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That Night with the CEO

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Isabel Grace Smith woke up one morning with a handsome man in bed next to her. What happened is against her will, but she knows that she only did that to earn money for the medicine of her brother who has asthma. She left the man without waking him up. Until she found out that the Resorts she worked as a waitress was owned by Gideon Tyr Fierro—the man she had one night stand with. Will Gideon recognize her? How far will she go to avoid him? Is there a chance that a particular night will lead to them ending up more intimate?

Chapter 1: The Night

"You two get out of my house! Bad luck!” Mila exclaimed while throwing the belongings of siblings Isabel and Isaac out of the apartment.

"Oh, Aunt Mila! What are you doing?!” Isabel exclaimed as she rushed over to pick up their clothes that were scattered on the road.

She had just come home from work and seemed surprised by what she saw.

"Aunt Mila, what happened and you suddenly kicked us out?" Isabel asked again as she picked up their clothes one by one.

Mila retorted fiercely, "Your stupid brother! Letting all my remaining money be stolen!"


“Yes! The thief entered the house because he left the door open! Your brother Isabel is really stupid!” Mila added angrily.

Isabel ignored her Aunt's anger and dashed into her room to find her brother.

“Isaac! Isaac!” she called.

"Sister.." Isaac muttered as he carried his shattered paintings.

"What happened? Are you okay? Didn't the thief hurt you?" Isabel asked, touching her brother's face.

"I'm fine sister, the thief stole all of Aunt Mila's money," Isaac replied regretfully, looking at his paintings. "S-She destroyed my paintings because she was very upset with me, saying they were not worth it," he continued.

Isabel was losing her temper with their 50-year-old Aunt at the moment. She went back to the balcony to confront her.

"Why did you destroy his paintings? You know, that's all he does for commission."

"Commission? That's useless for the money he gave to the thief!"

"Aunt Mila, you didn't even ask how my brother was? Maybe the thief hit him? No! All you have in mind is money!”

"Hey Isabel! Don't yell at me because you'll just be swallowed up in my life and if it wasn't for me you both might have been homeless on the street for a long time!"

Isabel couldn't resist her irritation with her Aunt Mila, so she burst into tears.

"What are you standing us there for? Pick up your stuff outside and get out of here!” Mila continued.

Isabel remained silent but bravely gazed at her brother in their room.

"Isaac, get dressed and we'll leave here." she said hurriedly while taking some of her things from her cabinet.

"Sister, where are we going?" Isaac asked sadly.

Isabel stopped. "I don’t know, as long as we leave here." Isabel answered.

Isaac stood up and helped put their things away.


"That's really your Aunt Mila still hasn't changed. You think she can throw her nephews away just because of money?” Alice said in disbelief while preparing food for Isabel and Isaac.

"I'm sorry Alice, I don't know where else to go." Isabel said sadly.

"Come on, Isabel, we're best friends. I can't leave you alone, right?"

Isabel stood up and hugged Alice's back. "Thank you very much. I owe you a lot."

Alice smiled. "You know how you can get back?"


"Come with me tomorrow night, I have an extra job." Alice said happily.

Isabel frowned, for her it is not new that this friend of hers has an extra job because she herself gave her a job as a waitress at a famous Resort here in New York.

"Okay, make sure that's legal."

"Come on, Isabel. Is it legal or not, we need money, especially now that you haven't had Isaac's medication checked up yet?"

Isabel moved her gaze to Isaac, who was reading a book on the table. She let out a sigh. "You're right, Alice; I desperately need money."

"I told you, I'm just waiting for you to come to me."

"How long have you been doing that extra job of yours?" asked Isabel.

“Six months, and I’ve been earning a lot since then.”

Isabel suddenly stops and thinks about it.


That night did come and Isabel didn't think twice about joining the extra job that Alice was talking about. Even though she had no idea what she was going to do, she just strengthened her heart for her brother who only depended on her. Alice made her dress up in a waitress uniform because that's what she was supposed to do but, there was a problem.

"Isabel, the waitress is full. My boss asked me, If you want to do it in a different job, can you do it?" Alice asked hesitantly.

"What do you mean?" Isabel asked with a frown on her head.

Alice sighed and then explained to Isabel what her job was going to be. Isabel just swallowed, as if she couldn't handle what their boss was asking her to do. She can't sell her body to a man she doesn't even know.

"Can you do it, Isabel?.” Alice asked again.

Isabel looked anxiously to Alice and nodded. "I can, for Isaac."

Alice holds Isabel's hands as she accompanies her to an empty room where the man she would spend the night with would meet her.

Isabel's tears fell and she clutched her chest, she couldn't fully understand why she had to lead to such a position just to earn a lot of money.

"That's alright, Isabel. Just one night, you have to do it for Isaac." she whispered to herself as her tears fell.

As the door opened, a tall and muscular man entered. She was stunned by the manner of the man who seemed to have a God-like face.

She was about to speak when the man suddenly kissed her on the lips.

Isabel's eyes just widened at the softness and eagerness of the lips abducted to her. She seems to feel this man's longing, she doesn't understand why her soul is asking her to respond to that kiss. Without knowing that she willingly opened her lips and the man quickly inserted his tongue. This is Isabel's first time kissing a man, but she seems to know what she's doing. The intimacy that she feels when the man inserts his hand to reach her breast increases even more.

She stopped. “W-Wait..”

"What's wrong?" the man asked in a whisper. Even he’s voice seems attractive.

"N-Nothing, I'm just—" Isabel didn't even finish what she was going to say when the man claimed her lips again.

At that time, the heat in her body increased and she just followed what the man was doing. Until they take off all their clothes. The man supported her on the bed and slightly opened her thigh.

"Are you ready?" he whispered in her ear.

Isabel did not know what to answer. She just nodded because she really wanted this feeling.

The man smiled and slowly inserted his fullest into Isabel's hard tunnel.

“Ouch!” Isabel murmured that the man was surprised.

"Is this your first time?" he asked.

Isabel bit her lip and then she nodded as a small drop of tears flowed down her cheek. “Y-Yes. But keep going, I need this money.”

The man was surprised. But he didn’t want to stop it, he wanted to claim this woman’s perfect body.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle." the man whispered and kissed Isabel again on her lips.

The man again inserted his fullest and this time he was careful while Isabel hugged him back while he slowly moved on top of her.


Chapter 2: Best Closer in the City

Past eight o’clock in the morning, when Gideon got out of his car. He increased his pace while fixing the button on his suit.

Everyone greeted him when he started to enter Fierro’s Enterprise Building.

"Gideon you're late." Sam told Gideon emphatically as he hurriedly walked to the conference room.

"Is Mr. Carter here either?” Gideon ignored his Uncle's enraged but continued walking.

"Yes, and you're the only one waiting." Sam replied, annoyed.

When Gideon entered the conference room, their emotions as he entered the meeting room were disappointed.

“Move over.” He ordered his associates to begin the marketing data analysis that he would explain to the investors.

After Gideon sat down, a small letter was placed on his desk.

"You owe me today." he looked at Freya and she winked.

After a few moments of explaining the data analysis, Gideon asked for a break to talk to the in


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