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Sold To The Rebellious Billionaire

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Anna is a nineteen year old dropout who was brought up by her single mom, she is known for always causing trouble and due to her nasty behaviour, her mother had no choice but to sell her to Carlos Jaxon known by his stage name CJ who is a singer and the heir to P&K company, one of the most popular company in the state, he was rumoured to be gay leaving his fans devastated, the rumour affected him and the music industry , his father gave him 30days to prove to people that he is not gay or he is going to set him up in an arranged marriage, so many things went from good to bad and he has to prove to them that he is not a gay but how ??

Chapter 1

Anna's POV

My phone jarred me out of my sound sleep, I grumbled as I cover my ears with my fluffy pillow but it kept ringing

I gave the bed covers an irritated jerk and I checked the caller, I let out a sigh while I stretched and settle into my pillow

It was Roxanne,Eric kid sister

I just rolled my eyes wondering why she is calling me and how she even have my number in the first place. For a young girl like her she is awfully mean to everyone.

I sighs and answers it.

"About time you answered! I have been calling you, I tried your sister number but the stupid lame *ss phone went straight to voicemail!" She yelled making me winced

"Oh I think her phone died. What do you want?, and why are you calling me early in the morning " I asked ungraciously

"Early in the morning?? this is 9:43am" She yelled

I shot up peering at the red numbers on the digital clock and I ran my hand through my head


"I don't have time but I just want you to know that if anything happen to my brother then I will kill you " She yelled but I didn't say anything

Eric is my best buddy and I do like him a lot because he always keeps me company whenever I am down, even though after I drop out from school, he never fail to always stick next to me

"He is going to Los Angeles very soon " Roxanne yelled

"Why is he going there?

"Just know that if anything happen to him, I will kill you cos he is going to there for plastic surgery " She said and I hang up

" Eric?? Plastic surgery?? " I thought...Yes, I know Eric do feel insecure about his looks because so many students do bully him calling him names that he is ugly but is it true that he is going to Los Angeles for plastic surgery or is Roxanne trying to play some kind of prank

I got up and went out to meet my mom, I was really hungry. Just then I bumped into Mimi my sister .Mimi is three years younger than me and she can't speak, she has been mute from birth, even though many people do make fun of her, she did not care, I wonder how hard it must have been for her

She glared at me and walk away

"Hey, I am your elder sister, you shouldn't be glaring at me like that" I shouted, suddenly my mom approach me and grabbed my right earlobe and led me quickly into the store

"Haha, mom it hurt " I yelled and she released me

"Why did you wake up late?? Why are you not going to work?? My mom asked but I just kept mute while rubbing my ear

"Ohh, don't tell me they've fired you" My mom asked

"Mom, the manager was so cruel and mean to me, he makes me work for two hours non stop, so.. So.. So.. I quit" I said with a pout looking down at my feet

"Anna,this is going to be 13th job. You lazy *ssh*l*, can't you just be like your sister for once, she always help me in the restaurant but as for you, all you do is to press phone and eat " My mom yelled

"Mom, stop comparing me to Mimi.. " I yelled back

"Oh my goodness!! You're really useless to me, you can't cook, you can't work, due to your laziness, you dropped out of school, who is going to marry you?? Who?? You just get yourself a dumb rich guy, useless brat " My mom hissed and walk away

"Mom I am hungry " I yelled but she didn't answer

All what she said doesn't matter or mean anything to me, the only thing that caught my attention was "get yourself a dumb rich guy". I am a beautiful girl so who wouldn't like a girl like a me

I quickly brought out my phone and start looking at the latest trend, just then I went to Wechat , there are so many messages in the group I was..

256 messages??

"What are they all talking about?? I thought then I start checking the messages

... So C.J is a gay ..

.. Even if he is a gay, that doesn't stop him from being my idol ..

.. C. J is a gay oh em gee ..

.. No wonder he is never seen with any girl ..

.. that is none of your business if he is a gay or not ..

I kept strolling down and all the messages was C. J being a gay, I hissed and went to Instagram

Only God know who C.J is?

Author POV

CJ was in his father's office, everywhere was silent and he was feeling quite uncomfortable.

"Dad, you called me?? Hope there is no problem?? He asked trying to break the silence that has engulfed them but his father didn't say anything

"Dad.. If it about the rumors spreading all around, you shouldn't take it serious because...

"Jaxon. " His father yelled in furious and stood up "so I should not take the rumor serious when it is affecting my company and your mother's business?? Huh??

"Dad it is also affecting the music industry and it is affecting me too " CJ said trying to defend himself

"You being a gay is the cause of everything "

'Dad I am not a gay, believe me.. I don't really know how the rumors circulate like that" CJ said

"How do you want me to believe you're not a gay?? Can you prove it?? Your mother and I should have take notice because since when you're young, you've been shy to talk to girls and during your middle school to high school, you never dated a girl and we've never seen you around a girl and how do want me not to believe you're gay?? His father said

"Dad, for God's sake, drop it, you're blowing this thing all out of proportion "

"Jaxon,I won't allow your dirty little secret ruin my business, my company and my reputation in the society.. I won't, that is why I and your mother finally agree to the conclusion of an arranged marriage " His father said and CJ shot him a glance

"Dad, you must be kidding.. An arranged marriage?? Like seriously?? I will never ever agree to your idea.. I am just 21 "

"That doesn't matter, you're our son and we want the best thing for you and no one is going to change our decision, the only thing you can do is to prove to everyone that you're not a gay or else within one month, you will be forced to Marry " His father said and CJ angrily stood up

"Dad, you're unbelievable " He said angrily and went out, he called his friend who was living some meters away that he is coming to see him


Some Hours Later


CJ was in his car driving recalling what his father had said, he was so angry that he clenched his hand hard on the steering and he was speeding, just then a girl crossed the road without looking at the road sign, she was too engrossed with her phone to even notice anything

CJ quickly hit the brakes, the wheels locked and the tires screamed,. he was scared as he started breathing heavily, he slowly looked up and could see the girl on the road, she didn't Even flinch as she was busy pressing her phone.

He tried to ignore her but can't, he has to teach her some lessons to always obey the traffic rules

He emerged from his car angrily and went to the girl

"Hello, is this how they thought you in school to cross the street anyhow " He yelled venting his anger on her and he was surprised that the girl didn't even answer as she was smiling at her phone.

He was so angry that he jerk the phone away from her making the girl quickly look at the stranger.

"Hey.. " She shouted

CJ looked at the girl, she has a sort of round, dimpled face with an upturned nose,sparkling dark brown eyes and cinnamon-brown hair worn loosely waved

"Who are you?? Are you nut?? Give me my phone now?? She yelled and CJ was surprised.. This is the first time of seeing someone that does not recognize him.

That is strange

"Is she new in this country?? He thought

"You, pressing phone on the road is a bad habit, what if I had hit you ot something?? CJ yelled

"Who the heck are you?? It seems you're new in this community, my Name is Anna, nobody messes with me.. Now give me my phone " She yelled back

CJ was beyond shocked, this girl did not even know him talkless of admiring him or something

"You want your phone right?? He said and she nodded

"Then take it" he said and smashed the phone hard on the floor, Anna jaw dropped and her eyes widened

"That should teach you a lesson never to be engrossed on your phone when you're on the road

" CJ said and was about leaving but Anna pulled him back.

"Compensate me for my phone now " Anna said while glaring at him but CJ jerk her hand off

"Don't touch my cloth with your filthy hand " he said and walked away.. Anna angrily picked a big stone on the floor and smashed it on the front glass of his car.

CJ gasped as he slowly drew back

" That is for you refusing to compensate me for my phone, there is no point in reporting me to the police because I am their regular customer, I have been to the police station countless of time, " Anna yelled and walked away leaving CJ in complete shock.

Chapter 2


I was left alone looking so devastated, I just sat down alone in the car, I can't drive the car like this

Who the hell was that girl??

Whoever she is, I must make sure she pay dearly for this .I quickly call my friend to come pick me up, he started asking me questions but I was not in the mood to answer him so I just tell him the location and hang up.



After some minutes of waiting for my friend, he finally showed up and he parked his car beside my car.

He emerged from the car and looked at my car carefully, I also came out

"Hey, what took you so long?? I yelled but he just kept looking at the front glass of my car.

"What really happened?? He asked looking surprised

"I will explain to you later, just let's get out of here before someone gets to know who I am " I said and went inside his car

Anna's POV

"What am I going to do now??" I said with a


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