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My Husband's Mistress

My Husband's Mistress

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"C-Cashren..." "Cervin..." I was stunned when I saw Cervin and...Cashren on the veranda of our house. I was frozen in place while looking at the two of them. It seemed like thousands of needles were stuck in my heart and it suddenly hurt a lot. It's beating fast and it's like it's being squeezed by something. -It hurts, it hurts. It hurts me to see them like this. They just stood and faced each other. From where I was standing, I looked up at the veranda that was only on the second floor. I heard what they were talking about. "I, babe. W-Where have you been?" Cervin asked in a weak voice. There are also signs in her voice that she is crying. I didn't realize that my tears were rolling down my face and I covered my mouth so I couldn't let out my sobs. "I-I've been looking for you, babe. I-I've been looking for you for a long time..." "Cervin..." My knees were so weak that I knelt down on the grass just outside our mansion. Or just their mansion? I don't belong here, eh. -They are not really my real family. -But I admit that I have fallen in love with them. "M-Mommy?" baby Cerae called me and looked at me confused but when she saw me crying she hugged me. "Hush, mommy..." "Don't g-go anywhere, babe. H-Don't leave my child and me. Please...just stay here..." Cervin said and begged Cashren. Didn't Shin warn you from the beginning not to fall for him? -Don't love Cervin Raeson Vesalius because he has a legal wife and you, you are just his proxy wife. -But I couldn't stop -loving him, . I love him, that it hurts me too. I fell in love with a man who was already in love at first sight. I fell in love with a married man. The pain, then now... -He found his wife and I couldn't even prepare. "I love you, Cashren. I l-love you, babe." My heart was completely broken when I heard the words spoken by the man I love that I dreamed he would say to me. That I dreamed of hearing from his mouth but I did, although not for me. I broke free from baby Cerae's embrace and ran outside. "M-Mommy, don't go! M-Mommy...I'm with you... Don't leave me, m-mommy..." I didn't pay attention to Cervin's son even though my heart loved not to leave him. But this is my only choice... I have no place in their house, I have no place in Cervin's heart. And I know he would prefer his son to grow up with his real mother. And I have no right to seize that. I'm no one, a nobody. And I'm stupid, I'm stupid because I loved Cervin. Runaway is a best choice and I left them. I am Marshin Escalante, a young woman who lives in the fields and became the proxy wife of Cervin Raeson Vesalius and this is the first chapter of my life.

Chapter 1 Shin's Life


The sun was shining when I came out of our little home.

It's past two o'clock in the afternoon. I did not immediately go to the market to help Grandma Inding in selling fresh vegetables and fruits.

Our livelihood is selling fruits and vegetables in the market, which we also grow.

Grandma Inding was the only one who took care of me for twenty years of my life. My mom and dad stood up.

I'm 20 years old but I didn't go to college. After I graduated from high school, I immediately stopped studying, or in other words, I was unable to continue my studies.

Especially since we only live in the farm and I don't want to leave my grandmother alone.

So even though I really wanted to study, I couldn't do it anymore. I would rather be with grandma Inding. She is old but she still does everything so that grandma and I have something to eat.

I was just wearing a cream T-shirt and jeans. It's old but it's clean. Our life is difficult but I am content. I am content with whatever I have.

I walked to visit my grandmother at the market. I love my grandmother very much because she is the only relative I have left in this world.

My parents? Grandma Inding didn't tell me anything, but only about their death.

I was sad because I didn't even know them but I know that they still love me very much.

I looked up at the sky. This is how one's life goes. Some are lucky enough to be with their parents for longer and some are not. I'm with you.

But you know what's funnier? Other young people or even matured to think that they do not take care of their own parents properly.

That's our parents, right? We should love and care for them. They are lucky that their mother and father are still there. Someone guides them but me? Nothing.

"Why, Maring. The sun is shining but you're just walking there on the side of the road?"

If I wasn't used to the sudden insertion of a monkey I might have had a heart attack earlier.

But I'm used to it. I am very used to the presence of a monkey that blocks my path.

And I didn't realize that I was out of the forest. And I'm on the paved road.

I think too deeply about things. What exactly are those terms? Monologue.

"Are you going to the market, Maring?" that's a big question.

Who is he? He is my great friend who has been courting me for a long time even though he has been repeatedly bashed.

Gabril Santa Maria is my younger brother and he actually calls me Mareng. It's not that I bashed him because of his looks.

Gabril is really handsome. He's tall and big, he has a dark complexion, but he's just not my type.

Another thing is that I am not ready to enter into a relationship where I am not sure about my love life.

I have no experience in love but I have an open mind and I know the meaning of it.

I also like to read a romantic novel that I borrow from Gabril's sister.

That boy is nice. We are only two years apart from each other.

"Get on board, Maring."

I was still in doubt whether to go with my friend or not.

I am afraid of the spreading rumors that I am flirting with the son of our barangay captain in Sta. Maria.

Gabril is just my friend but I can't really avoid such talk.

Such is the life of gossips. Woe betide them if they do not gather gossip from each other.

So leave your gossiping neighbors alone, mare. We are really famous.

The black furtuner owned by captain Santa Maria stopped. Gabril's father.

"Gabril! What are you doing on the side of the road? You still have school!" he shouted at his son and Gabril scratched his head.

"Dad, I'll take Maring," he said like a child.

Gabril's car was also on the side of the road, which I didn't realize he had parked.

"She has her own feet, Gabril."

Our captain had a really bad attitude in Sta. Maria. It is surprising that he became the barangay captain. That's a low level of politics.

And many say that Gabril's dad will run for mayor. I will not vote for him even though his son is my friend.

People like that? Should not pay attention. But don't worry, that will be a joke after the election.

Will give money and be kind, but abuse them.

There is no election yet, they will waste a lot of money, even if it's millions. Just get the people's vote.

That's our time to be higher than a politics. And after that? He won but where is the promise to the people? Nothing!

Gabril is afraid of his father and he has no choice but to leave me. Even though he was forced, he just said goodbye to me.

"Leave my son," his voice was firm and full of authority.

But what do we poor people have against rich people? Nothing.

I just got tired and walked quickly.

When I arrived at the market, my heart was immediately filled with hatred when I saw Hannah.

Grandma Inding is at her feet and you think it's a world sitting in grandma Inding's chair.

But that's not what I noticed. My grandmother's goods were scattered on the floor and table. It is obvious that he is the perpetrator.

Maybe he is forcing grandma Inding again to pay her tax at the market.

She is the daughter of the mayor here in our area and the woman is the most insecure in life. Insecure about me because his crush, Gabril, likes me more.

"Oh, here comes the good grandson, grandma Inding," said the hypocrite Hannah with a sneer.

The insecure lacked clothing, her soul could almost be seen in her spaghetti strap shirt and mini skirt that were both red in color. Her cleavages and smooth legs are visible.

Then her thick makeup. Hey, oh my. She is beautiful but has an ugly attitude.

"Don't call my grandmother Inding a grandmother. And what are you doing here?" I asked him without emotion and he stood up.

She was wearing four inch high heels but her face didn't even go beyond mine.

That's one of the things she envies me the most. Being short her.

"Look at yourself, that's just a rag. But oh, our rag doesn't fade," she said.

"I'm not asking," I said seriously and turned to grandma Inding who was already on the floor and was holding her chest.

His chest is often tight. So that's one of the reasons I don't want to leave my grandmother.

"Are you all right, grandma?" I asked her worriedly but she just smiled at me.

I helped grandma Inding to stand up but we both fell to the floor when Hannah pushed us.

But instead of showing her that I was angry or hurt, I didn't show it to her.

It's better not to show your real emotions. Hide it.

I could hear our colleague in the market gasping but they couldn't do anything to help us.

They will feel more. So even though they wanted to come to us, they couldn't.

They will just watch us silently.

"You and grandma still don't have enough money, alas!" she shouted artfully and clenched my fist.

If I could hurt her, I might have done it before but I didn't.

Hypocrite Hannah has two bodyguards.

"It's not enough, but later I can give it to you in full," said grandma politely.

Even though the person she is talking to is younger than her, grandma is still polite. That's how powerful people are.

"You ungrateful people! You can rent my daddy's market for free!" it shouted.

Free? Where's the free one? Eh, we will pay them 200 pesos for his raw daddy.

That's every day.

Most of them don't even have income yet but are collecting immediately? Sometimes they don't give and that's it, they will destroy your goods.

That's how they are, disrespectful to the poor. But not all of them, there are rich people whose hearts are full and know how to respect the lower levels in life.

Hannah left with a bang but before that, she checked my cheek and pinched it. Even though I was hurt by what she did, I didn't show my emotions.

But in my mind? She's dead.

"Your skin is so soft, what soap do you use?" she asked me and I raised an eyebrow at her.

"speed," I answered quickly.

"You use the soap for the clothes to wash?" she asked in shock and I only answered with a dog smile.

"Who do you think is beautiful?"

"Are you all right? That lady is really overdoing it," said Merda.

"It's okay, I'm used to the behavior her."

I handed grandma a glass of water and gave it to her. I stroked her tight chest.

"Are you really all right, grandma?"

Grandma held my hand and stared at me intently.

"In the blink of an eye, your life will change, ."

I frowned at what she said. Meaningful, I'm not used to grandma Inding's meaningful words.

"Even though you will go through hardships and pain, sadness and abundant tears. You will still be able to get what you want, You will also be loved like the kind of love you gave him. However, it is more than that."

"I don't know about you, grandma," I said with a frown and Merda laughed.

"A life full of sadness and joy. I can see your future."

I really don't know grandma. He often said that. I don't know if he is a fortune teller or what.

"You have to choose," he said and she tightened her grip on my hand.

"Choose her over me."

Chapter 2 Cervin's life


"CYAN, do you have a lead yet?" I asked Cyan Lay Del Rosa, one of my friends and my private investigator.

After my work, I immediately went to his office and found him focused on his computer.

"Oh, Cervin, it's you. As of now, nothing. It's hard to find the whereabouts of your wife," he said.

I took a deep breath as I sat on his visitor's chair. I am frustrated, it has been a month since my wife is missing.

I just drove her to their university and we still had a good conversation. And now, she's missing. It's hard to trace her whereabouts and even her phone cannot be reached. I think her phone was turned off and even though we looked at the CCTV footage at their university, we didn't find anything.

I am worried about my wife, and especially we still have a child. It searches often. She even cries if she doesn't see it.

Fvck! Where are you, Cashren? Where


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