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Sweet Desires

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Estella Velazquez is a woman with big dreams of becoming a famous celebrity. She longs to gain millions of fans and attract the attention of different entertainment companies. For her, achieving fame is not just a mere ambition, but a path towards personal growth and a better life. On the other hand, there is Lucius Hudson, a well-known and attractive celebrity who seems to have it all: good looks, wealth, and the love and support of millions of fans. Despite his seemingly perfect life, Lucius feels that something is missing. As their paths cross, Estella and Lucius are both faced with unexpected challenges and surprises. Will their encounter lead to love, hate, or something more complicated? What fate awaits them as they navigate the twists and turns of their lives together?


"MAM'S, I can't wear this outfit. I said I'd only dance here, but I won't be able to dress like that. I'm not wanting to be sexualized." Estella whispers nervously to their club's manager.

The one she called Mam's stood up and raised an eyebrow. "You know, Estella, your complaints are pointless. Do you consider yourself to be a decent woman? The club you entered isn't a respectable workplace like an office! Do I make myself clear?"


"Will you wear it on or will you go home broke?"

Estella sighed and leaned on the chair's jamb for a moment. She managed to de-stress before speaking to her boss, who appeared irritated.

"All right, I'll put it on and then follow you."

She fixed her gaze on the garment on the table, then she started wearing the revealing dress.

They wouldn't be suffering if her father was still alive. Because her mother is ill, she helps to pay for her mother's maintenance medicine, and treatment. As a result, she had to put in long hours of work to support her mother and two younger siblings.

"Estella! Faster! Her manager exclaimed, "You're so slow," jolting her back to reality.

She rolled her eyes behind her boss's back, but she didn't show it. "Mam's almost done. I'm just about to zip up this dress."

Carla, her bestie, greeted her when she exited their dressing room. It also helped her become associated with the club's employees. Carla works as a server, offering people beverages and snacks.

"Hello, Estella, my dear," it said. Her dearest friend was always there for her.

She always manages to catch up, but this time she wants to take the lead on her own feet. "Can you tell me why you're wearing that?" Who told you to put that on? "

She grinned as she approached her friend. "I have to be a seductress right now."

"What!? But we've already discussed that- "

"It's fine with me; I need to make money for my mother right now," she explained, attempting to prevent her friend from causing a problem because she knew what would happen next. Carla will be taking up Estella's work.

The rage on its face vanished almost instantly, and it was a pity to look at her, so she simply smiled. "I believe it's against your will, but what else can I do? You appear to be a hard worker. "

"I'm alright, promise," she responded, lifting her palm to swear so that her friend would remain calm and complacent.

"All good, as long as you inform me when there's a fool about you," says her best friend.

"Aye, aye, captain!" She said.

Estella exited after their brief conversation and walked to the island table to pick the beverages she would provide to guests. She'll do that alone with flirting to increase her sales statistics. She went to work with a grin on her face, even though she didn't want to. She has to do it for others who rely on her, not for herself.

"Estella!" She was shocked when Carla yelled and as she got close she was dragged by her friend to one side.

She gave it a frown. "What's the matter? I'm about to die from a heart attack!"

Her friend locked her gaze on her. "I've got some exciting news for you!"

The term "good news" made her feel elated suddenly. She has been around for as long as the term "good news".

"What is that?" Estella asked after Carla interrupted her,

Carla gave her a kind smile. "So, you want to be an actress, right? Well, now is the moment!"

"Yes, why? Please tell me everything, no cliffhangers." She was no longer troubled by the good news that had been conveyed by her friend.

"So, I got an audition form from my cousin who wants to be an actor, and I thought of you, so I requested an additional form; all you have to do now is fill it out and start packing; you have to make an impression when auditioning!" Carla exclaimed, freezing Estella at her feet with surprise and delight.

"Oh, God! Are you sure I'm not dreaming?"

"Well b*tch, no," Carla replied while raising her eyebrows and crossing her arms. "You can get in even if it's a little role; if you're strong at acting, and maybe someday, you'll be the next prime-time queen!"

She grinned at the friend because it was too advanced to think about her future. 'Do I call it ambition if I want to be a famous actress with a million supporters?' She asked inside her mind.

"Hey, don't forget about me when you're famous," it grumbled. She shook her head since her friend was showering her with encouragement and enthusiasm, even though she had yet to begin to audition.

"I hope I can get in and start my career." She said to herself, then left without the tray with the beverages, making Carla quickly follow her.

"What are your plans?

"Are you going home and going to start practicing in your own bathroom?"

She sighed and nodded. "I have to do something in our bathroom," she says. "To quarrel with myself in our small mirror and scream till my tears dripped into my eyes. Will you give me some advice?" she added,

She delicately touched her cheek. "This is the form; please read it carefully before filling it up. I believe in you because you're good. "

Estella inhaled deeply. "Wish me luck, Carla," she says.

She tapped her cheek once more. "I know you can do it."

She smiled at her friend before continuing on her way to the exit. She didn't spend any time tonight in preparation for the audition the next day. She has to be prepared to make a good first impression.

When his manager entered the room, Lucius was preparing for an exclusive interview. He quickly looked at it, then continued to fix his collar, which he could fasten with the help of his numerous personal assistants. But he, on the other hand, preferred to do it alone.

"Lucius, after your interview, you must work as a judge at the audition. And no one will be able to take your position, so if you're thinking of passing it on, don't." Said his manager.

His response was straightforward: "Okay." After finishing his task, he exited the changing area and proceeded to a room where his private interview would begin.

"What!? You should bring emergency medicine!" Carla whispered-screamed at her, terrified.

Estella's skin was dripping with sweat. She turned to face Carla, who was standing next to her in the waiting area, squirming from the pain in her abdomen. "I'm sorry, Carla, but I don't think I'm up to it anymore!" It will be revealed... "

Estella's gaze wandered around the large, open structure. They're currently auditioning at the Black Dream Entertainment building, but she's having diarrhea and her stomach hurts. Her pain, she believes, will cause a shambles.

"Come on! Let's see where the bathroom is," her friend said as Carla pulled her from the line of auditionees. They asked where the bathroom was when they saw a security guard roaming around. The security guard immediately guided them and gave them directions.

They both dashed into the restroom, where they were fortunate to find only a few other people. There are no long lines, and all of the cubicles are empty.

Estella used her *ss to take out everything she could. When she was done, it was a huge relief. She's content.

They left the bathroom and went back to their seats, where many applicants were waiting to be chosen as a star.

"Calling the attention of everyone! We will call the names for a one-on-one interview with your judge."

The audition is about to begin. Estella's heart has doubled in beats, and her mind has been reciting prayers. Her hands are trembling from nerves, but she must remain calm. Nervousness is not empowered in this audition.

Estella Velazquez gets nervous and starts drinking water. She drank the water in her water bottle constantly while waiting. Carla, who was standing next to her, gave her a puzzled look.

"Are you okay?"

"This makes me nervous Carla, I'm nervous-"

Her name was called before she had finished speaking. She took action right away. She stood up once to wave to her friend before entering a room where the judge was waiting.

Her eyes popped open, and her saliva almost dripped from her mouth when she saw who the judge was.

"Go-Good afternoon," she said nervously, her speech stuttering.

'Lucius Hudson is extremely attractive!'

She thought to herself, star-struck by Lucius' attractive physical features.

He's a well-known actor who's been titled as "King of Dramas" for his work in both contemporary and modern dramas. And now, she's standing in front of him.


"Please take a seat," Lucius said, glancing down at the paper he was holding.

"Thank you," Estella replied as she sat down.

He didn't look at her when he asked, "Why do you want to be an actor?" Estella thinks he is a snob and has a hostile personality, despite his handsome appearance.

She sat properly before responding to the question.

"Simple answer. I'd like to help my family get through poverty. I want to be known for my own talents, and capabilities and I want to make a lot of money. I'd like to get rich immediately." She answered confidently

The young man gazed at her for the first time, giving her a serious look. Estella had already seen Lucius' face at that point. His attractiveness stems from his wide eyes and lengthy eyelashes in a single setting. That appears to be flawless. He's God's personal favorite because he appeared to be a perfect human being.

She couldn't take her gaze away from Lucius' attractiveness. He's tall and black, and


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