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Radiant Light: Revenge

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A cryptic message led her step by step into the abyss. Witnessing her father's burial in the flames, her mother's descent into madness, and the sudden death of her unborn child, her husband of three years conspired with a third party, plotting her demise. Perhaps in mercy, her unwilling soul was reborn into the body of a budding celebrity. Upon awakening, she discovered herself ensnared in a myriad of crises, with enemies from both her past and present converging, eagerly waiting to plunge her into hell! Jian Ning vowed that in this lifetime, even if she had to live in obscurity and resort to any means necessary, she would not let a single one of those who owed her escape retribution! Regardless of how lowly she had to stoop or endure the disdain and slander from others, she would reclaim every ounce of hatred owed to her. From that moment on, a third-tier star transformed step by step into the scandal queen and top-tier diva of the entertainment industry, radiating an unparalleled brilliance. Her male companions changed one after another, and she even declared that the elite families of the world were romantically entangled with her.

Chapter 1: Marital Crisis

Married for three years, Jian Ning discovered Fu Tianze's affair for the first time through a voicemail:

"Darling, I miss you. Tonight, I'll be waiting for you at our usual place. Remember to wear the black lingerie I love... She's off to Paris again, not at home. Sweetie, let's see what I'll do to you tonight!"

It was Fu Tianze's voice, a voice Jian Ning could recognize even if it turned to ash. However, she had never heard Fu Tianze speak like this, so different from his usual refined and seemingly indifferent demeanor. Jian Ning's hand trembled as she held the phone, a sharp pain in her heart.

The Jian family was a prominent wealthy family in the city, thriving in real estate and chain hotels. Jian Ning was their only daughter. Jian's father had always treated Fu Tianze as his own son. Fu Tianze, with his handsome appearance, erudition, and eloquence, coupled with a high level of education and overseas background, added to his allure.

Upon Jian Ning's return from university, they got married. In the early years of marriage, Fu Tianze treated her with the same tenderness as before, supporting her in pursuing her passion. Over time, Fu Tianze became increasingly important to Jian Ning, and they were regarded as a match made in heaven by everyone.

After three years of marriage, despite her parents' urging, Jian Ning had not been able to conceive. Today, as she was about to fly to Paris for Fashion Week, a delay at the hospital changed everything. Unexpectedly, just as she was about to share the good news with Fu Tianze, she fell into endless darkness due to that voicemail.

In these three years of marriage, Jian Ning believed she had shown ample care for Fu Tianze. Aside from her career, he was her focus. When her father handed her over to Fu Tianze at the wedding, he instructed him to take good care of her. Yet, now he was taking care of another woman in bed?

Jian Ning knew that the sender of this ambiguous message was undoubtedly Fu Tianze's lover. In the world of the elite, many had witnessed the drama of mistresses driving away the original wives. However, that woman seemed to have made a mistake. Fu Tianze, in the end, was just the son-in-law of the Jian family. Jian Ning could divorce him and make him leave without any hesitation!

Everything could be endured except betrayal and infidelity!

The more Jian Ning thought about it, the angrier she became. Being pregnant added to her inability to remain calm.

Meet at the usual place?

She wanted to see how shameless that adulterous couple could be!

Jian Ning immediately called her friend Du Xianxian and said, "Xianxian, help me check which hotel this ID has recently checked into."

Du Xianxian worked in a special department, so she had the means. However, she was surprised, "Fu Tianze? Jian Ning, what's going on? Why are you checking on him?"

Jian Ning tried to calm down, "Just tell me the result. I'll explain later."

Du Xianxian didn't press her and honestly said, "Fu Tianze frequents 'Shengshi Haoting' the most."

Jian Ning laughed bitterly.

"Shengshi Haoting," a chain hotel owned by the Jian family.

Fu Tianze had really outdone himself.

Her parents had gone on a trip abroad half a month ago and would return tomorrow. With no one to consult, what was there left to discuss after such an incident?

Jian Ning wiped away the tears that had unknowingly flowed down her face. She felt it was not worth it. Love could die, and marriage could not be relied upon. What else could she believe in?

However, Jian Ning was not a weak woman. At twenty-five, she had plenty of good years ahead. She didn't depend on Fu Tianze to live. Why hang herself on a tree that betrayed her loyalty?

The clearer her thoughts, the calmer she became. After taking a shower, changing into clean clothes, she left when it was dark. She didn't drive; instead, she called a taxi to the "Shengshi Haoting International Grand Hotel" located by Cuiwei Lake.

"Excuse me, could you please check which room Fu Tianze is in?" Jian Ning asked the receptionist.

"I'm sorry, miss, but we can't disclose guest information," the receptionist apologized.

"I am Jian Ning, and this hotel is under my name. Fu Tianze is my husband. I just flew back from abroad and wanted to surprise him," Jian Ning stared coldly at the receptionist.

As the daughter of the big boss, she couldn't be offended. The receptionist was flustered, tapped on the computer, and then informed Jian Ning, "Mrs. Fu, Mr. Fu is in the Presidential Suite, room 888 on the 16th floor. Here is a spare room key."

"Thank you!" Jian Ning took the key gracefully, turned around, and walked away with confidence, showing no sign of defeat.

However, as soon as she turned the corner, the receptionist made a phone call, "Mr. Fu, she's on her way up."

The conspiracy had just begun.

Jian Ning remained oblivious.

Taking the elevator to the 16th floor, she stood outside room 888 for a while. Suddenly, her steps couldn't move forward. A failed marriage could be restarted for her, but for her parents, it would undoubtedly be a significant blow. Moreover, she was already carrying Fu Tianze's child—innocent in all of this.

Yet, no amount of hesitation could surpass the anger of catching him red-handed. If Fu Tianze had deceived her, he deserved punishment! Infidelity within marriage, with evidence in her hands, the law would not let him off!

Jian Ning used the room key to open the door. Upon entering, she found the living room filled with melodious and romantic music. Two glasses of red wine on the table were half-empty. There was a pair of red high heels next to the sofa, a suspender skirt, a man's shirt, pants... all the way to the bedroom door, which was not completely closed. The bedroom revealed a glimpse of a woman's black bra through the crack...

"Darling, miss you. Tonight, waiting for you at the usual place, remember to wear that black lingerie I like..."

That ambiguous voicemail echoed in her mind again. Jian Ning could hardly breathe. Wanting to catch someone in the act was one thing, witnessing this illicit affair was another. This was the same Fu Tianze who had vowed eternal love and care for her!

Thinking of the sweet whispers in her ears over the past three years, Jian Ning almost wanted to grab the wine bottle on the table and smash it over Fu Tianze's head. How could he insult her like this!

At this moment, the muffled sounds from the half-open bedroom door reached Jian Ning's ears—

"Ah! Tianze!"

Jian Ning's feet felt like lead as she moved towards the door. Through the narrow crack, she could see everything inside. A man and a woman were engaged in an indecent act, and the man was none other than her husband, Fu Tianze.

Jian Ning forced a bitter

smile. This scene was indeed more thrilling than watching a movie.

"Tianze, you're amazing. Being your wife is so fortunate..."

"Darling..." The man panted, "But you're even better..."

"Tianze, you're flattering me again, but I love you..." The woman coquettishly said.

What else was there to say? Everything was irretrievable.

Jian Ning pressed the stop button on her phone's recording, saved the video, and uploaded it. While turning towards the door, she just needed to send this video evidence to her lawyer, and it would be enough to prove Fu Tianze's infidelity. She would make him pay!

However, as Jian Ning's hand gripped the door handle, a large hand from behind held hers. Startled, she turned around to see Fu Tianze standing there with only a bath towel wrapped around him.

"Ningning, done watching? Ready to leave?" Fu Tianze looked down at Jian Ning with a smile that seemed friendly, devoid of any remorse or anxiety about being caught in bed. Even his voice was as gentle as ever.

Suddenly, Jian Ning felt that the Fu Tianze in front of her was a stranger. How could he still smile like that?

"Fu Tianze, don't you find it disgusting?" Jian Ning forcefully shook off his hand.

"Love between men and women is commonplace. We've tried it before. Would you like to join us?" Fu Tianze stared at her, lips curling into a more satisfied smile. Stepping forward, he embraced her waist tightly, ignoring Jian Ning's struggles. With one arm, he dragged her inside and then threw her onto the sofa.

Jian Ning fell heavily, and her stomach began to ache faintly. At this moment, the woman in the bedroom, wearing a bathrobe, walked out. With long, fair legs exposed, she provocatively flipped her long, wavy hair to the side. Her voice was extremely charming as she looked at Jian Ning, saying, "Tianze, your wife has come. How scary."

Fu Tianze obediently walked over to her, extending a hand, "Xiaolu, come here. Meet my darling Ningning."

The woman, Luolu, obediently walked to Fu Tianze's side, soft as if boneless, and leaned into his embrace, not avoiding eye contact with Jian Ning.

Chapter 2: A massive fire

"Shen Lu?" Janning finally got a clear view of the woman's face and couldn't help but exclaim.

The woman widened her eyes, feigning surprise. "Is it difficult for Miss Jan to recognize me? Am I already that famous?"

Shen Lu, a leading female star in the entertainment industry, originally a model. News headlines often featured her slender figure and 36D bust. Every online search of her name yielded images flaunting her bare-backed poses. Astonishingly, within a few years, she had ascended to A-list status through scandalous publicity.

"Oh, by the way, Miss Jan, I have already reserved that gown of yours called 'The Princess's Bridal Attire.' It's truly an unparalleled dream design, and I adore it," Shen Lu smiled, addressing Janning.

It was said that Shen Lu's voice could render men weak, earning her the title of the "most charming" in the entertainment indus


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