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Passion’s Price

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Reese Franco Medel is the president of Medel Motors Co, a globally recognized automotive company headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with multiple branches in Asia and Western countries. He is a successful billionaire and accomplished novelist known for his suave and sophisticated persona. Although he has achieved great success in his professional life, his personal life has had its challenges, including two failed marriages. As a result, he now finds himself a groom without a bride for the second time around. Fortunately, fate brings him back in contact with Zev, a charming and avid reader of his novels. Unbeknownst to him, she is also the woman who rescued him in the Mediterranean. As their relationship deepens, they realize they have fallen in love with each other. However, despite their happiness, they face challenges from sickness and external forces that threaten to tear them apart. Will they fight to overcome these obstacles or will Reese resign himself to his fate and become a groom without a bride for the third time around?

The Prologue

Mr. Reese Hughbrett Wallace de Franco Lawther Medel knelt in front of Arexia on the shores of Valencia Beach as the sun slowly descended towards the horizon, painting the sky with a marvelous display of colors. With a big smile on his lips, Reese was overjoyed, as he knew that his dream was about to become a reality. In just a moment, he would be holding the culmination of his dream in his hands - a proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Arexia.

Surrounded by a crowd of about a hundred people, mostly Arexia's friends, Reese slowly opened the sparkling box containing the engagement ring and asked with a wide smile, "Will you marry me?"

Arexia looked around at the people gathered and seemed to be deep in thought, as if she was feeling unsure about the unexpected event. This was surprising to Reese, as he knew he was a perfect match for Arexia - not only was he wealthy and handsome, but he also had a kind and gentle heart.

Reese was the ideal man that any woman would desire. He knew that many women found him attractive, but he remained loyal to his girlfriend, who he was soon to call his wife. He asked again with full hope, "Will you marry me?"

Arexia bit her lower lip, unsure of what to say. She was torn between saying yes or no.

"Say yes, baby!" Reese pleaded with a cute smile, hoping that Arexia would accept his offer and share in his joy. But to his surprise, she didn't. He couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with her.

Arexia quickly snatched the ring and threw it in Reese's face, saying "Decir si Puñeta" (Say yes, b*tch).

"What the hell are you doing?" Reese asked after picking up the expensive ring.

"Well, I was just expecting a ring with a big whistle on it," Arexia replied with a roll of her eyes and a forced laugh. They all burst into laughter, which could be heard even over the sound of the waves. Reese repeatedly swallowed and tried to hold back his tears. His heart and soul were exposed. Nor could he escape hearing Arexia's devilish laughter.

What went wrong with their long-term relationship that led to this d*mn situation? Reese couldn't understand Arexia's attitude. Was she cheating on him, or was it his money and wealth that made her love him?

Reese was overcome with shame, and he was sure his face was as red as blood. He felt as though he was standing there naked in front of them all. He stood up, turned away, and left them. In no time, his cheeks were wet with tears that incessantly dripped down his face.


As he was lost in reminiscing those moments, he was abruptly interrupted when the bottle of liquor he was holding slipped from his grip, fell and shattered on the yacht floor. He wiped his wet cheeks with his palm, lost in thought.

It had been five long months, but Reese was still hurting. He couldn't believe that after seven years of being in a relationship, Arexia rejected his proposal. She must have been out of her d*mn mind. Poor Reese, he felt as though nobody could ever love him the way a woman in a movie loved her man.

His face was overshadowed by a deep sadness, mirroring the darkness of the sky. He reached for the bottle of liquor once more, gulping down every last drop. It was the only thing that could provide him with temporary relief from the pain that consumed his entire being. He longed to drown himself in inebriation, hoping to forget the events of that day.

However, he knew that alcohol could only offer fleeting "peace of mind." Despite his efforts, he couldn't escape the memories that haunted him and move on from the pain he felt. How could he forget that terrible day that had scarred him for life? He had been rejected publicly, forced to bear the shame and pain all alone.

His heart had shattered into a million pieces, and it cried out in agony, bleeding with every beat. The pain he felt that day was too much to bear.

Depression had taken hold of him, and he had spent countless nights crying himself to sleep. The evidence could be seen in Reese's bloodshot, swollen eyes. He had drowned his sorrows in liquor, counting over a hundred empty bottles strewn about. It was a pitiful sight, and he couldn't help but feel like a jerk for succumbing to his pain in such a self-destructive manner.

The pain he felt was inexplicable; his heart ached, and his chest felt tight as tears streamed down his face, leaving a trail of burning marks.

"Why am I not worthy of love?" he asked himself for the hundredth time. It felt as though a sharp arrow had pierced his heart, and a thousand needles had been thrust into him all at once.

In a fit of despair, he threw the last bottle he held, shattering it against the wall. The young man stood up, stripped off his clothes, and prepared to jump off the yacht, consumed by his agony.

He expressed a desire to end his life by drowning himself in the deep sea. He felt exhausted by his unfortunate circumstances and believed that death was the only escape.

He questioned the purpose of living each day when everything seemed to be going wrong. He longed for a companion to share his life with, but he had not found anyone willing to stay by his side, and he had been left alone.

Without hesitation, he leaped into the sea and began to sink towards the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Suddenly, he felt hands pulling him up from the depths of the sea. A soothing voice called out his name, and despite his exhaustion, Reese managed to open his eyes. He saw a woman and an old man staring back at him, their eyes filled with concern. They had saved him, and the woman's smile was a welcome sight.

Overwhelmed by gratitude, Reese wondered if he was looking at a goddess of the Mediterranean. He whispered his thoughts before his eyes closed, exhaustion overtaking him like a window shutting at nightfall.

Chapter One

Two Years Later

Madrid, Spain

Reese sat silently in his room, lost in thought. It had been a year since the incident in the Mediterranean, but he still couldn't shake the memory of the kind lady and the elderly man who had rescued him. Though he had recovered in the hospital, he never got the chance to properly thank his saviors or even learn their names.

He suspected they were from his home country, but his attempts to locate them online proved fruitless. All he knew was that they had acted quickly to get him the help he needed, leaving him with a debt of gratitude he could never repay.

He vividly recalled her eyes, which sparkled with life, and the alluring curve of her lips, which were always adorned with a delightful smile. Despite his hazy and blurred vision, he could still picture the maiden clearly in his mind.

She was a true angel, and her soothing voice echoed in his ears every day, like a familiar melody


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