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Becky and her lover Cain were such a lovely couple. They were hot super models most especially Cain. People envied their relationship and though, they had ups and downs; it didn't stop their relationship as they always find a way to make it work. However, things began to change after Becky got a new position at her home country, Croatia. And this time, the distance was much. Due to work, they lacked a good communication. Cain and Becky's love got tested in a different way and the result would either separate or build their relationship but then, a love triangle will be created. Who is Mary?

Chapter 1: LOVE DARING

In a beautiful garden of a luxurious palace-like relaxation centre. It was nicknamed the Love Garden because everything looked green and beautiful colors from most flowers, like the red bleeding heart and roses. The environment was chilling and love filled the atmosphere. Some lovers played games of painting the white flowers, red. It wasn't Valentine's Day, but lovers were seen in their different dresses and shapes, walking around. Some couples sat down on the neat ground and were busy with the public display of romance. Young lovers were kissing and doing more in the public. They had no shame and wanted to feel each other, irrespective of the fact that eyes were on them. For them, it was all part of the fun.

Among this happy crowd were two young couples. Made Perfectly for each other as their beauty were appealing to the eye.

The two of them had an ice cream cone in their hand but, they were busy joking around and giggling, leaving their ice cream to melt into liquid.

“Babe, your ice cream is melting!” The young man noticed the melting ice cream first, and decided to alert his fiancée before it melted away.

The woman looked at the ice cream and laughed loud, “Oh! I've totally forgotten this! It is actually melting.” The young lady replied while smiling sheepishly at her boyfriend. She quickly began to lick it.

“What were you thinking about so much that made you forget your ice cream until it melt? You are so irresponsible.” The young man tease and raised a brow.

The young lady faked a frown, as she turned to face her fiancé, “See the culprit speaking… who was the one shagging my brain with sweet words and finally, averted my attention from my ice cream?” She asked after slightly licking her ice cream.

“Why on earth will I do that to your brain, or you really fell for my sweet words?” The man asked innocently, as he winked to her.

“Even your ice cream is melting, too! Even more than mine!” The lady said and burst out laughing. Mocking him as well, “So what are you going to say to that?” She asked.

The young man immediately looked at his ice cream and was surprised as he had actually forgotten about his ice cream, while holding on to it. Even when he teased his woman, he still did not remember his.

“Ouh! What a brain I have! I totally forgot about mine as well.” He slightly slapped his head.

“Oh really?” She asked, still laughing hard.

“Enough of that laugh. Are you mocking your husband to be now?” He asked his woman while pouting like a spoiled child.

“Husband to be, you say? Maybe I should quickly change my mind now and don't marry you again. You now use that against me.” She pretended to be upset.

“Don't you dare!” The young man quickly replied and they both burst out laughing.

They continued bickering until the woman's stomach groaned out. The ice cream made her feel more hungry.

“Is that your stomach?” The young man asked, mockingly.

“Yesss…” the lady answered, feeling a little embarrassed. Although, the couples had been dating for 3 years already, but things like this still embarrassed her. She blushed and avoided eyes contact.

“Awwwn, my little baby is starving… Let's go eat!” The man said with a wink.

“Who is your little baby?”

“This…” the young man pointed to the lady's stomach, and the lady smiled.

“You know, you look seductive when you blush this way?” The young man complimented as he closed the space between them. His lips were just an inch away from hers.

The lady blushed harder and the lust in the man eyes increased. He touched her face and rubbed it gently, feeling her delicate, smooth face.

“You surely know how to make me hungry, Hun?” His voice becoming husky with desire.

The lady closed the little space between them and placed her lips on his. They began kissing so passionately.

The lady touched him and his sexual desire grew, higher. He deepened the kiss as he dipped his tongue inside her mouth and their tongues, conjoined. None of them wanted to give in to the other, and their kiss only deepened.

“Young people of this generation are becoming really shameless. Back in our days, we hardly kiss our wives and we at times wonder how children were given birth to because we get shy to even talk to our partners… but these days, youngsters feed us the dog food everywhere, even in public places. They are ruining our society!” A white haired man, who was passing with his supposed female friend, saw the couples kissing and felt unimpressed. He was not happy with the change in the society these days, and he couldn't help but remember the good old days.

The couple heard the man and quickly stopped their action. They felt embarrassed and they both cleared their throat.

The man won't stop talking, dragging attention to their direction. They stood up and ran away before the man would embarrass them any further. While leaving, they noticed some couples who were not bothered by what the aged man was saying as they kissed and touched each other in public. Where they the only ones? But still, they escaped the aged man.

“What an escape!” They lady laughed as she walked towards the car.

“Can't believe what just happened.” The young man laughed with his fiancée. Then he turned to his car, “Let's go for a food hunt.” he added.

They left and immediately drove to the nearest restaurant to have something to fill their stomach. They ordered same thing and fed each other while eating. Their actions drew attention and some singles, felt lonely and wanted such.

They both finished their meals, and then, drove back home to relax and do anything to entertain themselves.

The couples was Cain and Becky. Cain, a young Italian man of 33 years old. He was rich and successful and also from a wealthy family. Cain however, looked extremely handsome. And was a young man who was admired by everyone around him. Even without his money, Cain was most girl's dream man, and his crushes were countless, but even with those countless crushes of his, he was a very responsible man who never had eye for any woman except his one and only.

The only woman in his life was Becky, and he never cheated on her, not even once. He loved her so much, and he was quite sure of that.

Becky, on the other hand, was also a rich lady. A rich Miss from a rich home and was gorgeous. Becky's beauty was so alluring that men, gape at her beauty any time she attended any public places.

Becky had many crushes as well, but, never gave them face. The only man in her heart was Cain, and she genuinely loved him. Her life without Cain would be meaningless, and she would do anything to keep her love.

Becky and Cain had been dating for three years. They've been through thick and thin together as their love has been tested, but their love never decreased. They both trusted and respected each other.

So many times in the back, ladies, and men who love either Cain or Becky had come in between them to separate them. But still, they stood firm and strong, and not even once had they believed rumors over their partner words. That was why their love was ever strong and irresistible.

Chapter 2: WHY NOT MARRY?

Becky already knew Cain's parent, and they had accepted her as their future daughter-in-law, even treated her as their daughter. But Cain was yet to meet her parents because they lived in another country.

“Let's go and meet my parent, Cain. They are eager to see who I have fallen in love with.” Becky said to Cain while playing his the hairs on his chest, as she laid on him on the sofa.

The words trucked like a bullet! Although, Cain loved Becky so much and wanted to marry, he had always wished to marry her soon, so they could become one. But, the word ‘Marriage’ still struck him hard and his fear of being enough for her family scared him. From Becky, he heard of several men she loved, but her parents always find fault in them.

Meeting her parents' means they would have to arrange their wedding soon, or the marriage preparations might come to an end. Another thing was, the word ‘Marriage' scares him. He would become her husband, yes. The word hu


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