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Secretly In Love With My Boss

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Katherine is just a normal girl, who would do anything for her family. Her mother was sick and relied on a certain drug to survive while her junior half brother was still in high school. She was ready to work hard just to make sure that her family was Ok. But her already hard life became more suffocating when her boss's wife realized that she was in love with her husband. Then Katherine also caught the woman cheating on her boss, and things became messy. Rock Figo, was a powerful man, who loved and respected his wife. He thought she loved him like he did, but all his believes suddenly crumbled when he caught her cheating on him. And also, his secretary, Katherine knew about this. He decided to take his anger out on his secretary, which led to their love and hate relationship.



I was sitting on my desk working on some important task my Boss had asked me work on. I was very serious as my attention was fully concentrated like I was balancing a million dollar account. My slender fingers were busy typing away as I tuned every other thing out, disappearing into the world of computer.

I really had to take that simple task so serious because I didn't want that man's fury on me. Mr. Rock can be very hard to please at times, that is when you fail to finish your job on time or when you don't do it properly.

I was probably too immersed in the work that I was startled by a faint call of my name.

I adjusted my glasses as I perked my ears up, stopped the movement of my hand, and tried listening to see if I would hear my name again.

But after waiting for some seconds without hearing anything, I shrugged my shoulders and focused back on the job at hand. Maybe I was just hearing things.

But then I heard it once again, my name.

Although it was faint and distant, I heard it clearly but didn't care to pay any attention to it. I totally ignored it as I pushed up my glasses on the bridge of nose and refocused my half lost concentration. This task was important to my Boss and I need to finish it on time, so he wouldn't complain or scold me for being lazy or slacking off.

I can't bear to look at his scary and angry face when he gets mad.

But then I heard the voice once again, this time, it was loud and clear and it was his voice. Weird!

Why was he calling me and why does he want to see me since he asked me to finish the task he gave me on time?

I slowly got up from my chair and walked towards his office.

I knocked gently on his door and opened the door when I heard his deep voice say, "Come in"

And I was totally shocked to the core when I was immediately pulled inside, causing me to land into his firm chest. I felt shivers down my spine. I unexpectedly felt save and happy to be in his arms as it was so comforting, making me to forget about my life hurdles momentarily. I selfishly wanted to remain there forever while savoring the immeasurable comfort he gave me.

Whether it was right or wrong, who cares? All I know is that I want my boss so badly that I kept fantasizing about him every day.

But he was suddenly desiring me too? How and when did it start?

I'm finally in my boss's arms?

Wait, what is happening? This must be a dream or something but it was real as I could feel his warm body against mine.

I couldn't think straight at all and neither was I given the chance to think things through when he pulled me out from his embrace and clashed his mouth against mine.

His movement was harsh and rough as he rampaged my lips.

But to me, it was nothing short of sweet, blissful, awesome and pleasant. Just everything I have always dreamed of. He deepened the kiss forcing my hazy mind to return to what was going on as my eyes fluttered close while I kissed him back, enjoying the wonderful ministration of his tongue that'd been shoved into my mouth long ago, without my knowledge.

Gosh, it felt so right and superb. I never knew that he could kiss this way, well, how was I supposed to know?

I shut my stupid mind up and I savored the magnificent rare moment.

Is this even real?

Well, even if it's not, I still want more. So I threw my hands around his neck and enjoyed the moment.

A moan escaped my lips when he started to kiss my neck. I shifted my neck to the side to give more access as he assaulted my sweet spot.

"Oh God, yes! Ah..yes!" I continued to moan shamelessly like a wh*r* as his callous hand cupped my clothed breast and caressed it fiercely... I love it, and I wanted more.

So I started slamming my lower part against his, and a yelp escaped my mouth when my wet center felt his hard erection; it was as hard as his name, Rock. Oh, how I wanted that rod to grace my eager and hungry core. But I will also like to taste it in my hungry mouth first.

And as if he could read my mind, he dragged me towards his desk as we rounded the table and stopped before his chair. He sat down and pulled me into his laps, which I gladly accepted as I began to straddle him, especially that clothed hard staff under me.

I threw my head back and ecstatically moaned as he started to undress me. This was like the luckiest day of my life. I finally got a taste of my s*xy god-like boss. My wish had finally been granted.

I was putting on a sky blue chiffon blouse with red skirt and before I know it, they were on the floor like he'd performed some magic, he looked like a pro in removing a lady's dress. It didn't take a second, but it sure did, but I wasn't calculating as my mind was occupied with so much pleasure as I kept slamming lower part against his.

A groan escaped his mouth and it made me to fuel my action finally getting a reaction from him felt like a reward to my hard work.

He clasped my neck and brought my head closer to him as he captured my lips once again in a heated, and hungry filled kiss. It was fierce too.

"Ah" I gasped as he cupped my now naked breast. It felt so good and as if he knows that I wanted more, he used the other hand to cupped the second one, while his mouth went back to kiss my neck.

My neck was thrown back with my eyes closed as I enjoyed this awesome treat from him and meanwhile, I was still straddling him.

He kissed his way down to my breast as he took turns to s*ck, bit and lick my pebble-hard nip.ples. He gave me so much pleasure that I was screaming in pleasure.

"Yes, ah... right there! I love it... Mmmm..." I continued to moan lewdly like a shamelessly wh*r* which I have turned into just for my Boss.

And then I started to undress him too as I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and flung it away in one go. Then I climbed down from his laps and kneeled in between his legs with my eyes holding onto his. He knew what I wanted to do and he allowed me and my heart became filled with joy.

I was about to finally taste my boss rod, hmm...

I quickly unzipped his trouser and slowly shoved my hand inside his boxer briefs and gasped in shock. I was momentarily frozen when I caught the sight of his long and huge shaft. Men, he is so endowed.

I swallowed greedily and stylishly peeked at him and saw him smirking at me.

I smirked back at him as I slowly and decisively lowered my head and took him into my mouth, he was so huge that all of him couldn't fit in my small mouth.

But I wanted to please him to I overlooked the size and got to work as I s*ck*d him in the best way I can. My hand was holding onto the hilt while my mouth s*ck*d him and I also used my tongue to rim the purpish tip which earned me a pleasurable groan from him.

I s*ck*d him harder with my eyes holding onto his, he raised his hand and held onto my head as he guided me. He grunted as he closed his eyes and threw his head back.

I can't believe I'm doing this to my boss, the cold and ruthless Rock was enjoying the pleasure that I was giving to him. I increased my pace in a bit to see more of that face from him.

Looks like he couldn't endure it anymore as he quickly shoved me away from his rod and pulled me into his laps once again.

He shoved my skirt off me in one go and pulled my panties to one side as he slowly thrusted his huge shaft into me.

"Ahhh" I moaned out in pleasure as I felt him filling me. It felt so good like something I have never tasted before.

And he began thrusting with full speed and each one had me moaning out loudly.

I was riding my boss member and it felt so wonderful.

I don't know how many minutes that passed when I saw myself on the floor with him hovering over me while he fvcked the hell out of me with me now a moaning mess.

"I'm coming" I screamed as my release came coursing through me.

And not quite long, he followed suit.

"If you're going to stay there and daydream all day, just quit and go home" And angry and irritated voice forced me out of my fantasy world. It was all a dream. This is just one of the numerous times that I have fantasized about my boss. It's something I have been doing almost every day now and it made me wonder if I was sick or something.

I was startled and forgot where I was or what I was doing as I quickly stood to greet my Boss. I know that I looked like a fool right now. I pushed my glasses that was hanging on the bridge of my nose up a little as if to cover my shame.

He glared angrily at me, before his voice boomed once again. "Where is the document I asked you to send to me?"

"Still working on it, sir" I replied immediately, trying not to make a fool of myself further. But I just tried, because I ought to have finished that task since. But I ended up daydreaming instead.

"Are you foolish or something? If you can't concentrate and do your job properly, then I will have no option but to sack you" His deep angrily voice roared, causing me to shiver in fright as I shifted back.

"You have just five minutes to work on that and send it to me, do you understand?" He spat coldly and I just nodded my head in response.

He turned and walked away while I sat back down on my chair with a sigh.

I mentally slapped some senses into myself, pull my lost self together and tried to concentrate on my work. I decided to leave my hot boss alone. I have to work on this task so he won't fire me, my family needs me to cater for them since I'm the only one that could work. I can't play with my job at all.

My name is Katherine Whites. Welcome to my world of secret love for my cold and stern boss.

I have been in love with him secretly for months now, which he doesn't know about.

I just hope it doesn't land me into trouble because my boss is of course married and his wife is like a fire that could burn down a mighty building under seconds.

I definitely can't afford to stand the heat that would result from her finding out about my secret love for her husband or can I?

She got a tattoo?


After glancing through my work, and making sure that there was no mistakes with the document, I quickly printed it out before hurrying to send it to my boss before he comes out once again and start shouting at me. The one that I have endured today was enough and I don't want more of his flaming rage to rain me.

I got to the door of his office and breathed in and out before knocking on the door. I was giggling in anticipation as I waited to hear his deep voice. I was excited to see him, even for a second. A glimpse of him was enough. However, my plan was shattered when Alex, my boss's assistant suddenly opened the door and collected the file from me, before slamming the door shut.

Asshole, I cursed inside my head. I don't even know between him and Mr. Rock who is colder. But I will surely give it to Mr. Rock. That man can be as scary as hell. But I love him!

I giggled to myself like a fool as I made my way back to my desk. I don't


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