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Seducing My Heartless Husband

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He's always wearing an expressionless face and covered with an ice Aura but beneath that facade lies a loyal heart,just afraid to feel the pain of betrayal over again. Lucas and Marina are brought together by fate and end up getting married. What will Marina do to melt his heart and Make him accept her Love? Is seduction the ultimate tool to thaw his heart? Martina relocates to country B to reunite with her long lost twin sister but a fateful encounter by the airport changes her life completely. What happens when two friends fall in love with different women but mistake them as One??

Chapter 1

" what do you mean let's break up." Lucas couldn't describe the fire burning in his chest when the only woman he loved uttered those ruthless words to his face. His entire world was falling apart.

" Yes,you heard me." Tina said.

" What did I do wrong baby, please let's talk about this." he begged even going to the extent of kneeling before her just to prove how sincere he was.

" I don't want to stay with a penniless and useless Man. I am beautiful and smart,do I have to live my life in poverty with you?" she snapped back.

Before Lucas could reply,the doorbell to her apartment rung.

" I suggest you leave right away,I don't want my boyfriend seeing you here and misunderstanding me."

"B.. boyfriend?" this piece of information shocked Lucas to the core.

so the woman he loved and believed to love him back was seeing someone behind his back. she didn't even hesitate to dump him.

Tina plastered a wide smile as she swiftly went to open the door.

Mark entered the room and immediately pulled her and kissed her outrightly.

They broke the kiss minutes later. They didn't mind the presence of anybody else in the room.

looking up, mark spotted Lucas still in his position. He was still kneeling down.

"what is he doing here?" he turned to ask Tina.

"oh, I asked him to come so that we can clear things up." " don't worry,I already made things clear that we are over. that way I can officially be together with you." she added.

" what are you still doing here?" Mark asked Lucas disdainfully.

" Get out of my house you looser." Tina added and the duo laughed.

Lucas could smell the mockery in their laughter. He clenched his fists tight.

He could not believe the audacity of the two of them. one was his girlfriend or rather ex girlfriend while the other was his closest friend. Not even in his wildest dreams did he think they'll do that to him.

Brokenhearted and full of resentment, he rose and walked away slamming the door with a bang.

He could hear them laughing aloud.

Leaving the house,he hailed a taxi to his apartment.

Just as he was about to unlock the door, a man in his twenties approached him.

" Young master,old master has requested you to go back and take over the company."

The man was Stephen his personal assistant appointed by the company.

" okay, prepare the private jet,we are leaving."

Stephen was taken aback,he didn't expect his master to accept easily. He had prepared countless lines and reasons to convince him but it seems like that was all useless. regardless he was happy that the young master was ready to go back and live the live of the prince he was.

when the young master decided to move to this City and find a job as a lowly paid company worker, Stephen did not understand why he could do that just to be a woman. with his status,he can get any woman he needs so why sacrifice his luxurious life for a mere woman.

But now that the young master seems to have regained his senses,he was thankful. His master was born to be a dragon and rule, not to leave a pathetic life among commoners.

Three hours later,the jet had landed on the airport. Dressed in a black three piece suit, Lucas was extremely good looking. He was born with a pair of blue eyes and a face to be envied. He appeared like he just came out from a painting,with long straight legs,a broad chest and a narrow waist,his suit accentuated his perfect six abs.

passing by,the onlookers couldn't help but turn back to look.

clad in black sunglasses and six bodyguards all dressed in black suits,one could think it was the presidential convoy.

The girl's upon seeing him couldn't help but shriek of his handsomeness.

" oh god! look how handsome he is, It won't be a loss sleeping with him once." one girl said giggling.

" oh shut up! do you think he can even notice you with your features." the second girl reprimanded.

" why not,I am beautiful and have a great shape." the first girl argued.

"yeah sure." the second girl said rolling her eyes. sarcasm deeply laced on her words.

" I won't talk to you anymore,hump!"

The man being talked about had already entered the car waiting for him and Left

Inside the vehicle, Stephen handed Lucas some documents.

" The old master asked me to pass this to you so that you can familiarize yourself with the situation at the company."

Lucas took the documents and scanned through them.

just because he was away doesn't mean he knew nothing about what was happening in the company.

He always got firsthand information about all happenings.

" The shareholders meeting will be in two days,the old master has already transferred his shares to you. The meeting is held purposely to appoint the new CEO,the old master hopes you can attend on his behalf." Stephen reported.

The man didn't reply but just hummed. The company was a family business though d

some shareholders were not family members .

His uncle has been plotting to upsurge the position of CEO. He colluded with some shareholders to stir up some trouble for the company.

He was able to offer information about some projects for the company causing the company to make losses. By doing that,the shareholders would loose trust in the leadership and demand to appoint a New CEO

It was such a shame he was against the wrong person. Lucas swore to teach him a good lesson. He would let him know that he isn't someone to be trifled with.

in the shareholders meeting, all shareholders were already seated and the only remaining vacant seat belonged to the CEO.

" it's been ten minutes after the agreed time,is the CEO planning to let us wait for him forever." complained one of the shareholders.

" Hump! he is just arrogant. today,we will show him how to respect us." another one said

" gentleman,be patient. I believe the CEO has his reasoned for being late." Justin said. one could mistake that statement as defending but he was clearly fanning the fire.

"what reasons? we left behind our work just go come here,yet he is late? does he take us as children?" Mr Peter said dissatisfied.

" I don't take you for children,I was just caught up in traffic." at that time, a deep masculine voice rang in the meeting room.

everyone turned to look at the owner of the voice.

Lucas walked leisurely with his personal assistant trailing behind him and sat in the CEO chair with authority. Despite him being young,he carried himself with a cold and domineering aura. His Blue orbs seemed to glow in the light and reading everyone's mind.

" And may I ask what are you doing here?" one shareholder was brave enough to inquire.

" To attend the meeting ofcourse." Lucas replied lazily.

" Who are you representing?" curiosity killed the cat.

" As the largest shareholder,do I still need to represent anybody?" Lucas couldn't help but wonder if these old men are fools. ofcourse they didn't know that he was the largest shareholder. this is because before today,he was a regular shareholder with just eight percent of the corporation's shares.His presence today was bound to surprise these old folks but then he was the eldest grandson of the chairman of the company so he could attend the meeting if he wanted. He watched interestingly as the moods of the members changed drastically. It showed that they were not pleased to see him especially someone who has been mobilizing the shareholders to revolt against the current board.

" let the meeting officially begin." " since the meeting is about selecting a new CEO,I will propose my name. anyone else with a different opinion.". Lucas swept his eagle like eyes across all present. The atmosphere turned quite. There was an air of intimidating, no one dared utter a single word

The young man Infront of them spelt danger.

provoking him him would equal to provoking a sleeping lioness.

All their earlier complains were swallowed. There was pin drop silence in the meeting room. Nobody dared utter a word under the hawk like gaze of the young man Infront of them. It was like their foul mouths had been stuffed with cotton. Their previous boldness was wiped away and all that remained was fear. Fear of this young domineering alpha male. It was true that a son of a lion was no less than the lion itself. The chairman was as domineering as this in his younger days. They also knew that this was the kind of leader they wanted who could lead them to soar to greater heights in the corporate world.

seeing the shareholders shrink in fear, Justin gritted his teeth. They were supposed to support him to become the next CEO but they gave in even without any pressure.

what a batch of cowards

Chapter 2

The shareholders meeting came to an end with Lucas being appointed or rather appointing himself as the new CEO of the company.

He owned sixty percent of the company shares therefore welding more power than any other shareholders

The shareholders who were opposing his grandfather were silenced by his composure and domineering aura.

Lucas was dedicated to work hard and improve the company to greater heights. The Morgan conglomerate was a business co-op that engaged itself in a variety of businesses ranging from manufacturing, textiles,real estate, malls and the entertainment industry. people often referred it as the one stop business.

Coming back,he was determined to up the game and develop his company to just not a top company but the top most company.

Since he didn't not have anything to hold him back or devide his attention anymore,he was determined to concentrate all his energy in building the Morgan conglomerate and getting rid of his uncle Just


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