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Sweet Smooches

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Edde Loxley a handsome young businessman meets a crazy fan girl Elizabeth Albie in a bar as they both got drunk and went to bed together. After realizing she lost her virginity to him and got pregnant for him, she comes back to him with a threat of exposing the pregnancy to the world. Edde Loxley strikes a deal with her shutting her mouth up with a huge sum of money. What will happen to their crazy and romantic encounter? Little did they know that their wild and romantic encounter would lead to unexpected twists and turns, challenging them in ways they never thought possible.


He slid the papers to her, looking solemnly to her beautiful honey brown eyes, she stared down at the papers and back at his cold expressionless face.

"What's this paper for?" She asked not wanting to read out of it.

"It's a document to seal our deal, so sign it" she hesitated with lots of thoughts running through her mind.

Maybe it isn't a good idea and it wasn't too late to say no.


Back forward


The cold morning breeze swept past Elizabeth's face making some strands of her hair cover her eyes, she angrily pulled her hair as it was almost the tenth time that was happening.

She walked into the school's cafeteria to get a cup of coffee to get her body warmed up a bit as she sat quietly at the end of the cafeteria sipping her tea and going through her phone's gallery.

The photos of Edde Loxley, a young handsome British businessman, rule her gallery. She literally does not have her own photos, just Edde and it sucks that she couldn't meet him for at least ones.

Well he is a business man and he is always busy with work and other things businessmen do, rumor has it that Edde Loxley is a full time playboy and she doesn't still care about his reputation, she just wanted to meet him.

"Hey! Not again!" Mel said as she pulled her phone from her hand, she knows how obsessed her besties was with Edde and it pisses her off all the time "You can't seriously still be falling in Love with a man you haven't met before, it's crazy and I'm becoming to suspect you have a mental issue, It'd be better we go see a psychiatrist before…"

"Shut the fvck up I am fine, you won't just understand what Edde is doing to me, you have a boyfriend and I don't because I am patiently waiting for Edde" Elizabeth Said as Mel laughed out making people turn to her staring at her like a crazy person.

"I guess Elizabeth Albie will die a virgin" She said, trying to take Elizabeth's coffee as Elizabeth yanked her hands off.

"You are so toxic Mel, just wish me luck for ones"

" I have always wished you luck babe, hope you meet your back stage lover soon… Let's go, we have a class in five minutes" Mel said as they walked hand in hand to the class.

Edde Loxley sat in front of his computer in a very large luxurious office, he had been busy going through business proposals from different companies which he rejected almost all.

"Broke ass companies" he muttered as he shut down his computer system as a call came in, he picked up the telephone and placed it on his ear.

"Sir, will you need anything?" That was his P.A Nelly over the phone.

"Get me a cup of cappuccinos please" he said as the call ended, just immediately the door opened revealing his dad, Nelly would have just told him to expect his dad.

He was sure his dad had come to remind him to get married and keep the business professional.

Edde Loxley is 25 and was in no way ready to get married yet, getting married means not having time for his business and lesser fun and he wasn't ready yet not now not in five years time.

"Good afternoon Dad" Edde greeted, staring blankly at his dad expecting the worst. He was already used to hearing his yelling about getting married and being more responsible but it seems that was far from why his father came.

"Well son, I came to tell you that I am going to Paris to see my mistress and I am not sure of when I am coming back so take care of yourself" His dad said surprisingly to Edde.

"Is that all? Like that's why you came?" Edde asked to be sure as his dad chuckled.

"What else were you expecting? See Edde I am tired of repeating myself about marriage, if you don't wish to get married then remain a bachelor and keep on fvcking all the women in New York" his dad said and walked out of the office.

Mr Loxley became a Casanova ever since the death of his wife who died ten years ago when Edde was fifteen, Mr Loxley being heart broken from the death of his sweetheart decided not to marry again with the fear that he might lose any woman he gets married to.

He never wanted a lonely life for his son and he never wanted his son to follow his step of Casanova life, he wanted his son to be happily married but Edde has refused to settle down.

His P.A Nelly walked in with his coffee, she knew that she wasted much time and that was because the cream finished.

"I am so sorry for the delay sir, it was…" She tried saying as he stood up, cutting her short.

"There is no need to explain further, you already delivered late and I need to go, so have the cappuccino yea, and take this files with you, record them into the system it's really important, Make sure you don't make a mistake because it can cause a whole lotta damage" Edde said and retreated out of the office.

He hopped into his Rolls Royce and drove into the city of New York, he needed to calm down and have some drinks with his friends as it's been a while he had a good time, he had tried to be serious with work this past weeks and he was already fed up.

He picked his phone and dialed Wyatt's number which was answered almost immediately.

"What's good man? Are you back from work? What do you think about having a drink?" Wyatt said from the other end of the phone, Edde could hear the loud sound of music from the background and he could tell that Wyatt was in a bar or maybe a club.

"Where are you now, I am coming over"

"Come to Dela cruise bar at the mainland, that's where I'm at, are you coming with…" Before he could complete his sentence Edde ended the call.

Wyatt has always been friends with Edde since creche, they literally grew together in the same neighborhood, Edde parents with that of Wyatt's also went along together and that made Edde and Wyatt closer but Wyatt turned out more responsible than Edde as Wyatt already has a wife with two baby boys.



"I didn't expect the class to be that boring today!, It never happened before" Mel said as she rubbed her eyes, Elizabeth ignored all she said as she walked ahead quietly "hey come on!, You're walking too fast!" Mel said as she ran after her.

"Look Mel, I am tired I really need to take a nap" Elizabeth said as Mel frowned and suddenly her face brightened up.

"How about we go to a bar and have a drink, that should really help" Mel suggested giving Elizabeth that knowing wink as Elizabeth smiled.

"Let's go then, which one should we go to?"

"Any one we sight first" Mel said as she unlocked her car.

Yeah Melanie is born with a golden spoon while Elizabeth was born into an average psycho family, her parents are divorced, her father married a new wife while her Mom sleeps around… So Elizabeth never really got that parental care most young girls get.

"And here we go! Dela cruise!" Mel cheered as she packed at the lot " I am sure you have never been here before" Mel teased.

"Well, yeah I haven't and I must say that it's beautiful!" Elizabeth said, staring at the building.

They walked inside the bar as the loud music filled their ears, girls were sighted dancing at the pool naked, oh yeah it was a bar with a strip club too.

The sight was entertaining as Elizabeth sat on the chairs by the counter and ordered some soft drink, Mel was already at the dance floor slapping dollar bills on their butts, yeah Mel and Elizabeth are both crazy but Mel was crazier.

Mel danced back to the counter where Elizabeth was sitting, she took a sip of Elizabeth drink as she stared at Elizabeth weirdly.

acting so good as if you have never tasted alcohol before" Mel playfully rolled her eyes at her in a cocky smile "Anyways, I will be back, luckily my boyfriend is here so I gotta go spend time with him… Enjoy yourself single lady!?" She called out and giggled.

Elizabeth was left alone as she sipped her drink and watched the entertaining performance going on, her eyes drifted to a table where she saw two men and a lady, the man sitting at the left without a lady looked familiar.

Elizabeth stood up staring closely at the man, was that her Edde! She didn't want to believe it as she pinched herself to be sure that she wasn't having one of those funny dreams she normally had about him but it turned out that her eyes weren't deceiving her! It was indeed him.

She couldn't hold her happiness as he hurried to the table and sat on the empty chair by his side.

"Edde! Oh my God! So lucky to finally see you after so many years of waiting!" Elizabeth muttered in excitement as she hugged Edde.

Edde was so amazed at her attitude and decided to hug her back, staring at his surprised friend and his wife. He loved the soft breast that pressed his chest.

Her phone buzzed because of a notification alert, Edde was surprised to see his face as her wallpaper and that made him convinced that she was one of his crazy obsessed fans.

"I can see that you're really a big fan," Edde said in a smile as she nodded.

"Yes I love you, I have a gallery full of your photos!" Edde was surprised that she was just so plain to him, she didn't care who was looking at her she just said her mind.

"You're welcome to have a drink with us, what's your name?" Edde asked, pouring a drink for her.

"I am Elizabeth Albie, please can we take a selfie together?"

"Oh yes sure…" Edde said taking a pose

"Edde I will be going upstairs to spend time with my wife, enjoy yourself with your crazy fan" Wyatt said as he pulled his wife with him not giving Edde a chance to talk, Edde felt a little awkward sitting with a stranger that turned out to be his fan but still she wasn't boring.

Elizabeth and Edde talked and sipped the alcoholic drink.

"Why is your friend married and you're not?" Elizabeth was already getting tipsy, same with Edde but they kept on drinking.

"Well, that's his business, someone like me isn't ready yet"

"I feel dizzy," Elizabeth said, sipping more drink.

"let's go home, I think I can still drive"

@pop precious


I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache as I squealed in pain. Where am I? This isn't my room and this place is more fancy and luxurious.

I raised the duvet covering me to see that I was buck naked and my vagina feeling sore! What happened last night?… The blood stain on the bed got me alarmed as I quickly hurried down from the bed with the duvet still wrapped around me.

How did I get here last night!… Edde Loxley!?

"Let's go home, I think I can still drive," Edde said as he helped me up and led me to his car. I remember confessing my love to him and telling him how I'm still a virgin because I was waiting for him… So embarrassing.

We got to a really luxurious building, it wasn't his house it was a hotel, he held me softly as we walked inside, no one stopped him to ask him where he was going to, maybe he owned the hotel or he already has a room there.

We entered the room as we suddenly started kissing and caressing, he pulled my gown off re


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