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Stuck With The Ruthless Billionaires

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Leon goes to the club but he became attracted to Ivy who is a stripper there,he was filled with lust for her.he wouldn't give up till he sleeps with her. But the question the stripper willing to sleep with him? Sarah was forced into a marriage she didn't want by her family to help their family business. She is stuck with a stranger who is now her husband. How will she be able to cope with this new life? Read this book and find out about what will happen at the end of the book?. Love, Suspense and a lot of Dramas

Chapter 1

The night club was rainbow lights and sorts of beats that revved up the soul. The strippers were topless, in panties and in high heels. The light was not dim.there were few men there sitting down as they watched the strippers show off their assets as they danced.This was the VIP section of the club and any stripper that was assigned there was a very lucky girl.Many strippers would kill to strip in the VIP section.On one side of the room,Leon di Salvo who was a well known billionaire sat down on the couch sipping his drink.he had come here to meet with an acquaintance of his before leaving.He wasn't interested in the strippers but someone caught his attention.She was different from other strippers both in dressing and everything,she was the only stripper putting on a bra, although she was s*xy and beautiful but from her dancing steps,you would know that she was not a professional.She had an hourglass shape and a glossy skin.a pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes,her delicate ears framed a button nose.It was a pleasure to see her flowing brunette hair.Her enticing hazel eyes gazed at him over her puffy heart shaped lips.She looked out of the world,to say she was beautiful was an understatement.He had not seen a goddess but he knew this woman was the true definition of a goddess.He watched her and he was filled with lust for her,this was the first time he was attracted to a woman before.There was something different about her but he didn't want to figure it out,he only wanted her in his bed at all cost.On the other side ,Ivy danced as men sprayed money on them.she was very uncomfortable as she saw how some men were staring at her body like a hawk.she was beautiful and she has managed to catch the attention of some men.she felt like fainting but she had to be brave in order to fulfill her mission.IVY'S POV.My name is Ivy Parker,I am not a stripper but I had to strip because of something important.I didn't like this line of occupation but I had no other choice but to do it.i wiped the tears trying to fall from my eyes,I have to be brave.I was dancing when someone tapped me.I looked to see a man in Black."My boss wants to see you,"the man said to me, pointing in the direction of where his boss was.I looked to see the man he was talking about.He was different from others,he was handsome,he had that appearance which could make him stand out in the crowd.He was fair, almost pale white,his constellation sea blue eyes contrasted exceptionally with his light toned face.his eyes were as deep as expressive where you could get lost if you stare long enough.his sparkling eyes had a hint of pain in it which would disappear immediately as soon as it emerged.His shirt was left unbuttoned revealing his chest,I could see the tattoo that was on his chest giving him the vibe of a bad boy.this man was the true definition of s*xy.I was not the type to drool over men but I found myself drooling over him.The man was really handsome and I could tell he was very rich.This was it.I am very lucky.I walked towards the man giving him the best smile."Show me what you can do,"he said to me, staring intently at me with his sharp instincts were telling me that there was something dangerous about this man but I ignored it.i needed this money so badly.I smiled sitting on his lap and gave him a lap dance.I was not a stripper but I knew how to dance because when I was in school,I was part of a dance group.i was the leader of the dance group so I had the moves."Room 212"he whispered in my ears and I smiled before leaving.********The other strippers watched Ivy with hatred and jealousy.They knew Leon was a big shot and they had been dancing to catch his attention but he ended up noticing another girl."Who is she?"one of the strippers by name Helen asked her fellow stripper."I have never seen her before,"Alice replied."We need to report to the manager,"Helen said to Alice.Another stripper who heard what they were saying decided to intervene."You girls should cut it out,any man you see in the vip section is rich so that doesn't mean all hope is lost,you should be privileged that you have the opportunity to be here today, don't waste your time gossiping about another girl. It's her luck that she was noticed" The girl said to them and they stopped gossiping.Ivy received a call,she decided to go to a quiet area and make the call.Leon smiled after she walked away.he had never felt so attracted to a woman before.he couldn't wait to have her in his bed.he sighed when he remembered that he had somewhere important to be tonight.he thought of what to do.he didn't want to leave without having a taste of the stripper.he may never be able to meet her again and he wasn't interested in meeting her again.he had to finish every business he have in this country before leaving.He picked his phone and dialed his right hand man's number and it went through at the first rang."Hello,is everything ready?"he asked in a cold voice."Yes boss,"Dave replied."Okay,I will be there in two hours,I just have something to finish"Leon said to Dave who frowned at the other end."But boss the meeting would take place by …….."Do what I told you to do,it doesn't matter if we are two hours late,we are leaving tonight no matter what happens"Leon said to Dave before Dave could finish speaking."Okay boss,"Dave replied.He knew his boss well and provoking him was what he didn't was better to follow his orders.he just prayed that he wouldn't be more than two hours was really important for them to attend this meeting.He took his phone and called the pilot."Get the jet ready,we will be leaving in two hours time"he said to him."Okay sir"the pilot replied and the call ended.Leonardo di Salvo known as Leon is a well known business tycoon and a billionaire, the CEO of Super Pacific company a well known business Enterprise all over the world.He is not only known for his wealth and fame but his appearance too.he was a very handsome man with unique features with made many women drool over him.many women of different calibers,models, celebrities, heiresses of different rich families wanted to get into his bed but he never gave anyone the chance.To him,he was not a man wh*r*,he was special and he wouldn't just sleep with any woman who throws herself at him but that doesn't mean that he has not been in a relationship before.he only date women with standards but it never lasts.He never took any woman seriously,to him, women were just clothes which can be changed anytime when there is a change of weather.****He walked to the room,he opened the door and entered the room but no one was there.he growled."Does that woman think I have all the Time in the world"he said through gritted teeth.He was used to people obeying his orders and doing what he said immediately but here this woman was doing as she wishes.He decided to control himself, afterall she wasn't special and she was not the only girl in the world.he decided to leave,the last thing he wanted was not attending the meeting he have tonight in City. He decided to leave but saw the stripper at the door.she was putting a robe on which helped in not revealing her body.He frowned,she was supposed to be a stripper and she was supposed to wear revealing clothes.what got him attracted to her was her body and she was hiding it she think that he was here for play?He looked at her with irritation but the stripper by name Ivy smiled at him with the cutest smile he had ever seen.he remained transfixed at the spot.this woman really had a way of turning him on.she was really beautiful."Are you going somewhere, handsome?"she asked him in a seductive voice biting her lips.Leon has never felt so helpless in his life,he found himself stuttering."Ummm,no,I …I ..""Sshhh"she whispered, touching his lips with her hands.She put her robe down and her underlings were the only thing left in her body.Leon gulped his saliva as he watched her curvy body and her plump breasts which size was perfect.she was a true definition of a goddess.he would have not hesitated to make her his mistress if she wasn't a stripper."I will take charge"she whispered in a seductive voice.Leon didn't like the idea,he loved to be in control but looking at her,he didn't mind if she wanted to be in control.She pushed him and he fell on the bed waiting for her to do things to him.She put the music on and a song started playing,she twerked and Leon watched as her waist and buttocks moved in rhythm,he couldn't wait to touch her.he could feel his member hardening.Ivy took a rope and walked to Leon,Leon stared at her with a curious gaze."Don't worry handsome,I want us to practice ,you will enjoy it more"she said to him in a seductive voice.Leon didn't like the idea,he didn't want to go through the torture,he just wanted to f*ck her,pay her for the job and get away immediately but he couldn't help but comply to her wishes as he looked at her.He let Ivy tie his hands and legs with a rope.she brought out a wine and poured it into a glass.she took out a pill and put into the wine.Leon frowned at her actions."What is that?"he asked."An aphrodisiac"she replied smiling.before Leon could say anything again,she poured the content into his mouth.Leon couldn't believe that he allowed a woman to do this to him."Can you start with whatever you are doing?"he said to her as he was now impatient."Allow me to do my job, handsome"she said to him.She started to dance and Leon couldn't take it anymore.she was definitely wasting his time.he wasn't here to watch her dance."Hey stripper,"he called out, catching the attention of Ivy."I am not here to watch you dance,untie this rope immediately,I am not interested again"he said to her but Ivy ignored him and continued to dance."Hey stripper,"he called again."I am a stripper and my job is to dance,"she said to him and Leon was shocked."Then what's the meaning of this?"he asked and Ivy smiled."Calm down handsome, nothing is happening,we will definitely f*ck but I want to show you my dancing steps first"she said to him.Leon tried to say something to her but his vision became blurry,he wondered what was happening to him.that was when it dawned on him that the pill she gave him wasn't an aphrodisiac but something else.He was really a fool for trusting a stranger because of her s*xy body and innocent face.he blamed himself,he had never felt so stupid.he knew the line of work he was into and he had so many enemies but he didn't even hesitate to lose his guard in front of a s*xy woman."What did you do to me?Who sent you?You will pay dearly for this"he said before there was black out.

Chapter 2

As soon as he collapsed,Ivy was in panic but she had to do what she wanted to do before she got caught.She wore her robe and climbed on the bed where he laid.she stared at him,he was really handsome,his lashes were long and beautiful like that of a woman's.she had never seen a man so handsome but she didn't have time to admire him because she had something to do.She dipped her hand in his trousers and took out his wallet.She saw his identity card but she didn't care to go through it,the thing that caught her attention was the bundles of dollar notes in his wallet.She took it immediately and put it in her purse.She searched him but found nothing anymore,she tried to leave but came back at a second thought.To her,he was rich and he wouldn't mind her taking some of his belongings.she took his watch and necklace.she also removed his sim card and took his phone too.she would surely get a lot of money when she sells it.She took a paper and scri


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