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My Perverted Judge

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My name is Dominique Ferreira and I am the new secretary to none other than His Excellency Judge Nicholas Ruiz. He's hot as hell, there's just one catch: he doesn't notice me as a woman! After all why would a man like him notice me? I'm just a simple secretary, who is also chubby. What would happen if I accidentally texted him that I was going to a party dressed as Devassa and that I was going to get a whip? It was supposed to be a simple joke, but instead of texting it to a friend, I ended up sending it to a certain perverted judge! * I'm known as the ruthless judge, I always give sentences with an iron fist. I was never a man to mix work with pleasure, until the day my newest secretary started working with me. I've always had a thing for fuller women. Too bad I can't f*ck Dominique or can I? One day, I get an interesting email and I decide it's time to make a good judgment call. The defendant would be none other, none other than my beautiful and wanton secretary. Let's see if she will be punished or acquitted? Come and discover a new story of a perverted judge and his wanton secretary.

Chapter 1


The day started like any other: boring and stressful—which is normal when you're secretary to one of the most sought after and respected men in town. He's too hot, too powerful and too sensual for my own insanity and he has that predatory look in his eyes that makes my panties go to waste.

In fact, Nicholas is quite a good boss, except that sometimes I feel like killing him. What's delicious about a man, he's bossy. Who does he think he is? Oh yes, he is the almighty judge. God, this man is perfect in everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything. Of course, we women are mortal beings and we end up getting turned on by the prospect of just looking. D*mn it, Dom, you have to control yourself not to act like a girl in love, after all you're not fifteen anymore. You are already a perfectly grown woman!

Oh, but how I wish he'd take a look at me... But no, the almighty lord doesn't look at anyone, and if he's with someone in the building, surely such women don't say anything.

Is it bad to be jealous of the women he must take? Because, God, this man tastes as good as chocolate and he must be even tastier if I pour chocolate syrup all over his beautiful, delicious body. I myself have no problem licking every bit of that man show.

I have to stop thinking about my judge Nicholas, he is a forbidden man! The head asks, but the heart seems to jump for joy every time he arrives.

I look at the clock and see that he is less than five minutes away from entering the room. This man, in addition to being very hot, is very responsible. Now, for example, he is certainly already in the elevator, and in a little while he will arrive asking for today's agenda. Another thing that catches my attention is that he doesn't rest.

Sometimes he's a complete *ssh*l* in the way he bosses me around, thinking I should obey him in everything...

Let's play it real, Dom, you like the way he bosses you around, so much so that you carry extra panties because just hearing his husky voice... That's not from God at all.

I look at the clock again and see that he's a minute away, and d*mn, my hands are shaking like hell. They tremble so much that I step through the dress to see if they can control themselves. I am distracted by this act when I hear the voice of the originator of all my perverted desires, his excellency, Nicholas Ruiz.

— Good morning, Miss Ferreira! What do we have today? he asks, and I lift my eyes towards him. And d*mn, I freeze in front of those beautiful eyes. I blink, waking up to reality, and say:

— Good morning, Mr. Ruiz, for now, the day is quiet, I've already left the folder with the case files on your desk. Other than that, it's quiet.

“Okay, I'm going to my office to check these folders, as you said. Thank you,” he says, winking, and I'm immediately shaky again, not understanding exactly what happened.

I wait for him to leave and I put my hand on my chest to see if my heart calms down after that simple wink. My God, Dom, control yourself, woman.

A message pops up on my computer, and I realize it's from my friend. I open the email and when I read the subject of the message, I get curious.

From: [email protected]

Subject: My birthday

To: [email protected]

Dear beautiful friend, I'm here sending you this blessed email to remind you that this weekend is my birthday. Have you provided your fantasy?

With the usual love from your hot friend,


As soon as I finish reading I roll my eyes. I take a photo of a costume I found on the internet and attach it to the email.

From: [email protected]

Subject: I'll be dressed as Devassa

To: [email protected]

Yes, I'm sending the photo of the costume, then tell me what you think. As soon as I get off work, I'll buy it.

As soon as I send her the photo, I leave my email and enter the company's. All employees have a private email address and a work-related email address. I check my inbox to see if I have anything from the forum. As there was nothing, I return to the private email.

I remember that I have to empty my trash and start looking at old emails. Seeing only advertisements that weren't important, I end up deleting the entire recycle bin. Then a new email catches my eye, and, curious to see if it was my friend's reply, I click on it. I'm surprised to see it's my boss's.

The subject part made me curious: it says “urgent”. As soon as I read it, I get scared like that.

From: [email protected]

Subject: Urgency

To: [email protected]

Hello Miss Devassa, I was very happy to have received your email with a photo of a very interesting costume. You left me with a beautiful erection, and I won't be able to go to her table so we can talk about this very interesting subject. So I kindly ask that you come to my office at lunchtime so we can talk about your fantasy.

I'll be waiting anxiously, my hot wanton!

Oh, and one more thing: you better show up, or...


Your Perverted Judge

“Oh my god, what did I do? I scream, shocked. As much as his words turned me on, I'm being threatened into going to his office for lunch and I don't know what's going to happen inside.

Will I be fired? But the main question is how he received this email. I leave his message and go to the sent messages box, and when I look, I end up moaning: instead of sending the email to my friend, I sent it to my boss.

I think now I'm screwed... or not?

Chapter 2


I haven't known what it's like to have sex in months, months since my damn secretary started working with me. My hand, poor thing, can't take any more beating one, every goddamn night it's the same thing.

I stand there, listening to Dominique give me the goddam schedule of future cases every day, and like the damn pervert that I am, all I can think about is the way I should lean her over my desk, spread her legs, and check what panties she's wearing. .

Damn it, I don't need to look down to know my cock is erect. I think it's become routine, and I've tried, and God knows how, to stay away from her. I went after other women, and nothing: my son of a bitch didn't care. He really wants Miss Ferreira, the one whose name drives me to the point of needing a cold shower every day.

The woman doesn't know, but she managed to get me on all fours for her. I can't even watch porn, even those that would make a


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