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One Night Stand With The Prodigal Heir

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Donna didn't expect her stepsister and her best friend to conspire against her. She was backstabbed and made her soon-to-be husband annul their engagement. Terribly heartbroken and having no one to run to, she landed in a bar, where she recklessly drank herself to a stupor. Waking up and finding herself naked, but the mysterious man she had a one-night stand with was gone. When she thought everything was going to be fine since she was still wealthy and can take care of herself, she was accused of getting involved in an illicit business, her reputation, and everything she had worked for was gone in a flash and later got kicked out from the place she called home. No home, and no place to run to, she sought for death, but death was far away from her and her life became miserable when she found out that she was pregnant and had no idea who got her pregnant. Years later, she got the surprise of her life when she got entangled with a ruthless billionaire who claims he fathered her twins. What happens when the twin brother of the ruthless billionaire returns back home and claims paternity as well?

Which Woman Proposed To A Man

The distinct roar of the horn rang in Donna's ear as she drove pass an extravagance transport down her familiar road. She swerved her car into the time-saving lane and kept away from the traffic. She left her car at the carport and went into Robert's house.

As she moved toward the door, she saw that it was slightly open. The joy flowing through her was overwhelming. She was so happy that the biggest company in town finally approved to partner with her pharmaceutical company.

Donna discreetly pushed the door open and came to the realization that the sitting room was totally vacant and calm.

Without a second thought, she went straight into his room. She investigated and saw the lights were on, and the door was locked.

"This is not his usual, he doesn't lock his room door when he's home, not when he's even sleeping," Donna wondered as she walked towards the door.

She almost opened the door, but didn't when she heard the conspicuous hints of a female moaning in pleasure.

Her heart sank when they were immediately joined by male groaning. But he wasn't sure it was Robert until the female let out a loud moan, "Harder baby... Harder... Robert, don't stop!"

Donna's hand lingered palpably as the her glaring smiling face earlier quickly drained into blank one.

"No! That can't be my Robert. He can't cheat on me. No! That's not possible. That should probably be his friend and his girlfriend." Donna wished.

She summoned courage and twisted the door knob. Her eyes almost fell off when she saw Robert and her best friend naked on their soon-to-be matrimonial bed.

The thought that everything was a dream popped in her head, and an agonizing pain coupled by warm tears streamed down her already reddened cheek. She was numb as her teeth chattered in agony.

"Ro...bert!!" She managed to call out in between her emotional anguish.

Robert jolted out but wasn't so surprised as he started laughing. Donna's best friend; Alice joined him, but she just gave a wicked smile and kiss Robert, as she locked lips with his. They didn't feel any sign of remorse.

Even though Donna was there shedding tears and painfully hurt, Robert gave in to the kiss. Their tongues were conflicting against one another.

"Why are you crying slut?" Robert stopped the kiss and rain abusive words on her. "I made a mistake accepting your proposal. I can never marry a prostitute. Never!!" He added as his hand found Alice's hips, took them and moved them to her butt. It felt massive, firm and a great hold.

Donna cried harder, she couldn't believed that the man that once loved her and was ready to marry her in two weeks time was cheating with her best friend. . She could have been able to bear the pain or maybe stop crying, but seeing his husband to be with her best friend was like a dagger plunging through her heart.

"You want to watch how it's done? Shut the door and watch." Alice said, and her hips began to crush down on his groin, and his rooster was completely hard at that point. . Her hands cup his face as she crushed harder into him, groaning into his mouth. He was in the world of fantasy as she pressed against his rooster.

"Stop it!!! Alice... Jus-- just stop it!" Donna yelled out as tears rolled down her cheek. . "I told you everything about me, but I was so dumb not to discern that you're just a backstabber who might go behind my back and snatch my man away." She added as an excruciating pain pierced her heart. It was like she was going to have a heart attack. Her thoughts were irrationally joined by annoyance from betrayal.

"He deserved better, that was why I told him the truth." Alice said as she slid down from Robert, covering herself with a blanket.

"Tell him what? What are you talking about," Donna growled with annoyance lingering over her. She felt like rushing towards Alice and slamming her head with something heavy. Something that might reset her brain.

"She's really good at lying." Alice blasted as she stared towards Robert who was wearing his boxers.

"Of course... She's very good at it, that was why she was able to deceive me all these years." Robert supported Alice.

"No wonder she proposed to me publicly. No shame!! Which lady propose to man and have the effrontery to do it publicly. Well, I was blinded with yours lies."

Donna's very tolerant to insulting words, but she was vulnerable at this moment. It was as if the only way to end the pain and forget about the five years wasted was killing Alice and commiting suicide same time.

They waited for Donna to say something contrary to what Alice already fed Robert with before now. But it was only her muffled cry that was heard.

"She's shedding crocodile tears like she knew nothing. I was wrong calling you a friend." Alice blasted and indignantly dashed into the bathroom.

Robert stood up and walked towards broken Donna. She hiked her head up,

"Don't come near me.You cheat!" Donna expressed smoothly with the bleakness in her voice.

"So this is it... This was the marriage? This was all the promises. This was our five years relationship? Huh? Cheating. Cheating with my best friend... You don't even feel any remorse. Do you? You're just...."

"Cut the crap you cheap slut!!" Robert interrupted before she could finish, "Do you just ask if I feel any remorse? Why'd I feel such when the whore here is you. The damn lair here is this whore standing in front of me." Tears rolled down her cheek when She heard this coming from Robert. She never expected it from him.

Donna wiped a stray tear from under her eyes, took a several full breath with her eyes lowered to the floor.

"I wasted five years of my life living with a whore and a liar. I'm pained." Robert added.

"I'm not a slut nor a liar!!" She yelled out with her tone laden with distress and annoyance. She wept convulsively without letting it out, but her facials said it all.

"You're not a liar? Hold on..." He said as he went to his desk, brought a report, and threw it to her face. The paper fell to the ground after touching her face.

"What paper is that?" She asked as she bent and took it up.

"It's a proof that you're slut who came into my life because of my money and influence." "Oh... Now I see why you proposed to me without any atom of shame. I trusted you and I don't want to believe those rumors. But unfortunately, those rumors were true." He added as he sat on his bed with his hands on his head, exhaling heavily.

Donna's eyes widened when she saw the report. It was a medical report declaring her barren that she can never have a child since she previously performed hysterectomy, where she removed her womb.

"What?! What's this?" She stood there unblinking, trying to process what she had just saw. Gaped, uncertain whether to breathe or scream.

"You're smart enough to understand what's there." Robert answered bluntly.

"I never performed hysterectomy. Oh my god.... Why'd I think of removing my womb when I needed a child. You of all people knew this was forged." She explained, but Robert stared at her with disbelief.

"Forged? Then how do you explain this?" He brought out his cellphone and showed her a picture of herself coming from a Five Star hotel room.

"I was told that you spent hours in that hotel room with a man. He's wealthy I supposed." Robert added.

Donna was startled about the stunt being pulled.

"That was for a business trip!" Her face was shockingly composed, she shut her eyes as a brief sob escaped her mouth.

"Business trip that you never told me about? You're just a damn lair. You lied about your past and now this. I'm just disappointed."

"Lied about my past? Who's feeding you with all these nonsense?" She just felt like to die and let everything goes away. But she instantly acted strong when she saw Alice storming out of the bathroom.

Getting a superior look, the gleam from the lights in the room enlightened Alice barely enough for Donna to acknowledge she was over her head.

Alice outfit was so astonished at it got Donna's attention, but it was the massive ass that got Robert's attention. Her dark complexion was without flaws. She was a nurse and taking care of herself was her top priority.

She approached Robert and kissed him, holding his hands and directing them towards her massive ass.

Her lips were pouty and welcoming. She kissed him hard and Robert squeezed hardly on her ass. She was doing all these just to intensify the pain Donna was feeling.

Donna couldn't bear it anymore and she can't just leave with a bad label attached to her name.

"So, you forge the results to get my man?" Donna asked, trying to withheld her pain and her tears.

"Nothing was forged. I'm a nurse at Bayview General Hospital, so I was able to get your file with ease." Alice said.

"Quit the charade and stop lying. You're a slut, a cheap one at that." She insulted her and kissed Robert.

"Get out of my house and never you return here. You asshole. There will be no wedding!!" The judgment in Robert's face was that of disgust and hatred.

Donna couldn't bear the pain any longer, so she left without turning to face them. This was the most embarrassing moment of her life. She made the mistake of proposing.

Handsome Hero

It was already getting late when Donna left. She felt so miserable and downbeat that all her thought were jumbled with regrets.

"It was all my fault... I shouldn't have ask him out. Alice made me did that and now... God, he never loved me at first. Why did Alice have to deceive me like this?" She tried holding the tears streaming down her cheeks, but couldn't.

"She forged those results and got the man I have been spending on." She said out loud this time, but it seems like it wasn't loud enough for her ears.

"Who knows if they all planned this. Not that he's even richer than me. Fuck him!" She swerved her car to the side of the road and exhaled sharply, trying to calm her nerves. The more she think of reasons not to cry or feel regrets anymore, the more things got worse.

She wasn't the type of lady that fight for fame, even though she's well known in the city. But truthfully speaking, she got more fame and more patronage when she started an affair w


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