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My Contracted Husband Is A Mute

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"You will do what I want and there is no going back on my words!" John's voice boomed out. "Dad, I f**king have a boyfriend, what do you expect me to tell him?" "That you are getting married!" "But he is mute."  "I don't care!"  Chloe Thomas, a sassy shopping queen known and hated by everyone, is forced to get married to a rich tycoon's son who everyone knows as a mute because he doesn't talk to people, to save her dad's business. What if this arranged marriage would help her a lot? What if what she shows to the world to be her is different from the real her? What if her mute husband's reason for becoming a mute?


Miss, your card has been declined,"  The cashier behind the desk said as she extended the card back to a girl.

"You said what now?" The lady person on the other side of the desk asked, annoyed.

She is 6ft tall and has milky skin with an oval-shaped face, a pointed nose, and a plump pink lip that was covered with gloss. 

She was putting on a yellow crop top with blue denim ripped jeans and yellow trainers. Her long golden bronze hair let down complementing her well-sculpted face.

She removed the spectacle she was putting on and glared at the cashier making her eyebrow furrowed. 

Her hazel eyes pierced straight toward the cashier. If a look could kill the cashier, surely, she would be 10 feet underground now.

"Your card was declined ma," The cashier whispered again, trying not to look up at the mean girl before her.

She is one of the kids of John Thomas, one of the most influential men in the world.  

Everyone knows her as the sassy shopping diva.

She buys anything she wants with just a snap of her finger, she also gets workers fired if they don't comply with her or get her satisfied. 

She once got a company security man fired because he didn't look handsome to her, or so the rumor was told. She only has two best friends, who she always takes shopping with herself.

"Isn't that Chloe?" A voice was heard in the middle of the crowd who also came to the mall for shopping.

"Of course she is, how come she can't pay for the things she bought?" Another voice asked.

"What a great embarrassment!"

"How come her card got declined?"

"Guess she spent all her dad's cash!"

"Yeah, you are right. Their company must be running dry now, because of how she spends lavishly." Another voice.

Chloe was used to people always criticizing her for any little mistake made by her, so it didn't bother her a bit. What embarrassed her the most was her card not paying for what she wanted.

"What the hell was she talking about?" Evelyn asked one of her friends.

"Hold on… let me get my head straight…." Chloe was in a state of confusion.

She brought out another card and it was also declined by the cashier. In anger, Chloe stamped her feet in embarrassment sprinting off to her car and leaving her friends in the mall. 

Getting to her yellow Lamborghini, she brought out her phone to call her dad. She knows he was behind her card blockage.

It rang thrice before he picked it up.

"Hi, sweetheart…."

"Don't dare call me that…. why the hell is my card getting declined?" She yelled, gaining the attention of some passersby, but she didn't care.

"Yeah, I blocked your card because you spent too much already. It's way past our budget for this month."

"The hell dad…."

"Stop using that tone on me!....."

Chloe smashed her phone furiously on the floor not bothering to listen to her dad's remaining conversation. She jumped into her car zooming off.


"Welcome young miss." Maids rushed in to welcome her, but she just walked past them furiously rushing to her room."

She got into her room and slammed the door, making the whole maid frightened. 

They know when she is angry one of them always ends up getting fired. They all went to do their chores praying she wouldn't come out of her room. Till the master and mistress get back from work.

Chloe's room is spacious, the wall is painted yellow with different art drawn on the wall. Chloe jumped on her soft queen size, which is in the middle of the room having a yellow and black bedspread, and two big beautiful black cushions placed close to the headboard. 

Chloe picked one of the cushions stamping her face on it and muffling her screams. By the sides of the bed, there are two golden nightstands. With a beautiful yellow lamp resting on each.

Two black round stools are placed at the front of the bed, with a black patterned rug in the middle of the room. The curtains are back having dots of round white. 

By the right side of the bed is  Chloe's closet, and her bathroom door. On the left side, her dressing mirror rests along with all her makeup kit. Though she isn't the type that loves dolling herself up, she thinks it won't be nice not to have them.

Just then someone knocked on her door, "Who is by the door?"  Chloe asked, irritated.

"Young miss, your dad is around and he calls for your presence." A shaking voice answered.


Chloe threw the lamp on her nightstand against the door, it broke and scattered into pieces. This made the maid at the other side of the door jump back in fright at the sounds of the broken object.

In fright, the maid asked again, " Young miss, are you okay?" 

"Don't ask me silly questions and get the f*** out of that door, if you don't want me to do something bad to you!" Chloe shrieked.

"Knowing what Chloe was like," The maid scurried out of the door not to get her more furious. Chloe stood from her bed in anger and began to smash things on the ground.


A knock was heard on the door again stopping Chloe from smashing her flower pot to the ground.

"Are you f**king crazy? Get the f**k out the door before I smash this on your head!" Chloe warned.

"Will you stop destroying things, or do you want me to take every single thing you like?"

"I don't care about that, you should do whatever you want, you already embarrassed me in front of my friends and all those low lives anyways!" She screamed, smashing the flower pot on the ground.

John tried to caution his daughter but it was too late, she couldn't be cautioned anymore.

He walked down dejected to the living room.

"Where is she?" Ava asked her husband as she saw him get to the dining room without Chloe by his side.

Ava is Chloe's stepmom, she is in her mid-forties. A mother of three children aside from Chloe.  

"She is still mad I blocked her card," John replied disappointed and at the same time angry.

"Dad, I still do not get why you keep stressing yourself about the issue, she needs to start learning how to spend." Marion, Chloe’s step-older brother, let out from where he was sitting. 

"I also see no reason why this conversation should concern you!"  They all turned to see Chloe looking like she was crazy as she glanced at them. "Get me a new phone, my phone got spoiled!"

"Hey! I am older than you, show some…”

"I would rather s*ck my thumb than do that,  your mum is lucky to get married to my dad. So don't you try to act like a cool elder brother right…" 

"Chloe! Shut your mouth!" John yelled.

"Get me a new phone, if you don't want me to destroy the whole house, it's going to cost a lot," Chloe whispered, walking out of her dad, despite his calling.

"Hi, Chlo…."

"Get the f**k outta my way!" Chloe screamed at the six years old Ashley who burst into tears when Chloe yelled at her.

"For once be nice!" Marion yelled

"Daddy Chloe said bad words." Fifteen years Mason told his dad innocently. Mason Is Ava's second kid while Ashely is the last.

John sighed at his daughter's behavior, she has never gotten along with her stepmom and steps brothers ever since he got married.

"Chloe!" John called after his daughter but she didn't even bother to look back as she strode off to her room.

Ava rushed to her crying daughter to pick her up, "Shush baby, she is just stressed and very tired." 

"Mum, you always say that every time, she acts mean to me…" 


"Does she hate me?" Ashley asked, staring at her mum innocently.

"Of course, not baby, she doesn't…."

"She doesn't like anyone in this world, except herself. So don't let her be bad…" John slapped his son on his head, making him stop talking.

"Daad!" Mason yelled but John glared at him making him not say anything anymore.

"I think it's better you get her a new phone, you know to not get her mad," Ava whispered walking close to her husband.

"I will think of that, first before making any decision now let's take our lunch, we won't want our hard work to be wasted." 

John smiled at his wife as they all gathered and sat like a happy family.

Chloe watches upstairs as they all chatter happily with one another like the happy family they are, she has always been left out of things right from the moment she steps into the house.

She hates them all with passion, the only one who thinks about her and shows her the way she deserves is her boyfriend, Aiden.

Thinking about him she decided to call him but recalled her phone was spoiled, "Aish!" She yelled frustrated. "I need to control myself with how I spoil my phones." She muttered leaving for her room.


"Knock knock,"

"Come in," Answered a rough voice.

"Boss, you need to see this." Aiden looked up from his computer, hearing his secretary's voice and what she said. He knew it must be something vital.

"What is…" he stopped talking when he saw what was shown on her tabloid screen. 

"When did this happen?" Aiden asked with gritted teeth. He just watched how his girlfriend's card got declined and stormed out of the mall.

"It happened a few hours ago." 

"Gosh, can't she just let me have a day without trouble?" Aiden murmured annoyed. 

He knew with what happened she would be furious and would want to throw her stupid tantrums at him.

Aiden picked up his phone to check if there were any missed calls from her, but fortunately, there were none. 

He breathed in relief, happy she hadn't called, he didn't want her any way she was being forced to be with her.

"Love…." They both heard her voice, Brianna quickly closed her tab bowing her head wanting to walk out but was stopped by Chloe.

"What were you doing in my fiance's office?" Chloe yanked her hands back.

"Ma... Ma… ma... I.. Only… work." Brianna stuttered not knowing what to say. She knows the girl before she can be the devil when things don't go her way.

"Chloe! Let her go! We were talking about work before you came here." Aiden snarled. He was d*mn tired of her obsession with him and also how she doesn't like seeing other girls talk to him.

Chloe released Brianna still glaring at her. Brianna scrambled out of the office the moment Chloe released her hold on her.

"What was that for? Why would you yell at me in front of her?" Chloe let out her anger.

"Because that is the only shot that brings your senses back!" Aiden bellowed. Chloe was not startled a bit by him screaming at her, she was used to it. After all, she is the one forcing herself into the relationship. 

"But, I need to get jealous, I am….."

"For God's sake, she is my assistant, she needs to be with me most of the time.."

"I am your fiance, you don't expect me to like you being with other girls," Chloe screamed.

"You are my girlfriend, not fiancee, I have not proposed yet." Aiden bellowed.

"But you will do so one day," 

"You know what I am done with this conversation. I have a lot to do." Aiden said and went back to his chair.

Chloe, seeing how furious he was, she went closer to him. "I am sorry I couldn't control myself, I will try controlling myself now.

"It's fine, I am not mad anymore now go use the couch and stop distracting me." 

Aiden let out, pushing her hands away from his body so she wouldn't touch him. He also didn't give her a glimpse. Before his whole attention was directed to his computer.

Chloe, not wanting to get him mad, gently walks to the couch sitting and staring at the space. 

She felt sad all of a sudden but decided not to say anything that would make him throw her out of his office.

A message popped on Aiden’s phone and a smile appeared on his face. “Boss, you can be free from the evil vixen now, it's done.”

He glances over to where Chloe sits, he needs to find some reason to break up with her now.

His reason for accepting her has been accomplished.


“Yeah! Go, girl!" Excited voices could be heard praising Chloe who was dancing as if she had no worries in the world, Not like she does though. 

After Aiden was done with his work which was around 10 pm, Chloe pleaded for him to take her to a restaurant, but he decided to go to the club. She didn't complain since there would be fun there.

Aiden was sitting on a stool sipping his wine and gently staring into space.

"Aiden don't you think you should go take your girl down from there before she becomes a stripper?" Drex, his best friend asked

"Nah I don't care." Comes his reply, surprising Drex.

"Dude, if you don't want her anymore why not just tell her to keep pretending you do." Drex was annoyed with the attitude of his friend.

"You and I know how spoiled and annoying she is," Aiden replied, still sipping his wine gently as if he hadn't just seen someone grope his girlfrie


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