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Tame me: falling for my driver

Tame me: falling for my driver

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Heather sat back in the chair, her memory flashing back on what happened in the car... "Just have sex with me, I'll give you anything". Heather Martin's, a twenty-three years old CEO of the Martins entertainment industry, gets involved in a blackmail with James stelee, a supposed Uber driver who she drunkenly had car-sex with. she has no other option but, to bring him to her home. The media is searching for him, his ex-company wants him and they'll stop at nothing till they get him. but what was all a blind chase. I mean, what if James was never a driver to begin with? He hated her father, and wanted revenge after all... Read this romance-filled novel, with love, revenge, betrayal and sex.... lots of it.

Chapter 1

"buzz..... buzz...." her vibrator echoed throughout the whole office.

"Holy fuck!! miss Martins". The startled and swiftly walking Kim came to a sudden halt, closing his eyes with his hands.

"what do you think you are doing?" he reprimanded her. "imagine someone else came in here and saw you like that!! he gestured with his fingers.

" well....he or she will be welcomed to join me". she said seductively.

" you can take off your hands down now!" she assured him arranging her skirt down her pantyhose.

"Heather!" he sighed.

"uhmmm... would you like to join me?" she said seductively as she approached him till their noses almost touched.

"uhmmm"...he cleared his throat. "I'd love to but, as you know I have a.... boyfriend".

"arggggghhhh", she faked exhaustion. "The good ones are always taken".

" well... sweetheart, you could always find a good guy". Kim winked.

"I'd rather not take advice from a guy who prefers dicks over pussies" , heather teased.

" ha..ha..ha... very funny. "

" yeah...that reminds me." Is it 4:00 yet? she asked suddenly rushing to her desk.

"uhmmm..yeah. it's 4:05. he

looked at his watch. Got a date?

"Hell.. yeah!!'

"wow...bitch! who's the lucky guy?"


"oh...that little piece of shit". he cursed under his breath.

"well, excuse me Kim. That little piece of shit got like.... the best dick in the world.

" oh...poor girl. how would you know if you haven't tried others? "

" I don't need others to know that Brandon is the best." heather confidently replied.

if you say so "heather". how sure are you that your "Brandon" isn't going around testing other bitches.

" I don't think so."

" Look babe, I care for you and I love you. I don't want some petty ass nigga like Brandon stealing away your happiness. I've looked and studied that guy enough to know, he's not the right one for you."

"Then who is?!.....she sighed. look Kim, I'm 23 and I still haven't gotten a boyfriend. if I don't have a boyfriend now, I dunno when else that miracle is going to happen.


I know you mean well but, I should just try in making this one tiny bit decision on my own. spoiled rich brat. see you at home by 9. don't even think of having sex with him.

I promise not to!! heather joked.

"love you! don't drink too much."

" I'm not a kid, heather complained dragging her purse."

"you forgot your jacket" , Kim reminded her.


" love you.... mean it."

" hate you... kidding" .

She dragged her heels on the floor as she ran, making a screeching noise on the office tiles.

"God!!, it's miss Martins again". one of her workers whispered to another. I don't know why she's bent on making our day stressful.

"you better stop or else?" he whispered back.

"or else what? she's a spoilt brat and she must know it. she's not even up to my daughter's age and she's already behaving so wild."

"don't say I didn't warn you, just stop talking".

"suddenly the running miss Martins came to a halt, causing silence in the whole room."

"I think she heard you." he looked at the other worker, who already had a fearful look on her face. sensing the environment, he quickly moved away from her to avoid any further problem.

"what did you say about me?" heather suddenly turned, looking her worker who had already dropped to her knees.

" I'm sorry ma....I mean miss Martin. I didn't mean to say that, it was just a slip." she trembled at the spot.

" can say that your daughter is better than me and call it a slip. okay, then you're fired. how bout you like this slip? "

The whole room was suddenly cold, as everyone gazed at the both of them.

" didn't you hear me? I said you're fired". "pack your filthy things and get out from this office before, I make your life miserable!

"please... please she begged". "I don't have where else to go", she pleaded.

" maybe you should have thought about it before you start gossiping about me". "Get out!, she roared at the poor woman.

Chapter 2

"what is going on here?" Joshua, her father's personal assistant barged inside the quiet office.

"I repeat? heather, what's going on here? my office now!! "

"she resisted for some minutes, you better get out before I return", she shouted at her worker angrily before storming into his office.

Mrs Nettle, knowing all was over suddenly, got up and went to her desk. nobody dared to utter a sound as she walked towards her desk only, her sniffles could be heard as she packed all her belongings into a box.

"you'll pay for this", she muttered as she left the office, carrying her box with her.

"Heather, what was the meaning of that display you created out there? your father won't be proud of you if you keep acting like this. you need to stop this behaviour if you want to be a responsible owner of this company one day, he continued to scold her."

"Are you done?" heather cut


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