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Sold To Mr President

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Due to poor financial conditions Anna Stark had to marry a crippled old man, Daniel Taylor. Everyone laughed at Anna, but Daniel Taylor appeared gracefully at a party. “Let’s give birth to a child!” “Aren't you disabled?” She thought she would be treated as a servant, but Daniel spoiled her into a princess. How will their relationship develop after marriage? Will Anna and Daniel find their true love together? This is a romantic love story about a rich man and a poor girl. Anna stark signed a marriage contract with a disabled uncle who was 12 years older in a wheelchair. Everyone laughed at Anna stark, but it was unexpected that Daniel Taylor appeared gracefully and calmly at a party. "I will give you happiness and glory in your life" It's a story about the secret identity of the male lead, how the male and female lead love story develop. Follow me in the story, it will fill you with excitement, suspense, happiness, humor, and a Myriad more of emotions. You will always be wanting for more, always waiting for tomorrow's chapter to be out. Anna and Taylor relationship will slowly develop throughout the story with unique, unexpected and exciting events coming...


Soeraya Deal

Review after the novel completion

I loved the story line although it took long to get to a point. Would have loved to see her go to university, get married and have her happy ending. I also would have loved Daniel to recover from his injury and therefore see how he would support her. I also found it irritating that she calls him Sir. As for the nephew to end the live triangle by going away, meeting someone new and have good life. Thank you for this clean story, very enjoyable and relaxing

May 18, 2024

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