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She Would Never Know

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Sonya Collins discovers her husband is having an affair with a woman who is Sonya's close friend. She intends to take revenge for the betrayal. However, who would have thought that her desire for revenge would instead uncover a mystery that the marriage she had been living in all this time was a lie. Daffin Zouch not only cheated on her but also hid many other secrets that led Sonya to a big astonishing fact related to her past. Sonya has to swallow the bitter truth when she finds out that the suffering she experienced was planned by someone. What will Sonya do to get revenge? Who is the person who has sent Daffin to destroy her life?

Something More Crazy

The afternoon was bright and sunny. The sun was shining brightly, and the weather was as hot as Sonya Collins' heart as she kept thinking about what Nadine, her best friend, had said about her husband betraying her.

Sonya didn't want to believe what she was saying, but her heart kept urging her to consider it because her husband's behavior had been very suspicious lately.

Somehow, Sonya felt sure that her husband's words about being busy were just an alibi from the man to keep Sonya from suspecting him.

However, Sonya was already suspicious and determined to find out the truth. By now, Sonya and Nadine were sitting across from each other in a cafe.

"You remember what you said to me yesterday, right? You must take responsibility for your words because they made me suspect my husband." Sonya said.

Nadine chuckled at that. Actually, her relationship with Sonya was not very good because of past problems. "Didn't you tell me yesterday not to interfere?"

Sonya nodded. "Because yesterday the timing wasn't right. And if you want to ruin someone's life, you must do it right. How dare that man cheat on Sonya Collins. I won't be satisfied with just exposing everything. At the very least, I have to expose everything beautifully."

"But, why do you take my word over your husband's?"

"It's not because I trust you but because I've always trusted my heart. Even so, right now, I don't have strong enough evidence. No matter how I accuse him, he'll be able to get away with it. Nadine, I need your help. I will take revenge myself, but before that, I want to know your plan." Sonya's eyes were fiery, with the resentment building up in her heart.


"Yes. If I can, I want something theatrical and extraordinary. I would make him so miserable that he would beg me just to kill him."

Nadine shuddered in horror at Sonya's determination. She then asked Sonya who the woman was who was most likely the mistress of Daffin, someone Sonya suspected.

Sonya then told her all her suspicions and who she suspected. After that, Nadine started to come up with her plan.

"But, are you sure that the woman is Farrah?" Nadine asked.

"She's Daffin's new secretary who was recruited and recommended by him. I'm also quite familiar with her as a fellow school committee member, and most importantly, I've seen Daffin's picture on her phone wallpaper."

"Wow... your husband has really gone crazy."

Sonya ignored Nadine's words and excused herself to leave, wanting to get on with her mission.

"Sonya!" Hearing the call, Sonya immediately stopped her steps and turned to Nadine.

"Be careful, don't get caught." Nadine turned her face the other way.


Sonya went to BC Group escorted by Darren, her bodyguard, and just then, Daffin, her husband, was getting into his car. Sonya quickly asked Darren to take her to follow where Daffin was going very carefully so as not to get caught by him.

"Why are you asking me to follow Mr. Daffin?" Darren asked.

"You don't need to ask so many questions. Just follow my orders."

After about two hours of driving the car following where Daffin went, they finally arrived at a villa hidden in the Honfleur area.

Darren parked the car quite far from the villa so no one would know they were following Daffin.

Sonya got out of the car, ready to follow where her husband was going. Darren waited outside to keep watch in the neighborhood.

"Mrs. Sonya, if you need my help, you can contact me directly. I'll keep watch and make sure the neighborhood is safe and then catch up with you." Darren said.

"You don't need to catch up with me. I'm not going to get hurt anyway."

Sonya then followed where Daffin went. He entered a villa that belonged to Sonya. And sure enough, he found a woman living there.

Sonya was shocked when she saw the woman Daffin had met. Her eyes heated up, and her heart raced rapidly as if it wanted to explode, even as her whole body instantly weakened.

Darren, on the other hand, was starting to get a bad feeling about Sonya. Therefore, he immediately went to catch up with her.

Meanwhile, Sonya still couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing. She was shocked to see Irene, her best friend's wife, who was rumored to be missing and even dead by suicide, in the same villa and having an affair with her husband. Even so, she did not forget to record the affair.

Sonya sits on the floor and makes a loud noise. It made Daffin and Irene stop their hot kiss and turn their heads to the source of the sound for fear that someone had caught them.

At that moment, Darren arrived and saw Sonya sitting there with her mouth closed. The man glanced at the window and immediately understood what had made Sonya like that.

Darren quickly helped Sonya to stand up and then took her away from there.

Meanwhile, the suspicious Daffin immediately checked the source of the sound but found no one in that place.

"Has anyone seen us? You said this place was safe, right?" Irene asked.

Daffin shook his head. But he still felt that something was wrong, so he wanted to make sure of himself.

The sudden heavy rain pouring down on the place seemed to represent Sonya's feelings of being broken into pieces.

Darren asked Sonya to wait under a somewhat shady tree to avoid getting caught in the rain while he went running to bring an umbrella into the car. Afterward, he shaded Sonya, whose body was starting to get wet so as not to get wetter.

However, Darren could see Sonya's tears flowing from behind the heavy raindrops that poured down on them both.

Sonya looked up at Darren, who was shading her. Again, he saw the sadness and trouble Sonya was going through.

Sonya felt ashamed of Darren. All this time, she had been trying to make others see her life as perfect and coveted by many. Born into a wealthy family, a successful career woman, a dash of elegance and luxury, and a happy family. But, this time, someone has found out how her life is that her life was no more beautiful than anyone else's.

Sonya didn't tell him, but Darren knew she needed him the most. All this time, no one had ever moved without her order. However, Darren didn't need Sonya's orders or permission to do anything. Darren was not just a hunting dog, but he was a very dangerous wolf. Even Sonya wasn't sure she could tame him.

Suddenly, Sonya felt a hand push on her waist, causing her to bow back to straighten. "Straighten your back and raise your head. Your enemies must not see you like this. You can't be destroyed just because of this."

After arriving at the front of the car, Darren immediately opened the door for Sonya, and they left the place.

On the traffic-free road, Sonya sat in the car's passenger seat with her anger boiling over. She sighed repeatedly and tried to neutralize her rage.

Daffin and Irene had treated Sonya and Marcel, Irene's husband, like fools by hiding the fact that they were having an affair. Sonya vowed to destroy them both with her own hands.

"Next time, don't take action without my permission. Do you understand?"

"Okay. As you wish."

At first glance, Darren did seem like a person who didn't really care about others. Sonya was reminded of her first meeting with Darren. He was pretty rude and indifferent towards her. However, Sonya strangely felt that Darren was the perfect person to be her bodyguard. She liked Darren's irreverent attitude.

"Then, let's go to the IS Group."

Livela Corp

Three months ago...

In the center of the glittering city, a beautiful woman, as elegant as a starlet, stepped out of the car at the gate of her magnificent company. Welcome to the kingdom of fashion, where works of art in very priced garments are the spectacle of fashion lovers.

Livela Corp, a fashion company that thrives amongst the grand buildings, is the dream come true of a woman with a warrior spirit. With a stride, she enters her office, where the powerful and the elite spend their money on the innovation and elegance of the fashion company's fashions.

Livela Corp is a fashion company that produces very priced clothes for the upper class. Sometimes, they also collaborate with top brands for various fashion styles.

The woman-owned company is a favorite place for celebrities, businesswives, state officials, and other famous people to fulfill their fashion needs, from clothes and shoes to bags.

Many people may not know that the company's CE


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