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Taming the billionaire’s wild heart

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Her job was simple: Tame the billionaire and make him love again. Maya was a simple girl in need of money to help in the treatment of her younger brother. After getting abandoned by her mother, she was left with the duty of providing the needs of her younger brother who was her only family. At this, when the offer came in, she jumped on it and decided to go on a quest to tame the wild heart of the billionaire who hated people. With her new job as an assistant to the billionaire, Brian, she must change him within a particular period of time.

Chapter 1

To Brian, the world is filthy and filled with different people who display fake love and a high level of pretence. He perceived people as fake individuals who came closer to people, to take advantage of them and then, turn them to their prey.

That was his ideology and he didn’t feel bad about it.

“People are cruel”, he would always mutter to himself whenever he observed an ill performed by someone.

He lived his life alone, as his daily schedules rotated around his house and office.

He barely went out himself because of how much he tried to avoid having contacts with people.

Likewise, he did virtually everything from the comfort of his home, and with ease, he would order meals, clothes, and have meetings with his partners and business associates via the internet. And when he decides to go to his office, he would ensure that he communicates to his staff through

the use of phones calls or emails to minimize their presence in his office.

According to him, that was the best way to live; Isolated, alone and detached from the unending troubles that emerged from associating with people.

Weird or crazy, anyone may call him, but none of that mattered to him. He was rich, extremely wealthy and had great affluence.

And so, that made his life much comfortable because he had people at his beck and call.

His name is Brian, tall and handsomely built. An attractive young man with a long eyelash, a lustrous and radiant eyes and a naturally full and alluring lips. Every feature he entailed could easily be described as handsome.

Girls always threw glances at him wherever

he went, and they were never shy to make the

first move in some scenarios.

However, the response they got from him made them look at him in disdain and classify him as rude, proud or gay.

He loved it. It fancied him when he sees the fallen faces of his admirers, and it gave him great satisfaction whenever he intentionally ignored them to see how angry they would look.

“They deserve all the anger they feel, at the end of the day, they don't deserve to be loved”, he would always say to himself after showing off his cold side to his admirers.

This was how life went for him, he enjoyed every bit of it and never thought of having a change, until the need for an assistant arose.

He owned a large and well-known company called "Benguela group”. A company which he reinstated by himself, after several tussles he faced in life. Alone, he conceived an idea to start the production

of different types of textiles and gradually, that idea became reality when he got a grant of twenty thousand dollars.

He started by getting a small building

where he employed few people who worked

for him. They handled the production and

transformation of raw textile materials into

actual textiles, which were eventually sent to the market for sale.

It was extremely difficult at first, because of the struggle to keep the business strong.

At some points, he ran out of capital, but never went to anyone for help because of the hate he had for people.

As time went on, the business expanded, and he was able to buy a larger building, which he designed and furnished to his taste.

His company had a production section where the

laborers worked with machines and chemicals to make clothing materials. In addition, there was the design section where these textiles got designed by professional designers.

He also had the marketing section which ensured that the finished designs gets to the eyes of the public.

Recently, he launched the newest section that dealt with the transformation of hide into leather materials.

He was doing well, no doubt. He had a huge amount of money flowing into his account

daily, and he needed no one to tell him that he was successful.

With the way, his company was expanding and the way the workload was becoming more demanding for him, he felt the need for an assistant who would handle his schedules and manage some workload.

However, when he remembers that the assistant would be so close to him, he would debunk the thoughts and decide to manage the stress alone.




Brian arranged everything on his desk after which he grabbed his bag as he made to leave.

He wasn't feeling great since the morning, and so, he intended to hurry home and place a call to his personal doctor for a proper medical check.

Just as he made to leave, he felt a sharp pain on his head, one that caused him to stagger slightly for some seconds.

He shoved it aside as a signal coming as a result of hunger.

He tried taking another step but felt a sharper pain, one that came with great force, hitting directly into his head and making him shriek in


That was all he remembered.


Brian blinked thrice, his eyes trying to adapt to

the sharp rays of light striking the sensitive part of his eyes. He groaned slightly and sat up as he began to take cognizance of where he was.

He was at a place he hated terribly. The


He hated those familiar stenches that emanated

from drugs and other hospital materials.

Everything there smelt like sickness and that was very sickening.

It made him recall the days when he would cry his eyes out because he didn't feel alive


With different tubes and intravenous on him, he would call out and request to see his mother.

“She will be here soon”, the doctor who he later called a guardian would always say to him. She never came, she was not dead or anything relating to such, but she never came to visit her dying son who laid sick and almost lifeless on the hospital bed.

Brian sat up as he tried to fight the hot tears making way to his eyes as a result of his memories.

He struggled to get up from the bed, but was held down by someone who was sitting and watching his every move.

“Don't touch me!” He yelled angrily as he pushed the hands away and stood to his feet.

“Brian, you need to rest!”

“Well, that would be at a bar! I need some drinks and yes, a bit of fun too!” He scoffed and walked out of the room, with Noah strolling behind him.

Chapter 2

Brian’s head was swirling terribly as he tried to sit up on the bed. He never expected Noah to take him to the hospital because of what happened at the office earlier.

The hospital had countless sad memories which he was yet to get healed from and so, he tried to avoid any physical contact with the hospital.

He employed a personal doctor who attended to him whenever he fell ill, but the case was different today; because he had passed out at his office.

He was thankful, but then, the feeling of rejection

surpassed the feeling of appreciation he had for

Noah, and rather than thanking him for saving his life by discovering him on time, he started lashing out angrily instead.

Noah had a pitiful look on his face and that ignited the rage he felt within.

“What are you even doing here, and why are you looking at me as though I’m a child?” Brian asked, beginning to feel irritated by his presence.

“Relax! I was about heading home but became


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