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Story of a young girl who wanted to be a pop star, and also wanted to live a normal life, away from the press and tabloids, little does she knows that she would fall in love with a prince that would change her life for good, read to find and experience Kara's adventure in this novel. Kara Stewart a four years old girl started her singing career, with the help of her mom, Mrs Katherine Stewart. Things were hard for Mrs Katherine for a while, when she was trying to get a record deal for her four years old daughter. When Kara turned five years old, she sang the song "Lost in the wind" which became a hit making her famous and making her to finally be able to get a record deal for herself, the same record deal her mom terminated believing she would always be cheated.

Chapter 1 Road To Stardom.

A story of a four years old girl who wanted to be a Pop Star.

Her name is Kara Stewart, she was smart and intelligent for her age.

Her mom, Mrs.Katherine Stewart, saw her talent and became the backbone of her career.

Mrs.Katherine started pursuing her daughter's singing career when her daughter was only four years old, she tried to get a record deal for her four years old daughter but she couldn't.

Getting a record deal for a child of Kara's age was said to be impossible.

But after some months, Kara finally sang a melodious song titled "Lost in the wind," and it became a hit, this made Katherine happy for her daughter's (Kara) success and at last Kara got a recording deal from one of the prestigious music records called sapphire records because of the hit song she sang, where she made an album in four months.

Five years old Kara became popular with the name "K.S" as she didn't want anybody to know who she is, and she also wanted a normal life.

Fans and paparazzi wanted to know who this famous five years old K.S was, she was indeed a beauty with pink lips and black hair, unknown to the world underneath that black hair is a beautiful blonde hair, this, of course, she created, so she could have a double life, one where she gets to be a young pop star and another where she gets to be a normal five years old girl attending mystic falls preparatory school

Meanwhile, well-known tv hosts and media companies were dragging and dying to get an interview with the famous pop star KS, finally, Katherine, Kara's mom, and manager got them the chance for an interview, the tv host asked KS (kara) about her biography and other pieces of information but all they got was a dead end.

"Miss K.S, Would you mind telling us your full name," One of the tv hosts asked Kara

"My name is K.S," she replied the host.

The host didn't give up, he kept twisting his questions that poor Kara couldn't handle his questions any longer until her mom/ manager came to her aid.

Meanwhile, two months later Katherine Stewart (Kara's mom) broke the contract deal when she had a feeling that her daughter would always be cheated, when the press asked her why she made such a sudden decision, she said to the press in a press conference:-

"My daughter is a young girl with talent and as a mother, I want the best for her, so I want to create her record label.

But little did she know that the record label she wanted to build would become one of the largest and greatest labels not just in California but in the world as well.

Mrs.Katherine borrowed a lot of money and started her record label, it was hard for a while but eventually, she got the hang of it.

Two years later, Mrs. Katherine became the Chairwoman and CEO of "K.S RECORDS" an entertainment company she built from scratch.

Meanwhile, Kara (K.S) became more famous having ten albums to her name, she became the idol of billions of teenagers and adults alike.

Every day she gets billions of downloads and lifestreams.

She became rich for a young girl that she is, but she never let the whole game into her head, and that's where her normal life comes in, as K.S she gets to be chased by billions of fans whenever she comes out in public, but as Kara, she gets to be that normal kid she always wanted.

Kara was very happy with her life but little does she knows that it won't last long.

Chapter 2 A Difficult Choice.


Twelve years old Kara Stewart (KS) is attending Malibu High School in California.

(Malibu High School cafeteria)

"Hi, Kara are you busy tonight?? Tracy asked Kara while looking at her inquisitively.

"Oh busy! If I'm busy?? Yeah of course I'm busy, why did you ask?? Kara asked back.

"Well, guess what Kara?? Tracy asked her best friend Kara.

"(Sighs) Common Tracy, You know I'm not good with guesses," Kara said to Tracy while sighing deeply.

"Okay, You win, but you gotta promise me that you are gonna come," Tracy said to her best friend.

"Alright, now spill," Kara said back.

"Well I've got two incredible tickets for K.S's concert tonight," Tracy said to her best friend, Kara.

"So?? Kara asked back feeling confused.

"So You are gonna come to the concert," Tracy said to Kara excitedly.

"I'm so


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