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Safety With Benefits

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"I can only save you if you agree to certain benefits I haven't mentioned yet. However, I must warn you that these benefits may be difficult to handle. You have two options: agree to my terms or let your chasers catch you and kill you" Rodrigo announced cruelly. Perlah had no better option, so she decided to jump in. Perlah Andrew is the only survivor of the Andrew family, when her family got wiped out by an unknown enemy, she ran off trying to save her own life, where she met Rodrigo who offered to save her for an unknown benefit.

Chapter 1


I ran so fast, my eyes were bloodshot and puffy, and my family killers were relentlessly chasing after me.

My heart pounded breathlessly, choking on my saliva, I could only spin around the woods in alarm, searching for an escape route.

The woods were thick, dark, and confusing; I felt like I was rolling on the spot desperately searching for the entrance to the woods.

I got out of the woods, only to be greeted by the loneliness of the street, it was proudly singing welcome to me. I screamed in weariness, my spirit, soul, and body were exhausted.

I promptly glanced around like an abandoned dog desperate to find a string of hope, but disappointment whispered to me, there was no car or people in sight.

Looking back at the woods, I could listen to the voice of my chasers laughing and yelling in happiness as if I had already been caught, as I replayed my father’s last words before he was brutally wiped out by those ass wipes “Don’t let them win Perlah, Run!” liquid substance gathered in my eyes as I remembered how my family was killed tonight.

The bright light and sound of a dangerously speeding limousine elbowed me out of my thoughts, and without a second thought, I ran to the center of the road, challenging my only hope to come to a halt, ignoring the danger.

I would either be saved or killed by the speeding car or be captured by my chasers.

In my desperation to be saved, the car stopped right in front of me, it was only an inch away from grinding me to pastes. I immediately puffed a sign of relief.

Although the car stopped, no one attempted to save me. It was as if they were silently asking me to leave the road so they could continue their journey.

So, I began screaming and wailing for their help. I cried so loud that no one in that car could deny not hearing my cry while I was fearfully observing my chasers.

A brightly young and handsome man accompanied by some armed men stepped out of the vehicle.

For a second, I forgot my worries due to the threatening cuteness of the young man, until I heard his manly lustful voice “I can only save you if you agree to certain benefits that I haven’t mentioned yet. However, I must warn you that these benefits might be difficult to handle. You have two options: agree to my terms or let your chasers catch you and probably kill you.” He harshly stated.

I looked at the young man who just said a billion words in a few sentences, I was thrown away by the thought that a benefit would be involved in my safety.

For seconds, I stood blank wishing for empathic accuracy, the power to read and know what the handsome young man had in mind, as innocent-looking men are not to be trusted.

He said no other word but instead attempted to turn and leave and I was forced to drag him by the collar, my silly act made our eyes lock and I quickly swept it away with my answer “I agree to your unknown benefits.”

I said those words hoping not to be jumping from fry pan to fire but the fact states that I have less of a choice at that moment.

His men took me to the car, at this time, my chasers got out of the woods and we drove away. But my anxiousness only increased, “what exactly is this benefit?”

We drove for hours, making me wonder where exactly he was driving me to. “did I fall into the hands of a cute ass kidnapper? Is the benefit he stated to be kidnapped? Well, if that’s the case, I’m down for the fantasy because he’s damn cute! I’d let him kidnap me for free.” I thought to myself amid my problem and scoffed.

We finally came to a stop, we seemed out of the city, it was more of a hidden mansion in a lonely area.

I waited to be led out by Mr. Handsome or any of his men, but no one bothered about me so common sense told me to get down myself.

Entrance to Rodrigo’s mansion.

The mansion was hugely developed, but what got me wondering was who picked a location, far away from the cities to build such a sweet home and why?

Inside the mansion was properly decorated, and someone could live in it for years without an issue, there was a large swimming pool, a beautiful glass view, a personal cinema, a personal play house, and a beautiful garden aside from the rooms.

Questions gathered in my mind, like “What are we doing in such a lonely area,” it felt like a hideout so I decided to ask.

“what are we doing here” I asked.

“what does it look like? He replied with raised eyebrows.

“Can you at least try and be nice while giving answers to my questions? I know nothing about you, I refuse to be stuck with a stranger.” I asked again with a frown.

“then leave!” he retorted and matched towards the room. I didn’t let it end there, I tailed behind him and when he got into the room, I followed and slammed the door hard as a warning that I walked into the room with him.

I watched his back for a while, he seemed unbothered and began taking his clothes off. I was immediately shy, but I didn’t back down, instead, I continued to speak.

“I need some information about you and I won’t leave until you give answers to my questions” I stated with a straight face.

“I love the confidence, you walked into the same room with a stranger and slammed the door, leaving yourself no opportunity to escape if I have something in mind. Or have you not realized I was taking off my clothes immediately after you shut the door?” he replied and smirked.

“I thought about those words for a while, and then the realization of what he meant hit me. What would this pervert do with me?”

Chapter 2


Fear swallowed me, I trembled at the thought that I was truly alone in a room with a stranger, and the fact that I foolishly entered myself made my heart wink at me, how dumb can I be? He stood there watching me tremble over his words until I was forced to clarify.

“I only wanted to know your name I promise,” I said in a whisper slowly moving towards the door, getting ready to flee.

He watched me with a cold face and slowly stepped towards me, my breath seized. I hurriedly turned, trying to take a faster step towards the door to escape, but before I could take two steps, he dragged me to himself.

I hit hard on the bare athletic chest and felt him lean towards me.

“My name is Rodrigo Bayani, and not to worry, the benefit has no connection with my bedroom, but if you push me too hard, I won't stop myself,” Rodrigo announced and left to resume what he was doing.

I puffed a sign of relief and quickly left the room, The mission fail


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