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Not Again

Not Again

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"Hailey,he is gone.Its high time you start all over again.He wants you to have a happy life and you know that"A voice rang in her ears. Staring deep at the picture frame before her,she gave out a bitter smile.Could this really be a dream?.They were planning for their wedding two weeks ago!. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks as she turned to her aunt. "I don't want to have a happy life. I don't want to start all over again!.I don't want to be with anyone except him!. He promised.. He promised" She sobbed aloud. She didn't think this pain in her could be subsided. Hailey was in her twenties when she met the love of her life. Four years later,the two decided to tie the knot when tragedy struck.Faced with the harsh reality of the loss of her beloved, Hailey vowed never to love anyone until..... Dennis Enox,one of the self made multibillionaires was married to the famous business tycoon's daughter,Tiana. Watching his daughter die right before him after Tiana's leaving at their sixth year wedding anniversary,Dennis shut everything out of his life. Getting to know Hailey after years of grieving,he found himself trying to remake his decisions but would Hailey ever remake hers too?. Will Hailey ever be able to accept to let go and embrace a new life? Could there be more to what happened to the both of them?

Chapter 1

Three years ago....

A soft kiss on her cheek, she turned around to see him standing behind her.The only Love of her life,Henry.

She grinned widely."You didn't tell me you would come, I should have prepared something along with me to the office."

"I knew you would do that and that's the main reason why I brought this along with me. Would you like to join me,soon to be Mrs Jones?" He gave out a sweet smile as he brought out the lunch boxes from where he kept them.

Hailey giggled as she watched him opened the delicacies before her.

"Awn.. Thank you so much for this. Am so sorry you had to go through all those stress" She blew him a kiss and scooped some soup into her mouth."I knew you wouldn't disappoint me when it comes to cooking,Hail the boss!" She laughed happily.

He laughed too. "There wasn't any stress at all and besides anything for you dear. Just stop teasing me or else I would pack them up and head home"

"Okay boss.I won't tease you anymore" She smiled and kept eating.

Minutes after, they were through with eating and they began to discuss.

"The event planner already chose the biggest mall in Florida and I don't think I have any other suggestions left or do you? "Hailey asked. Gazing at the man before her,she knew she was more than sure to spend the rest of her life with him.

"No,i don't.I want nothing but a simple classy wedding then we have all the time to ourselves later. I don't get why Chris and Cyrus are taking this too far" He just didn't want any paparazzi at all but his friends would have none of it.

He was finally getting married after so much of his picky attitude and he knew those getting to hear wouldn't stay still.

She put her hands around him warmly.

"Let them be as long as they aren't taking any dime from you.They are just too over excited about everything" She chuckled.

A beep is heard and a slight fear could be seen on Henry's face but he wiped it off with a smile instead.

"Hey babe. I have to get through to someone within thirty minutes.Take your time to pick a beautiful wedding dress.I have different collections in the bag"He stood up.

"Sure dear" She stood up to pick it from the bag,her face glowing with extreme happiness.

In two weeks time,she would be married!.Who wouldn't be excited over such?.




A voice winced in pain. "Are you crazy?!. Why would you come here to look for me?. For what?!."

"Tiana, you can't do this to me. You can't leave me just at this critical time of my life.Think of how we have been through thick and thin.Just consider that, please. "

"Thick and thin?!.You dare spit out that from your mouth?.Then now I am saying I am no longer interested to keep going through that thick and thin. I am staying with Dennis this time and nothing is changing that. So get up from here and leave right now before anyone sees you here because if anyone does, I will kill you myself! " She blurted and began walking away when he dragged her back in a swift and clashed his lips with hers.

Her eyes were widened in shock and she bit him to stop.

A hot slap across his face, she glared at him. "Don't you dare try that ever again in your life!.. Never!."

He laughed sardonically."You will come back to me. I assure you that. "

"I will never, you bastard!" She spat and walked away.

A smirk was on his face as he watched her go, swerving her hips seductively.



Henry rushed down the stairs away from Hailey's hearing.

"Why are you calling me at this hour?!.I don't want to have anything to do with you guys anymore.I can't do your bidding and I will never.Tell the boss that I cannot" His lips trembled as he talked.

He had tried to act tough but he knew all that would crumble when the boss finally decides to turn back at him.

"You must be joking,right?.You know the boss too well to start selling jokes to us and besides,we aren't saying you should kill her.Just get the necessary things as usual."

"I am not getting anything for anyone and I am no longer part of you.If you want me repeating that several times, I can confidently do that. "

"Anyway, be reminded that a debt is to be paid and when it is due without know what's gonna be on ground. "

"Nothing is gonna be on ground.You all should just let me be."

He heaved a deep sigh as the conversation ended. He knew he had to be fast before they catch up on whatsoever he was doing.He would never put Hailey's life at risk because of his stupid past mistakes.

A beep was heard again. A message popped on his phone and he smiled.

The arrangements were complete already.

Immediately after being declared husband and wife, he would leave for Chicago with Hailey.No chances were to be taken.

An helicopter would be waiting urgently to take them as soon as possible.He had to live a happy life.He had to.

Getting back to her office,he took his bags.Who knows if they had by any chance followed him up here?.

He embraced her tightly."Let's meet at my apartment tomorrow.I have loads of work at the factory and I have to be there in an instant.I will be calling and checking up. Make sure you pick up. "

Haily inhaled his scent."Sure, I will. Don't forget to check on the bakers as well. I don't want our cake falling off at any moment in time like the Smiths."She stifled a laugh,remembering that awkward moment at a party she attended.

He smiled and gave her lingering kiss on the lips. "Be good."

Getting to his apartment,he saw a letter at the door. Seeing that, his heart skipped a beat but could they have really traced him?.

Opening the contents of the letter,two gunshots were heard.

Chapter 2

Two weeks later....

Deanna walked to her sister who looked as if she could collapse any moment from now.

"Hailey,calm down. Let's hear from the authorities first.He isn't a two year old to wander away."

"Sis,i should calm down?.. At this point?!.i had been calm since two weeks now.I knew something was so wrong when he sent me an impromptu message of not being around till a day before the wedding. I should have known something was fishy and looked for him back then...I should have known" She broke down in tears as she imagined the worst that could ever happen to him.

Searching through the pack of lunches he brought the other time,she saw a printed note of some mixed words she couldn't understand.Could he had gotten himself into trouble.

Her thoughts got abrupted as she heard the voice of which she was waiting for all along,the inspector.

"Any news, inspector? "

"Yes there is but I would n


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