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One Kiss Billionaire To Our Destiny

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The only thing Aslena will regret in her life is meeting Benny Adam Henderson, CEO of the Henderson Group—New York's largest real estate company. Their destiny does not stop until an accident that results in the death of both parents, and Benny is responsible for that incident. On the night of the Amazingly Glitz Night party, Aslena had her first kiss in 27 years—and she kissed Benny Adam Anderson! The two of them could never part. Aslena's father, who turns out to be the owner of a real estate company, leaves a contract promise with Benny's grandfather, containing: Aslena must redeem the business agreement between the two companies through marriage to Benny. In crude terms between the lines, Aslena had to take over the Anderson Group company. How will Aslena deal with business conflicts after decades of living in peace? What will Aslena and Benny choose after love begins after the appearance of life-threatening business enemies?

Chapter 1. Woke Up After Incident

The smell of hospital medicine was the first thing that greeted Aslena's nose. Slowly his eyelids opened, looking faintly at the ceiling of the room. It took Aslena a few seconds to adapt to the light in the room until she saw two faces above her waiting for her to open her eyes.As Aslena's vision cleared, the two faces above her — a woman and a man — revealed relief. Aslena only frowned as she tried to neutralize the dizziness and adapt to the overwhelming medicinal smell in the room."Aslena. Thank God..." A voice from one of the two came. Her face didn't look familiar to Aslena. "You woke up too at last. I was really worried about you."Asleena was still silent. Her mouth was shut to say any sentence. In her mind, she was guessing who these two people were."Call the doctor! Quick, call the doctor!" The woman on the left side of Aslena's bed pressed seriously.Then, the man on the right side of Aslena's bed immediately complied with her request. Aslena still didn't know who the two people who were with her now were. Also, her memories of the last incident he had before being in this room seemed to have just vanished.Aslena looked around with very slow facial movements. This is clearly a hospital inpatient room. The decoration is luxurious, there are three sofas at several points in the room, a television and a refrigerator, and other quite luxurious furniture. There's only her bed in this room, which means... Aslena is being treated in the VIP room?How can Aslena be hospitalized in a VIP room at such a high price per night?How many days had he been in this room?Not long after, a man in a doctor's coat entered with a stethoscope in his ear. His steps hurriedly approached Aslena and checked on the woman's condition."How is your condition?" the doctor asked after checking Aslena's heartbeat and eyes.Aslena answered softly, "A little dizzy."The doctor breathed a sigh of relief. "At least you're not too bad after you've been unconscious for a week."Aslena's expression changed to surprise. "What?" he asked, his tone very low. "One week? How... can it be?"At that moment Aslena was very aware that the doctor in front of her felt a bit reluctant to explain. But after seeking approval from two strangers Aslena didn't know who, the doctor shook his head."You still haven't recovered much, I don't think I can explain the truth to you yet." The doctor implied firmness behind his gentle tone."But don't think about all sorts of things. Your condition should get better first," continued the male doctor who ended his words with a small smile.After saying his words, the doctor nodded to the nurse who had just finished changing the IV bag. Aslena was actually waiting for the doctor's explanation, but unfortunately the doctor still didn't want to explain even though she saw the look on her pleading face.Before leaving Aslena's inpatient room, the doctor seemed to be talking to two strangers who were on duty in this room. Aslena noticed their conversation that seemed very serious. What's more, they deliberately kept their distance from Aslena's bed, as if they didn't want her to hear.Turning her attention away from them all, Aslena glanced out the wide open window. The sight of the building next door made Aslena's memory cloud. Over and over again Aslena tried to remember what really happened.Why does it feels so weird? Aslena just came to her senses, but she felt uncomfortable. There was something propping up in the heart but he did not know what it was."Aslena," someone called. Asleena distracted. The strange woman had been beside his bed again. She realized that the doctor and nurse had already left the room."I'm so relieved you're awake. We've been waiting for you for a week," the woman said with an occasional awkward laugh."Who are you?" Finally Aslena could not contain her curiosity.The two people Aslena didn't recognize looked at each other for a moment. Then the man explained."I'm Aldrick, your uncle, your father's older brother. Meanwhile, this is your mother's younger brother..." Aldrick gave a code to the woman in front of him. "Tell me your name," he insisted."Oh, call me Mrs. Halmey," said the strange woman. "You must not know me very well. I've lived out of New York City and haven't been to your parents' house very often.""Ah..." Aslena nodded slowly, understanding Halmey's explanation. "Can... can you explain what's going on?"Halmey hesitated for a moment. He looked at Aldrick with a slight grimace, as if worried about something."About that, I couldn't explain to you in the beginning. Like the doctor said earlier, you have to recover until—""Why?" cut in Aslena. She was quite annoyed because he held his curiosity since earlier. "Why can't you know?"Halmey took a deep breath. Facing the somewhat pressing Aslena, he looked irritated."Aslena, just listen to your aunt. You just need to rest and recover because you just woke up," Halmey replied, now implying firmness."But I need to know," Aslena remained stubborn, "how did I end up in the hospital room? I feel like... can't remember anything."After Aslena said that, Halmey seemed to be holding back his irritation. Despite trying to cover it up, Aslena noticed Halmey's irritation.That's why the uneasiness in Aslena's heart grew even bigger. Even though a few moments ago Halmey looked very friendly and gentle. Why had he turned sour just because Aslena wanted to know what was going on?"Halmey, stop it," said Aldrick, who was still calm. Then his gaze shifted to Aslena. "You can't force Halmey, your aunty, to say things you can't hear right now."Finally Aslena didn't want to say anything anymore. Since Halmey had implicitly warned her, there was no other choice but to stop looking.Why couldn't she hear their explanation? What kind of thing is there to have to wait for her condition to recover?Aslena just took a deep breath, then let it out slowly. She still had a bad feeling about this incident. Her heart was not calm. Aslena felt the uneasiness she was feeling getting clearer.What really happened?

Chapter 2. Met A Jerk Of CEO Handerson Group

The CEO of the well-known property company Henderson Group is standing in front of the conference room. Benny Adam Anderson was beside a large screen displaying a layout of a hill area estate plan while explaining their next project to the board of directors and shareholders."This is a residential area near the hill that is being intensively developed, Your Honors." Benny explained formally with firm gestures. "As can be seen here. This housing will be in a hilly landscape and has views of the beach which gives the sensation of being at a resort.""The sensation of being at the resort?" Benjamin, his grandfather and chairman of the Henderson Group, asked."That's right, Mr. Benjamin," answered Benny with conviction. "We always see housing that looks just like that. Even if there is a house in the hills with views of the coast as far as the eye can see, there is only one house. Even that is only owned by ri


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