phone trying to reach her best friend named Amelia, after dialling the number for about four times her friend finally answered the call "where have you been, have been calling you" said karla, " am so sorry darling, my phone was on silent mode due to i am busy and didn't want any form of disturbance, so sorry dear" said Amelia to her friend, " will you be able to come over tomorrow let's talk, and moreover i have been looking for vacancy in any company where i can work as either a secretary or a receptionist but to no avail, please can you help me you know you are a goddess in helping people to look for job" said karla, " alright dear we will talk about it when i come tomorrow, gotta go, Goodnight karla" said Amelia.

After ending the call, karla on her phone torch and made her way to her mother who was preparing dinner in the kitchen, as she got to the kitchen she saw her mom sitting on a stool chair, she greeted her "Good evening Mom" "Good evening dear, how are you doing" her mom asked asked her, " am fine Mom" she replied, "Am not eating tonight, i have to go and sleep in order for me to wake early" she added " alright dear i will join you once i finish cooking" said her mom. Goodnight Mom.

Chapter 2

The next day been Saturday at around 9am in the morning, Amelia came to the house as early as possible, although i haven't finished with the house chores when she arrived i was a Little bit surprised cause i was not expecting her at the moment, i asked her to come in, immediately i rushed into the bathroom to shower, then i dress up wearing a blue gown, i packed my hair to the back, when i was young my hair had two colors people envy me thinking that i was more fortunate than them, while i was still packing my hair i remembered when i was five years, there was this cousin of mine who lived with us before she was jealous of the way my mom take care of me, she lost her parents when she was born, her mother's sister took advantage of that and started treating her badly, my mom had pity on her and decided to train her, i stopped going to school just for her to stop been jealous of me but that didn't happen as i was still lost in thoughts someone touched me, i jumping up


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