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Son-in-Law's Disguised Identity

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Ian Wright a billionaire disguises as a delivery man after marrying Lady Henzo Rodriguez to protect her and keep his identity as the Shadow secret until he finds out who fired on their wedding venue where Henzo's father lost his life. Henzo is determined to bring down Shadow. Ian goes back to the scene and he finds out the shocking truth about the death of Henzo's father! But Henzo has already found out that Ian is the Shadow. Will he be able to believe what Ian is saying that he wasn't the cause of her father's death? Will she still stay married to him?

Chapter 1; First time!Mr.Shadow's fault

"Have you prepared everything that is needed at the Pavillion hall and the lists of the VIP guests that are going to attend? There should be no mistakes at my wedding. "Ian Wright in a blue suit embedded with diamonds at the collar speaks walking from the church to the convoy of forty benzs that was packed by the roadside.

"Everything is in place Mr. Shadow!" Henry replies on the other side of the phone.

Ian hangs up the phone walking towards the fifth red Mercedes Benz of the convoy. The driver Micheal opens the door for him and Henry enters into the car, his eyes falling on his newly wedded wife Henzo Rodriguez in a white gown that almost filled the back of the car.

Henzo's eyebrows frown as Ian Wright locks the car and signals to Micheal for the convoy to start moving.

The convoy starts rolling as Ian's eyes are focused on Lady Henzo at the moment.

"You an angel! Henzo look at how gorgeous you are! " Ian speaks placing his palms over Henzo's face and moving a strand of the hair away from her face.

Lady Henzo pushes his hand away in frustration. "I've been asking you alot of questions since morning and you kept ignoring them. Where did you get all this money from? I bet your job as a delivery man can't earn you this much for you to be putting on a multimillion suit and all these cars. Did you steal or murder someone to make my mother happy? " She veers around to him curiously.

"I have a surprise for you! Would you please stay calm and we reach our venue. You will get to know everything about me." Ian Wright speaks as he gets a grip of Henzo's arm while glancing straight into her eyes.

Henzo suddenly loosens up her face. "Are you doing this for my mother? My papa accepted you Ian and that is why he even agreed to be on the organizer's crew, he left earlier saying that he is going to the venue. I know ma'am has been harsh on you for not being wealthy. But I promise I love you for you. I hope not any of this part of the surprise is something that is not you but rather something that you are."

Ian pulls Henzo closer and hugs her. "Everything is going to be fine from now on as I unveil to the world who I am and to you. "

"Beep beep." Ian's phone rings and he pulls away from Henzo. Reviewing it, it's Henry calling. Ian shuts the phone, not wanting to spoil the surprise by chatting with Henry. He knew Henry was calling to tell him about the other venue preparations. The phone rings again and he now completely shuts it down.

"Who is calling? Why ain't you picking up the phone? " Henzo asks reaching out to the phone in Ian's hand who doesn't hesitate but lets her have it. She puts on a facade but Ian knows her well enough, she was being jealous.

"It is one of the organizers, it's not important now that I talk to him since we are about to reach. " Ian replies with a slight grin on his face." Are you jealous? , c'mon wife. " Ian flirts.

Henzo turns staring to the other side of the window while grinning." Am not jealous. "

They both let out a giggle as they stare at each other blushing.

Ian turns his eyes to the driver's seat. "Micheal, how long until we arrive?"

"Three minutes at most to reach the pavilion hall. Sir!" Micheal replies.

"Pavilion Hall! The Pavilion Hall of the famous billionaire known as Shadow! How did you get him to get you to use it as the venue?"Henzo giggles, jerking her head."It's a win-win situation anyways even though am a cop. I've always wanted to enter that Pavilion Hall. And look it is going to be my wedding venue. Back then I wanted to enter it as a cop when am capturing jerks but look at me now. It still feels good though. "

Ian chuckles back.

"Here we are! At the Pavilion hall" Micheal interrupts.

Fire alarms are dinging. Their eyes widen as the guests are coming from the building exit while running as they vacate the Pavilion Hall.

"What is happening?" Henzo speaks as she attempts to get a hold of her breath."Where is Papa? I can see his car is still packed there! "

"Let me go and check what is occurring." Ian opens the car door while Henry is moving toward their car.

"We need to leave now. The building is about to explode. There has been a set up of bombs and they are on the countdown. " Henry hops into the driver's seat as Micheal extends to the other passenger seat.

The cars that were part of the convoy had already started leaving. And the vehicles of the VIPs had already left.

Ian enters back into the car and the doors are then locked.

"Papa! He is still inside the building. He was one of the organizers, remember you said you needed a close person of mine to work with? I haven't seen him get out. He might still be in the bridal suite waiting for us." Lady Henzo speaks as she tries opening the door but it's locked."Please open the doors, we need to get him out." She shouts.

"It's too late Lady Henzo, we need to vacate. The building is about to explode. All the convoys have already fled." Henry speaks as he speeds up the car.

"There might be chances that he already left with the other guests. I cannot allow you leave. It's too dangerous for you. " Ian speaks.

"No! No, he couldn't have left his car! I know him. That was his favorite car. " Lady Henzo is hitting the windows so she can get out of the car and Ian is forcefully getting a hold of her. A loud sound hits their ears as the third floor of the ten floors building explodes.

Henry tries to focus but the hissing sound in his ears is too much. He steps on the brakes suddenly stopping the car as they are all placing their hands on their ears.

Two minutes later, Henry accelerates the vehicle at a high speed. Lady Henzo removes her hands from her ears with her eyes widely opened, tears flowing from them.

"I couldn't get to save him and he died because of me. Papa, I am so sorry. " Lady Henzo shouts and Ian holds her close to his chest making an effort to calm her down.

"I will make sure I get to the person who did this to you. They will have to pay for it. I will avenge you, papa. I won't spare anyone. " Lady Henzo weeps as they arrive at the Rodriguez manor and she turns to Ian. "I hope you are not part of the conspiracy because I will have take everyone down with him. Whoever came after us is after Mr. Shadow am sure of that. "

Madame Winifred, Henzo's ma'am and Ciara her elder sister are standing in front of the manor moving up and down Madame Winifred runs towards Ian's Benz immediately she notices it coming inside from the gate.

Lady Henzo hops out of the car and into her mother's arms. "I am glad you are safe, my baby. Where is your father?"

Tears roll down her cheeks as they drip to the floor. Ciara hugs her sobbing as Madame Winifred joins them.

"I am sorry mama! I couldn't save. " Henzo gets a hold of both of them tighter and they do the same while sobbing.

"Mama, where had you gone earlier? What if something bad happened to you to? I couldn't find you after church service. I will protect you from now on." Ciara continues getting hold of her mama.

Madame Winifred starts smiling as she continues to hug both her daughters.

"It is weird, why is she smiling yet she has just lost his husband?" Ian opens the other side of the car to move out.

"Boss wait! I know I'm not in a position to advise you but please listen."Henry turns head to Ian in the seat at the back of the car." It's not a good idea to tell Lady Henzo that you are Shadow for now since she will hold you responsible for her father's death. And for the person who blew the third floor. I think he or she knows that you Ian are Shadow and is a threat to Lady Henzo now.``

Ian with a furious gaze bursts out. "My cover has been blown and we need to find out by who. Nobody else needs to know about me being Shadow unless it's safe for Henzo."

"But I don't like how the Rodriguez family treated you, especially Madame Winifred when she thought that you were poor. She has only been nice to you because you proved to her that you were wealthy after being able to afford the pavilion mansion. What will happen to you if you told her your broke? We should take Henzo away and leave." Micheal interrupts.

"Lady Henzo has lost her father and she is grieving. I can't take her away from her family right now and it is still not safe for her." Ian replies. "Let me stay at a low profile for her. Henry do what you have to do."

Henry bends over and pushes Ian out of the car door and drives off through the gate.

"What.. what is the stupid driver think he is doing to my son-in-law?" Madame Winifred shouts.

Ian stands up hurriedly from the ground. "About that Mama, those are Shadow's men. They were only returning me a favor I did for the shadow." He stutters.

"So you are broke!" Ciara shouts. "And you don't have any money."

Ian moves his legs slowly walking to where Lady Henzo is standing.

"Don't dare come near her." Madame Winifred speaks blocking Ian's way to Henzo. " You can not step inside this manor again. I can't believe you tricked us into getting my daughter married to a delivery man and it turns out it was just a favor being done. I wish it was Shadow the billionaire who married her instead. Now get out of here and you will never sleep in this manor or touch my daughter ever. Only doing house chores is your job in this home." She shouts.

"Stop it! All of you." Henzo shouts while weeping. " Can't you be respectful that my father has just died? And you Ian, I need some space! I don't want to blame you for my father's death but I really can't help it. " She then runs inside the manor.

"Get lost you son of a b***ch."Madame Winifred snarls.


Three years down and Ian is still doing deliveries while he has to take care of Lady Henzo and hide his real identity of leading the Shadow Empire to protect her.

It is eight o'clock in the morning and, Ian loads his bike with a delivery package of morning tea heading to the High Criminal Investigation Department where Henzo is currently working.

Ian wearing a green reflector jacket with 'S-take-away' written on it, a hat, and glasses with two large delivery boxes in both his hands walks into the High Criminal Investigation Department building.

He moves around greeting everyone casually and passing them a sealed plastic cup of tea. It's not his first time at the High Criminal Investigation Department building as he has to deliver tea every morning. He then proceeds upstairs to a more secure large room with computers and other small offices. He enters the password and pushes the door open.

"Ian, here you are. Thank you for the tea I was starving. I don't know how hard life would have been without your early morning tea." Becker says as she grabs the cup of coffee from him.

"Good morning Ms. Becker. Is Henzo in there?"Ian asks stutteringly.

"Your wife is taken up by a difficult case right now. The suspect Bonny Stewart, a scientist, escaped while being transported here. And he is a threat to the Naimi citizens. Am mainly telling you this because you're her husband. This is highly classified information. I just wanted you to know that she is not in a very good mood. " Becky taps on Ian's shoulders and leaves.

Ian heads to Henzo's office where he watches her from the glass walls talking to Director Dero Greene who is shouting and pointing fingers at Henzo.

"Am taking away your badge! " Director Dero snarls.

Chapter 2; HER DOUBTS

"We put the suspect into your hands and you just let him slip in your hands. I guess you do not like your job or are taken up by your stupid husband who keeps delivering you every meal that you forget your duties." He shouts.

Ian Wright could hear everything from outside.

"I am doing everything I can director to find him. I love my job. Please do not take away my badge. " Henzo replies, staring at the floor with her eyebrows narrowed.

"You do! Am now assigning the job to Alex. No questions asked. We have information that they are planning an attack in the Zori state. If anything goes wrong and we get there late. Am taking away your badge." The director speaks as he walks nearer to Henzo extending his hands to torch her lengthy black strands of hair.

Ian cannot take this anymore and he pushes the door open. The director instantly halts in his steps glaring at him.

"Director, why w


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