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Rebirth:Lady Gu Comes Back For Revenge

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Gu Man the daughter of the Gu family, grand and poise but had fallen in love with the wrong man, set up by her sister and died on her wedding day. Waking up she realized that she had woken in the body of a 23 year old girl, however she wasn’t the most shocking thing, the most shocking thing was that she had a husband in name, he was the most powerful and tyrannical man in all of Country AN and what’s more he had a son! ************* “Did I tell you I need you help..” “You didn’t but even if you did I’ll still help you and what’s my price just a kiss on the lips..”

The begging

Gu Man looked stunning in her wedding gown as her face was filled with bright smiles. She couldn't believe that her most sought out moment had finally happened.

She was getting married to the love of her life, Tang Yifan. The business tycoon and Country An's top three handsome man.

"Can I see the bride..."

Tang Yifan whispered in to her ears as Gu Man blushed shyly. She loved Tang Yifan but she was always shy around him and would always avoid his touches.

"Yifan, thank you for making me the happiest woman on earth.."

Tang Yifan smiled brightly hiding the disgust in his heart and kissin Gu Man in the lips before saying.

"Thank you for making me the happiest man on earth..."

With that Tang Yifan hugged her, his face turning sinister as he revealed a mocking lips.

Love her? She absolutely disgusted him, the only one he loved was her sister Gu weiwei. And that was why he had agreed to her plans to bring Gu Man down.

Tang Yifan left soon afterwards and when to meet the Gu weiwei who was also dressed a slightly more expensive wedding gown than Gu Man.

"Darling you look so beautiful, I can't believe we're getting married today...."

Tang Yifan smiled towards Gu weiwei he felt nothing but pure joy. Gu weiwei chuckled and bent her head shyly.

The maids smiled as they looked at their young madam radiante tut aura of a young girl in love.

"Young madam and young master will all wish you a long lasting marriage life.."

Tang Yifan smiled he obviously liked what the maids said, and nodded happily.

Three hours later.

Tang Yifan stood at the alter as all his friends and family members all sat down waiting for the bride.

Soon the weddings bells were heard and the doors opened, the bride finally appeared and started walking towards the alter.

Beside her was their father Gu Qingyang. But they all assumed it was Gu weiwei, since they had never seen Tang Yifan and Gu Man together before.

Gu Qingyang smiled as he passed Gu weiwei's hand to Tang Yifan this was also a sign that he had handed his daughter to the Tang family.

But there was another group of people that didn't understand what was going on. Wasn't this Gu Man's wedding how come the bride didn't look like Gu Man.

Gu Man who had been delayed rushed up to the church as fast as she could, she just happened to arrive at the door.

When she saw that their was another woman in the alter, at first she thought that she had gone to wrong room, but when she saw the groom she couldn't help but feel breathless.

Wasn't Tang Yifan marrying her, who was the other woman. The congregation still hadn't noticed Gu Man's presence.

It was after the bride's veil was raised did they finally hear a mortified cry.

Her own sister was the bride standing at the alter, Gu Man felt like she was having a seizure as suddenly had difficulty in breathing.

She dashed out of the room, she needed a place with clean air, the air in the room was too stuffy.

Gu Man's parents looked at Gu weiwei and Tang Yifan in anger, and they demanded an explanation.

But Tang Yifan and Gu weiwei refused to say anything till after the wedding.

Meanwhile Gu Man ran out of the cathedral and continued running, the passerbys only saw a lady running in a wedding gown.

They all thought that the groom didn't show up or she realized that they weren't meant to be.

No one would have realized that the bride had been deceived and wasn't actually the bride.

Gu Man kept running, tears streaming down her face, she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Gu weiwei and Tang Yifan standing together at the alter.

She actually thought today was her big day but turns out it was meant for someone else.

Gu Man angrily threw the ring away and tore off the wedding gown. The beautiful wedding gown had now been reduced to shreads.

Gu Man who was deep in thought didn't notice the speeding car and ran directly head first into it.

The car immediately stopped and the driver rushed toward Gu Man, the lady laid limp on the ground, her blood dyeing the wedding gown crimson.

Before the ambulance could get there, Gu Man's body had already turned cold.


Gu wanwan woke up from an unbearable headache as her body shook violently.

Just as she was shaking, a soft hand fell on her forehead and then her hand.

"Wanwan please wake up soon, I know you can make it. Mum will always be by your side.."

Lin Qingxi said solemnly, she was already thanking God that Gu wanwan was already showing signs of recovery and she almost jumped off the chair in excitement.

Hearing that gentle voice, Gu wanwan felt safe and comforted and drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up it was already midday, and looked up to see the a middle aged woman.

She had a small but tired smile on her face, she didn't look more than 40 years old.

"Wanwan you're awake, it's a miracle.."

Lin Qingxi smiled as tears ran down her face, as she looked at Gu wanwan happily.

Gu Wanwan looked at the unfamiliar woman, as a million thoughts ran arcross her mind.

Didn't she die, who was this unknown woman. Then memories that did not belong to her flooding in her mind.

Seems like the she really did die and her soul had entered this body. The body seems to have come from a prestigious family, and had a junior sister and the woman by her side should be her mother.

However Gu Wanwan couldn't say anything, as there was a tubes sticking out of her nose and mouth, for food and oxygen.

She could only hold Lin Qingxi hands as she watched the woman cry silently.

"Aish!! Look at me I should tell the doctors about this.."

Lin Qingxi squeeezed Gu Wanwan hand as she ran out of the room.

"It's a miracle!!..."

Lin Qingxi rarely lost her cool as she rushed to meet the nurse.

"What miracle Madam Gu.."

The nurse quipped in as she looked at the agitated woman.

"My daughter she's awake, where's doctor Lu.."

Hearing Gu Wanwan was awake the nurse quickly ran to get doctor Lu . She didn't know what bigshot the Lin family knew for them to be able to get doctor Lu to treat their daughter.

She’s awake

The nurse knocked the door carefully as she waited for the person inside to reply.

"Why don't you just let yourself in..."

The nurse opened the door her face red, due to her running up the stairs.

"Doctor Lu the patient's awake.."

Lu Shen fingers trembled, that little girl was awake, based on her condition before she fell into a coma she was already on the brink of death.

"Okay I'm on my way..."

Lu Shen stood up and then placed a call to someone.

"She's awake..."

The person took a while before Lu Shen heard a reply.

"Okay I'll be on my way.."

Lu Shen nodded and left the office, unlike the nurse he simply did not have the strength to climb the stairs and took the elevator instead.

Lin Qingxi walked back into the room to see Gu Wanwan staring at her, she couldn't talk only stare.

"Wanwan I'm so happy you're awake, mum kn


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