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Return of Almero

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What if Almero avenged the deeds of those who had degraded and made fun of him because he was poor? Lily, Almero's college friend, has humiliated Almero in front of many people by throwing water in Almero's face. How did Almero struggle at work after he was declared a graduate from college? slandered, berated, and lied to by office mates. How did Almero travel up the career ladder? Will Almero manage to succeed and silence all the diatribes he has ever received? Come on, what are you waiting for? Read the story now! Give me support so that I continue to work

Humiliated in Public

"Almero, next month is the due date for the payment of tuition for Rachel and Alice. I don't have any money. "You know your father doesn't work anymore," said Sarah. His mother, Almero, was picking vegetables in the yard of the house.

For daily meals, Sarah took advantage of some vegetables that her husband grew in the yard located next to the house. The yard is not spacious and can only be planted with some vegetables that are enough to eat for a few days.

For the school fees of the Almero sisters, Sarah and her husband owe a debt to and fro. There is even Almero's sister, who is threatened with dropping out of school because she cannot pay the semester fee every month.

Hearing his mother's groaning, Almero could only sigh. He thought about how he could help his parents. Considering that he himself is still in school,

"Mom, Almero got a scholarship to go to college," Almero said with a lethargic face and no spirit.

"What are you saying?" "Are you kidding me?" His mother's response was disbelief.

Almero then took a piece of paper from the school and handed it to Sarah.

"This is a letter from the school, mom." "After graduation, Almero was immediately accepted at New York University," said Almero.

Almero's mother's eyes glazed over at a letter she was reading. On the one hand, she feels happy because the bright future of Almero is barely in sight, but on the other hand, she also feels sad.

"Why isn't mom happy?"Almero asked once again.

"In this paper, it is stated that this scholarship only finances your school, not the cost of living in the city." "How could Mom give you money to live there?"

Almero sighed. He then racked his brain in order to receive the scholarship and get free living expenses.

"Calm down, Mom." "Believe in Almero," Almero assured his mother.


The cold atmosphere of the campus bears silent witness to the first time Almero set foot there. The handsome and clean-skinned man and neat appearance made the friends at school not think that Almero came from a poor family. And that's what makes Almero pretend to be a rich man in order to make friends with friends who come from wealthy families.

At that time, Almero was chatting with some of his male friends in a campus park. As he was talking, suddenly one of his girlfriends approached. Her name was Lily. Lily is a popular student of beauty and wealth, both owned by her parents.

"Hi, you are so handsome. "Can I be friends with you?" Lily said as she brought her body closer to Almero's.

"You are so lucky, man." "Rarely people like Lily can come over to invite acquaintances first," said one of Almero's friends named Junet.

Almero frowned; he did not understand what his friend was saying.

"What do you mean?" asks Almero.

"Look! Lily is very beautiful, isn't she? Her body is nice, and her hair is also beautiful. "Many old men approached, but not a single one got her heart." said Junet, holding Almero's chin and pointing the handsome man's face towards Lily, who was walking towards her friends.

"Yes, she is beautiful," Almero said in a low voice.

"If you become his girlfriend, she will be happy to always buy you food because his hobby is often buying the people he likes," said Junet, whispering in Almero's ear.

"Is that right?" asked Almero with bulging eyes.

"Of course it's true." "She is the son of a rich man; her pocket money every day exceeds the pocket money of other children," said Junet while chewing potato sticks he bought from the off-campus area.

Almero was silent. Hearing what Junet had to say was like getting a loophole to take advantage of Lily.

Since then, Almero and Lily have been very close. Almost where there is Almero, there is Lily. Lily often buys Almero lunch on campus. She also often buys fancy clothes for Almero.

"Almero...?" Lily shouted as she ran towards Almero, who was walking home.

Almero turned around and showed Lily his handsome face.

"Almero, tomorrow I am invited by Lala to attend her wedding; do you want to come with me?"

"Sorry, I can't," Almero replied quickly.

"Why? "I really hope to come with you," Lily replied with a sour face.

"I have a show with my parents tomorrow. So I can't go, " Almero replied lying and then passed away leaving Lily.

"Oh, okay."

Almero took a deep breath. It was impossible for him to attend the wedding because he had to quickly go to work. During this time, Almero hid his residence from people and also hid his side job as a waiter in a hotel.

Almero and his two younger brothers, Seno and Gabriel, work as waiters in a hotel not far from where he lives.

[Come early, because today at the hotel there is a party!] so the contents of the hotel owner's short message to Almero.

[Ready, Sir! I'll be leaving soon.] reply Almero quickly booked in a nutshell.

Riding a minibus, Almero and his two sisters left for the hotel. Arriving at the hotel, the three of them rushed to do what they were supposed to do right then and there.

Almero went straight to the kitchen, helped prepare the dishes, and delivered them to some of the guests who came.

"Almero, please deliver this food to the female guest who is sitting in the middle seat!" His superior gave orders while handing some food to Almero.

"Ready!" Without many words, Almero hurried to walk towards the woman, who, from behind, was wearing a red dress and had her lower hair curled.

"This is the food, ma'am." Please enjoy!" Said Almero in a soft voice while putting the food right on the table of the female guest.

The woman turned around and saw Almero, who was wearing the hotel maid's clothes.

"Almero!" said Lily with bulging eyes.

"Lily? Me..., "said Almero with his mouth trembling, his heart felt like it stopped beating. Almero does not know that the woman he approached turned out to be Lily.

"Why are you wearing that shirt, and what are you doing here?" Lily asked with a contemptible look.

"I am...," and "Almero only moved his mouth silently."


Lily throws water on Almero's face in front of many people. Not only that, Lily also cursed Almero and asked if he had lied to her.

Almero could only bow his head and fall silent. Not a word came out of his mouth.

With a very angry face, Lily took a quick step away from Almero.

Seeing that his brother was in trouble, Seno and Gabriel ran to Lily.

"What did you do to our brother?" asked Seno and Gabriel, who were standing right in Lily's way.

"What? He's your brother?"Lily asked with bulging eyes.

Lily is not counting. She felt that all this time she had been lied to by Almero.

A New Life Begins

The next day on campus, Lily braggingly told everyone about what she saw. Everyone's view of Almero has changed. Everyone made fun of Almero; even her close friends made fun of him.

Since then, Almero has had no friends. He felt ostracized by people. The pain he experienced at that time made him determined to be successful.

Many years of college with harbored heartache every day until finally Almero could graduate with the best grades.

After graduation, a new round of Almero's life began. He also traveled around New York City. Carrying an envelope with the documents as a general condition of registering a job, Almero walked into the crowd of people who were busy with themselves. The skyscrapers seem to be silent witnesses to the arrival of Almero in the city center, which has a great influence in world trade, finance, art, and entertainment.

Almero stepped foot towards a food stall located in the middle of the city. He nodded when he saw the menu.


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