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Revenge of Billionaire's Ex-wife

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Accused of infidelity, Amelia Alvarez suffered insolence and shame at the hands of her husband, Andrew Thompson. She was abandoned with their child, got divorced later on and witnessed her ex-husband marry her best friend after a year. Revenge. Amelia seeks justice for her parent’s death caused by that controversy and for her child who never got to experience a complete family. She promised herself that Andrew would know of the hard truth and slapped him hard with her vengeance. She’s Amelia Alvarez, the ex-wife of Andrew Thompson, will have her revenge soon.

Chapter 1

It’s not like any other ordinary day. Everyone was busy, from the coordinator down to the catering and all. They are making their indoor garden extra colorful and bright for the upcoming occasion. In a few moments, the colors of blue and pink balloons decorated the makeshift stage. And Amelia Alvarez couldn’t contain her happiness watching this transition in front of her while feeling the life inside of her belly.They’re having the gender reveal party for the new addition to their family.Guests are starting to come around that consists of mostly family and closest friends. They all have wonderful gifts for the baby. Just like her, they can’t wait to meet her child with Andrew soon.“I didn’t know that you were coming. You should’ve told us,” Amelia welcomed her in-laws who came unannounced an hour before the main event. They have brought many gifts that the helpers had put on the long table. “Thank you for coming, Mom and Dad. This means a lot to us.”Her in-laws were living in the US and to see them on this special occasion made it all the more extra special. Amelia can’t wait to finally reveal to everyone the gender of their baby.After three long years of marriage, finally, they’ll be parents. It was their dream to have their kids of their own like any married couple do.“Is everything ready?” Amelia approached the butler nearby. Auntie Mel was near the sweets section, checking everything out. She’s anxious as she checks around if there’s anything that needs to be done. She wanted this very momentous event to become perfect. “I think it’s perfect,” she answered herself with a smile on her face.In a few more months, she’ll be able to hold their baby in her arms. And she’ll have everything to live with— a loving husband and their little bundle of joy. She can’t wait to fill each corner of their mansion with loud cries and laughter from their little angel.And she knew that Andrew felt the same way. They’ve been praying for this miracle and now it’s a dream turned into reality.“Yes, Miss Amelia, “ the butler replied. “Do you need anything else to add?”“No. By the way,” She turned to the butler with her forehead creased. “Have you seen Andrew? I don’t think I have seen him earlier today?”She’d been so busy overseeing the whole event that she’d never seen her husband. Andrew had taken a leave from work to celebrate this special day. He should be around the mansion somewhere…“Oh, Sir Andrew,” Auntie Mel tried looking up in the sky then finally remembered. “He’s in the study room. I heard him talking over the phone when I served his cup of tea earlier,” the butler motioned to the room on the second floor.Amelia looked back and confirmed that her husband was in the study room. She got to see his figure near the window. He’s still talking to someone over the phone. And she doesn't want to assume but it seems that her husband was a little bit over the edge.“Alright, thank you, Auntie Mel,” she bid her goodbye to the butler and went inside the mansion to check what’s keeping her husband occupied in the study room.She went upstairs where the rooms and her husband’s study room was located. It was the last room on the west wing of the mansion. But before she got to where her husband resided, Amelia paid a visit to that one room designed for their upcoming baby.There’s still a lot to do inside but it’s almost finished. There’s a crib on the side and a few toys on the rack. Once the gender was out, they were planning to buy all sorts of things for the baby. And Amelia hopes to spend the rest of her pregnancy inside of this room while knitting some of her baby’s clothes. She already got guidance from Auntie Mel on how to knit clothes for the babies. And so far, she’s doing good.She closed the door and went onto the next room. She was all smiles as she knocked three times onto the wooden door. Amelia was confused as she didn’t got a response from her husband. So she dared open the door and got inside of the study room. And there she found Andrew still talking over the phone while facing the window.~*~From the study room, he had a good view of the garden down below. But Andrew wasn’t fazed by the festivities outside. Amelia could feel that her husband was a little bit tense and that he didn’t notice her presence at all. Andrew was still holding his cellphone, listening to whoever was on the other line. She got intrigued and dared to approach him.Amelia was startled when her husband shouted on the other line.“No, you can’t be serious! That’s just impossible,” her husband exclaimed. “Send me the photos now.” Andrew then turned around and met her in the eyes.Her husband was furious and she doesn’t know why his anger was directed towards her. His jaw clenched as he did something on his laptop. Amelia wanted to know what’s happening. What’s the cause of this unprecedented situation?Was there something that she had done that upset her husband?“Andrew—”“Stay right there!” He said with a voice laced with anger. Amelia stood in front of her, scared of her husband. Andrew had never raised his voice towards her. “Don’t come near me until I say so.”Amelia could be silent as it bothers her what’s going on inside the four corners of the room. So she forced herself to get near him. The party was about to start. And they both needed to be present at that time as they were expecting to see the parents in front of the stage.“What’s wrong? Tell me—” She stopped on the side of the table as her husband straightened his back. His focus was now on the screen of his laptop. She frowned as she stared at his furious face then his blue eyes turned to her with that immeasurable hatred.Amelia didn’t know why but she felt scared. She feared this unknown side of her husband. Then as if like the movies, she saw him raise his hand and show no hesitation to slap her hard on the face.Her head instantly turned to the other side. Amelia felt the sting on the side of her cheek that made her shed tears. She held it as she looked back at Andrew with questions in her eyes. The man just faced the laptop towards her. And there she saw that most horrific thing that she never thought existed.It’s pictures of her with a strange man on the bed, naked and underneath the sheets.

Chapter 2

Amelia couldn’t fathom what she had done to earn his wrath. He never did it just once, Andrew slammed her another one that almost made her fall on the tiled floor. But it didn’t happen as he pulled her by the arm, held onto the back of her head and even forced her to stare at the monitor on the laptop. She’s crying while begging her life to her husband.Andrew was holding her in place as he made her stare at those obscene photos. “You tell what’s this all about?”“How dare you even cheat on me?”“But I didn’t!” Amelia blurted out as she forced herself to get free from his grasp. She put a distance between them and held onto her still not visible bump. “You need to trust me. I am not that one in those photos!”“Then tell me who it is?” his cold eyes glared at her that penetrated deep into her soul. “Who is this goddamn woman who had your face and was sleeping with another man?”“Don’t take me for a fool, Amelia. I know what I saw. And


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