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My whirlwind-married Alpha husband dotes on me to the skies

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Candice Moon was forced to go on a blind date and unexpectedly married the powerful head of the Vortex family in New York. She had always assumed that her husband was an ordinary person without any property, and had hoped to live a simple life with him. Until one day, she discovered her husband's secret. And then, when she regained her memory, she found out that she had a daughter. He pointed to their daughter, who looked like him, and asked her, "How do you explain this?" She looked bewildered and said, "I don't know." He smiled and said, "It seems we need to deepen our impression and add another younger brother or sister to our daughter." She was speechless. So it turned out to be you, all around...

Chapter 1 "Blind Date Flash Marriage"

New York.

In a café, Candice Moon sat down, taking a good look at the man she was set up with, slightly taken aback.

He was incredibly handsome, surpassing her expectations.

His perfect features exuded an innate noble aura from head to toe.

This was her tenth blind date in nearly three months.

There was no choice; if she didn't come, her mother would threaten to starve herself.

Compared to her previous blind dates, the man before her excelled in appearance by miles.

After so many blind dates, Candice Moon was not shy at all. She cut to the chase, "When do you plan to get married?"

Before coming here, Candice Moon had already made up her mind. As long as the other party's conditions weren't too bad, she would aim for marriage directly, skipping the dating process.

After all, isn't the purpose of blind dates to get married?

With her mother threatening suicide every few days, only her getting married could pacify her.

The man was slightly taken aback, then suddenly smiled, "Miss, aren't you a bit impatient for our first meeting?"

His smile was particularly charming, like a breeze in March. Candice Moon, a sucker for handsome men, almost swooned.

Candice Moon composed herself and said, "Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Candice Moon.

】The person in charge of the matchmaking website should have told you about me. I'm twenty-five this year,

a freelancer, selling trinkets at the night market, earning around ten thousand a month. I live with only my mother, have had a past relationship, currently single, in good health, and have no vices."

With a slight pause, Candice Moon added, "I'm ready to get married at any time."

Candice Moon was forced into this blind date by her mother today, and the blind date partner was someone her mother found on a matchmaking website.

She originally thought it would be another oddball man, either unattractive or much older, with a beer belly and questionable morals.

There were too many unreliable people on matchmaking websites, and Candice Moon had seen plenty. It was rare to encounter someone who looked somewhat normal.

Upon hearing Candice Moon's introduction, the man understood the situation.

The man's lips curled up slightly, his voice warm, "How did the person in charge of the matchmaking website introduce me to you? Aren't you worried about meeting a scammer?"

"Marriage itself is a gamble," Candice Moon pursed her lips and said, "This is already my tenth blind date. They told me you work at the listed company Shengyu Group, are a local,

lost both parents, are hardworking and honest, willing to endure hardships, eager to get married, and your last name is... Vortex..."

Candice Moon couldn't remember the rest.

When she left home, her mother briefly told her about the blind date partner, but she didn't pay much attention.

"Vincent Vortex," the man said with a warm smile, "A native of New York, no house but owns a car, rents an apartment,

drives a Chevrolet worth around a 30 thousand, has a stable income, currently single, has no vices, and is in good health."

Candice Moon took out her household register and looked at Vincent Vortex. "Mr. Vortex, would you be willing to go to the New York City Hall with me now to get the marriage certificate?

I can support myself, not spend your money. We can split expenses equally. You don't need to give me a economic assistance or have a wedding ceremony. Just keep it simple, get the certificate."

After all, she was just trying to appease her mother for now. As for the rest, she would take it step by step. If it really worked out, then they would continue.

Candice Moon had many friends who had married through blind dates, and most of them were doing very well.

Happiness lies in simplicity.

Vincent Vortex casually tapped his finger on the back of his hand, pondering her words.

This woman, bringing her household register to a blind date, was she really in such a rush to get married?

He was already thirty this year, and his family was pressing him to get married too.

Vincent Vortex asked, "Do you mind that I don't have a house? Following me, you might have to endure some hardships."

"I don't have a house either," Candice Moon said. "Without parents' support, few people can afford a house by the age of thirty.

I understand that. As long as someone has good character and is willing to work hard, everything will be fine."

Candice Moon knew the housing prices in New York. She was just an ordinary person herself, without any background or great skills. How could she demand that others must have a house?

Candice Moon stared at Vincent Vortex for about ten seconds. Then she saw Vincent Vortex take out his phone and make a call. "Get my household register sent to the New York City Hall."


An hour later.

Candice Moon and Vincent Vortex walked out of the New York City Hall, looking at the marriage certificate in their hands. It suddenly dawned on Candice Moon how crazy she had been.

She had actually married a man she had only met once.

Vincent Vortex caught her expression and smirked slightly. "If you regret it, you still have time."

Candice Moon put away the marriage certificate, looked up at him, shook her head, and said firmly,

"No regrets, Mr. Vortex. You should go to work now, shouldn't you? I need to set up my stall. I'll head back first."

Just after getting the certificate, were they going to part ways already?

Did this woman really think she was just here to get a certificate?

After getting the certificate, everyone goes their separate ways?

Chapter 2 Unaware of Mistaken Identity

Vincent Vortex, seeing Candice Moon was really about to leave, reminded her, "Shouldn't we exchange contact information? How will I find you later?"

Candice Moon felt embarrassed. "Um..."

It was only then that she remembered and quickly took out her phone, and the two exchanged WeChat contacts.

Vincent Vortex also gave his phone number to Candice Moon, saying, "Call me if you need anything."

This was Vincent Vortex's personal number.

"Okay," Candice Moon glanced at Vincent Vortex's phone. He had changed her contact name to 'Wife.'

Seeing the word 'Wife,' Candice Moon felt a strange sensation.

Was she a married woman now?

She had intended to just use his name for the contact, but seeing Vincent Vortex had put 'Wife,' she hesitated for a moment, then changed Vincent Vortex's contact name to 'My Mr. Vortex.'

After changing the contact


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