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Redo Love with a Billionaire

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"Shut up and kiss me, Sir!" "Yes, Honey! Do it!" Hazel was disappointed to learn that her fiancé was cheating with her cousin. As a result, she let alcohol take over her senses and... unconsciously, Hazel had a one night stand with a man! Hazel quickly regained consciousness and went home, but her cousin and fiancé instead slandered her and she was kicked out of the house! Hazel had no one, nowhere to go, suddenly, a gang of thugs chased her to collect a debt! Hazel ran because she didn't feel indebted, it turned out her ex-fiancé had set her up! Hazel hid in a car parked on the side of the road, miraculously, a little girl saved her from the thugs' pursuit! "Would you like to replace my Mama's position?" "Lucy! You can't just bring in anyone!" Her father scolded her. However, the little one insisted and Hazel was shocked when the man was... Mr. One Night Stand. "Please help me, I'll do anything to repay you."

Chapter 1 The Betrayal

"Go Deeper, Honey Ahh ….!" A woman screamed in joy with a curly man above her. They were lost in lust and forgot everything, especially that another woman accidentally got inside their hotel room.

"Ah, yes! Ah! You're so beautiful, Dear!"

"Ah! Yes! I'm coming! Oh …."

After that hysterical orgasm, the man and the woman slept side by side. Caressing each other with so much love. They really didn't have any idea that there's someone who's been watching their act so far and started crying.

"Alfred! Ho—how could you ...." Tears streamed down Hazel's face as she caught Alfred, her fiancé, in the same bed with her cousin. "How could you betray me like this?" Hazel's bones seemed to detach from her body, leaving her in a state of shock!

"Hazel! I—let me explain!" Alfred jumped up and grabbed a blanket before rushing towards Hazel, who was standing still in front of the door. Meanwhile, her cousin, Grace, wore a sly smile.

"Let me go!" Hazel rejected Alfred's outstretched hand trying to help her up. She attempted to rise on her own, then... SLAP!

"Don't you dare try to see me again, you b*st*rd!" Hazel removed her engagement ring and threw it in a random direction.

"Hazel!" Alfred tried to chase after Hazel, but she had already run towards the open elevator. Undressed, there was no way Alfred could follow Hazel and provide adequate explanations.

Hazel disappeared suddenly, as the elevator door closed with an eerie silence. Alfred and Grace never intended to chase after her or beg for forgiveness. They seemed to truly want Hazel out of their forbidden relationship.

"Are you alright?" A man suddenly whispered to her. In the elevator, there was only Hazel and a handsome man with deep brown eyes. His sharp jawline was defined, and his smile was barely visible.

Amidst her tears, Hazel glanced towards the stranger. Undeniably, Hazel was captivated. She then smiled and said, "Would you accompany me to the bar, Sir?"

"Are you sure?" A man's heavy breath awaited Hazel's command to give his consent. He didn't want to be seen as a scumbag taking advantage of an opportunity in distress.

Hazel frowned. The girl pulled the man's face closer.

"Shut up and kiss me, Sir!"

The brown-eyed man immediately pressed his lips against Hazel's plump ones, which were meant for him. This rare event unfolded after they spent glasses of alcohol at the hotel bar on the 21st floor.

"Mmmh ...." Hazel enjoyed his kiss. The man played his role quite skillfully. Hazel no longer cared about her status or the beliefs she held. Everything was in vain. Her purity, even her sincerity all this time was just a lie! What else could Hazel hold onto?

"You're so beautiful," The man cupped Hazel's small, flushed face. The girl was heavily intoxicated, and only emotions and passions still resided within her.

Hazel lost herself.

The man was very s*xy.

It was the perfect combination that made Hazel bold enough to sleep with this stranger.

"Ah!" Hazel jolted as the man kissed her even deeper and then unhooked her bra. The man's face was now buried in her chest. It was the first time Hazel had felt it. That touch. That suction. The uncontrollable peak of passion.

"Yes, Honey! Do it!" The virgin girl was ready to receive extra service from her one-night stand. But unfortunately, she couldn't even open her eyes.

"Señorita! What's happening?!"

It didn't take long to realize that Hazel had made the right decision, but... it took more time to reflect that her impulsive actions yesterday were a mistake!

"Sh*t!" Hazel frowned when she found herself now undressed. She tried to remember what she had done last night. And the result? Hazel spent the night with the brown-eyed man while heavily intoxicated!

"Oh no!" Hazel tried to look back. The man was still there, sound asleep!

"I—I have to go! Sh*t!" Hazel cursed herself and her hormones, and her recklessness! How could a bride-to-be end up in a stranger's room?

"Bride-to-be?" Hazel repeated the bad idea. There was no more bride, no more wedding. Hazel had broken off with Alfred, and this is what she got. But... Hazel forgot something!

"Oh my God! I have to tell Uncle that the wedding is off!" Hazel hastily grabbed the clothes lying on the table and washed her face.

"Why is my dress orange?" Hazel didn't remember wearing an orange dress. But there was no time to wonder. Hazel was running out of time.

"Thank you, Mr. One Night Stand."

With just that, Hazel bid farewell. She then left the man as is. Hazel didn't know that a farewell without adequate introduction would only end badly in the future.


"Explain this, Hazel! Why were you caught on CCTV with a stranger in a hotel room?"

Hazel was shocked when her uncle slapped her and threw photos showing Hazel being carried to the room by the brown-eyed man while she was intoxicated.

"Wha—" Hazel widened her eyes and picked up the scattered photos. As Hazel was still crouching to pick up the evidence, Grace deliberately stepped on her fingers.

"Oww!" Hazel cried out and fell. Grace laughed heartily.

"Look at that, Dad! That's what you get when you raise an orphan who doesn't know her luck!" Grace taunted while crossing her arms. Shortly afterward, Alfred arrived, looking angry and kneeling down.

"This is why she canceled her wedding with me," he chimed in.

"You're a disgrace to this family, Hazel!" Her uncle's eyes turned red. He never thought that the orphan he raised would grow into a wildcat.

"You?! How dare you twist the facts!" Hazel stood up and screamed.


"Ungrateful woman!" Grace slapped Hazel. And now, both of Hazel's cheeks were red and swollen from the second slap from father and daughter.

"I am truly ashamed of your late parents, Hazel. How could they raise such an immoral child," the uncle sobbed and then threw Hazel's suitcases out of the house. "Go! And don't come back!"

"But, Uncle! They're the ones who cheated! I caught Alfred in bed with Grace! It's not my fault, Uncle!" Hazel knelt and pleaded with her uncle.

"Do you want to say that we slandered you, huh?" Grace stepped forward and now pulled Hazel's hair.

"Ouch! Let go!" Hazel wriggled and wanted to pull Grace's hair back, but was stopped by Alfred.

"You should be ashamed and apologize for tarnishing the names of two families, Hazel! An orphan like you is indeed troublesome. Luckily, I didn't marry you," Alfred asked Grace to let go of Hazel so as not to hurt her arm.

"What?" Hazel couldn't believe that Alfred had said something absurd. "How could you say that, Alfred? You know I married you because YOU begged me!"

"Enough! Hazel! Stop this drama! You... leave!" The uncle pushed Hazel out of his house. Hazel's house.

"But this is my house!" Hazel shouted and refused. The servants just watched and dared not act. They were scared and didn't want to be blamed.

"Sorry, Hazel. The house is now mine," the uncle smirked and showed Hazel an unknown transfer deed. The girl was once again engulfed in confusion.

"So, all this time you were nice to me just to take over my assets?" Hazel shouted in despair.

The uncle and Grace just laughed. Alfred too. The three of them conspired to deceive Hazel and seize all her possessions after her parents passed away.

"You just realized it now, Foolish Niece? Do you think I raised you for free, huh? You should be grateful for not being alone," the uncle laughed heartily.

"So, now, our relationship can be formalized, Darling," Grace snuggled up to Alfred. Meanwhile, Hazel just continued to sit while tears streamed down her face.

"How dare you..." The girl now had nothing and no one. Hazel should have followed her mother's advice. She should have been a little suspicious. She shouldn't have... Hazel wasn't easily swayed by their charms.

"Grace is prettier and sexier. She's also good at satisfying in bed. And you? You're just a naive and childish girl! I'm sick of you!" Alfred unmasked himself. The man Hazel knew as a loving man turned out to be a scoundrel!

"You—will regret this day. I swear! I will repay your actions!"

Chapter 2 The Debt Collectors

That empty promise was embarrassing! "How do I repay them? What can I do?" Hazel looked up, gazing at the bright blue sky. "D*mn...." Hazel regretted trusting, but she regretted even more that she was now lost.

"Where should I go?" The blue-eyed girl walked sluggishly along the sidewalk, trying to find a way out. One thing Hazel didn't predict was the takeover of the residence. The luxurious mansion in Evony Park had now disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Mom... Dad... Forgive me. I’ve lost our home," Hazel sobbed as she continued dragging two suitcases. She walked towards the bus stop; Hazel might contact one of her friends.

Her eyes stared fixedly at the phone screen as the bus she was about to board still hadn't arrived. Evony road should have been crowded, in the heat of summer like this, it seemed most pedestrians chose to stay home.

"Why hasn't it come yet?" Hazel muttered while continuing to search for a contact of a friend she could ask for help. No


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