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For the Richmond business and millionaire life presupposes everything, luxuries, travel and goods have been completely in their hands, the success that their renowned surname has managed to achieve rises among the others, but not everything revolves on the margin of this. For such achievements the Richmond family has condemned Alexander their son to suffer the worst punishment of contempt, rejection and lack of love making this adult an extremely cold man. It is always said that life and even more fate enjoy conspiring against us and that the famous play boy will witness when Ava Vargas crosses his path.

1. Heading

Life is not always rosy, and in some cases we have to suffer vicissitudes from a very early age, despite the fact that as children we should be protected, loved and sheltered from all the evil existing in the world, by situations beyond our own free will we end up involved in adult things that really do not concern us and in that young Richmond is the best example of such a fateful situation.

The Richmond family is one of the best known in the entire Orlando area, they own a large part of the city, not to mention they are one of the wealthiest in the whole area, they have in the palm of their hand everything you could ever want; luxury cars, companies, academies, bars, restaurants, hotels etc., everything absolutely everything at their disposal, not counting of course every one of the whims they want, but, to achieve such achievements it is necessary to put aside an important part of their day to day as is the family.

Life for them is extremely busy and busy, which keeps Mr. Darren and Mrs. Sabana very far from home, thus causing their son to grow up without father figures despite sharing the same roof.

From such a relationship Alexander Richmond was born who is the only child of such a couple and who was condemned to suffer loneliness, rejection and contempt from a very young age and even worse, receiving it even from his own parents, despite being surrounded by the greatest dream of man because wealth is the greatest cure for ills, that child grew up being extremely unhappy because the love of our loved ones is impossible to replace.

Such a chaotic and discarded life led him to grow up full of rage, and completely unaware of what the word love and family really mean, even more since he completely ignores its true value.

The cruelty and resentment feelings that have been born as a result of this have molded in his person an extremely unstable temperament which makes him extremely explosive on some occasions.

So that little boy grew up to become an adult and following in the footsteps of his parents the prodigal son became a business ace; at just thirty years old Alexander had already become the CEO of Magnament, a famous law firm and one of the largest shareholders of the Argoni Group, a company completely dedicated to the creation of home technology, companies that are located in the heart of the city of Orlando.

As an adult he became a cruel man who cares little to say nothing about the feelings of others, even more if it was about the female s*x so for him women have even come to mean simple objects of pleasure.

So it was that fate neither short nor lazy took a different point of view wanting to fight against that one with respect to the attitude that such a gentleman carried so without his consent it will make him face that part of himself which sleeps hungry for love and fear.

2. Start

I find myself watching through the window from the top of the Argoni group building where my office is located on the eleventh floor, very attentive to the view that looms in front of me which always infuses me with a lot of calm and pleasure gawping at how beautiful it can become.

"Mr. Richmond" that voice resonates quite firmly to my surprise, because at that moment I was completely unaware that there was another person next to me, causing me to quickly return to the place where that sound came from.

"Chris, holy sh*t one of these days you'll end up freaking me out with how stealthy you are,“ I said after feeling vulnerable as a result of that.

“I'm sorry sir. “

Christian Morcón, whom we all call Chris, is my right-hand man, an ex-military man who is now dedicated to performing simple office jobs, of course speaking in quotation marks.

He is a loyal, cunning, bold and faithful man, his pulse does not tremble when I give an order no matter what kind it is.

Now, it is always said that in the midst of all evil there is some good and in every good there is some evil and Chris is precisely the living example of that incongruence because despite having been trained as a war machine he has a serene, gentle and warm side, everything that I hate in this life, which somehow helps me to stay grounded, oddly enough.

“You need something Chris. “

"Yes sir, well... actually I'm here to let you know that it's almost two o'clock, the meeting with the committee members is already ready, we just need your presence. “

"Thank you Christian, I'll be over there in a moment; by the way, before you leave, could you let my assistant know that I'll need the settlement documents for tomorrow, I need to look into some matters to confirm that everything is ready on time. “

"Of course, sir, I'll let you know on my way out. “

In view of not having anything pending according to what I imagined, that one without thinking while he was already intending to leave to continue his work, taking a few steps he approached the door and just when he was inches away from shaking the knob between his fingers that one turned around.

"Excuse me, sir, for a little while and I forgot to tell you the most important thing, the plane ticket plus the stay at the country house have been confirmed. ”

"Wow, it was pretty fast, what time does the flight leave? “

“At twelve o'clock at noon, sir. “

“And the helicopter has been confirmed. “

“Yes sir, it will be ready for your arrival. “

"Perfect, notify my driver and prepare everything for our departure, I hope to finally be on my way to the airport at eleven o'clock. “

“Yes sir. ”

I fixed my gaze on him and finally recovering his movement I saw him leave through that door thus leaving my office.

For some reason after the loneliness to make me company again the distraction came to me and after staring at nothing for a few seconds I went to that chair next to the desk who gave an antique but elegant torque to that place.

There, after settling my body on its surface I got ready to review some documents to which I inscribed my signature which I already had pending for a while, then I directed my gaze to the left side and fixing my eyes on the cup that rested on the side on that table I took it in hand thus preparing to take its contents.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee does not bring that one very close to my face, it floods my sense of smell even though it has a particularly mild fragrance.

Once I was ready, I stood up, took the coat from the coat rack and wrapped it around me, adjusting the knot of my tie in the same way, and started my journey down that corridor to the boardroom.

Not very well arrived all my partners welcomed me at their convenience, all older gentlemen some obnoxious flatterers, others mostly ignored my presence and some others just enjoy challenging my patience, in a way I avoid giving too much importance to such a matter because more than one of those present in that room has a tail that they step on uncut that if I let myself go by my instincts that small meeting would undoubtedly end in a complete disaster.

That meeting in view of being a simple issue to be resolved much earlier than planned because everything was carried out quickly and forcefully a strange thing because those vultures constantly clash in terms of agreeing on such matters concerns.

Quickly after the final word has been promulgated, each one having stood up, I take my course leaving that room without waiting and without looking back, and I simply looking for peace, I also retire back to my office in the hope of resting.

During my return journey through that corridor, the calm, restlessness and strangeness took me, because as I passed it was as if on pause, without noise and without movement, a rather obvious singularity since being a resection area it is usually quite hectic due to the constant flow of personnel that usually pass through there.

Even so, without giving it much importance, I continued on my way with my head firmly and high until finally I reached the office where after my arrival I took off my coat immediately placing it on the coat rack, loosened the knot of my tie, unbuttoned the sleeves of my shirt and approaching the small divan that lies in a corner on the right side, I dropped my body letting myself be carried away by the serenity and calm guided by the silence that was maintained there.

I've been feeling tired for a few days now, the simple fact of walking puts more demands on me than it should and today is precisely one of those days.

So that is why I assume for sure that, in any case, what possibly happens to me is as a result of the stress that I have been experiencing as a result of some terrible nights that I have been experiencing because of some nightmares that torment me, linked to overwork because I admit I overexert myself too much, plus fatigue and my mood swings, without a doubt I feel that they are the causes of such instability in me.

There I let myself be seduced by the sweet pleasure dream that envelops exhausted souls and I immerse myself between their bowels where an unusual image hardly created by me takes center stage at that moment.

A field full of ripe golden wheat is making its way through, I hear a voice that calls me energetically claiming my attention together with the laughter of some small children fluttering nearby from where I was who exclaim full of emotion “grandpa come and play“ that seduces me in the most tender way, although I don't want to admit it that place because it was a completely imperturbable place.

Without warning I feel like someone is sneaking up and without making much noise, he looked everywhere, but I can't find what is being heard; when I was most clueless, such a figure made himself noticed who with one jump came out from behind my back and taking my hand I started running.

3. The Provocation of Silvia

By all means I tried to stop her, but I couldn't, I was looking for a way to release her grip on my hand, but there was no way, no matter how hard I tried, our hands remained united so without strength I stopped fighting and instead of fighting I resigned myself to following her.

The person holding my hand was a girl and not just any one but the same one who always appears in my dreams, curiously whenever I have a nightmare like this she screamed for help.

That one is not very tall, she is of medium build, but with a long black hair who was wearing a white dress with thin sleeves, trying to see her face was something impossible because she constantly avoided being seen by me who contemplated her full of doubts incessantly asking me "Who can this girl be?

Despite all my doubts for years that moment became a completely magical one for me and for the first time after a long time the nightmares had been modified by a serene dream where she used to appear from


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