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Marry the Twins

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Hey, Zoyaliciouz! Warning! This book contains mature contents! Add my Instagram account @zoyaalicia_dmitrovka Let's be friends! *** “Life is like a snowball. The more it rolls, the bigger it gets!” Kleiner Rutherford Stonevrustarios. Kleiner Rutherford Stonevrustariosーthe young master of the Stonevrustarios family, who inherited the family's business empire to Asia. People called him The Sexiest Demon. He is in love with Villearisa Cyra Demougustーthe twins of the Demougust family, who are almost bankrupt. On their wedding day, Villearisa ran away with her mistress. Then instead, the Demougust family asked Villearisa's twin sister to take her place. Who is she? Did The Sexiest Demon notice it? Where did the bride go? And, did the surrogate bride succeed in making Kleiner fall in love? You may never know when love blossomed between them, but you may know how it feels like to lose someone you love, and you realized it was too late!

Chapter 1: The Wedding Day

A handsome man with a perfect body shape idolized by women looks dashing when wearing a white tuxedo suit. Yes, today is a big day! Because today was the day he had been waiting for the past five years.


The handsome man exclaimed when he saw his reflection in the big mirror right in the groom's dressing room.

"Perfect! You look so handsome, Young Master."

The makeup artist also praised the groom's good looks. Kleiner Rutherford Stonevrustarios, is the sole heir to a family company engaged in hotel, casino, and fashion. His business was not only successful in the country, but also spread from Europe to Asia. Today, on September 14 to be exact, Kleiner will marry the woman  whom he has kept in a bond of engagement for five years.


The Rutherford Hotel located in London will witness the wedding of the heir to the Stonevrustarios family this afternoon. His black hair was neatly combed and now, he was standing in front of the bride's dressing room.

With a beaming face, the man who is now 27 years old holds the handle of the door of the bride's dressing room. He was about to open the door, but he quickly gave up his intention when he heard a noise from inside the room.

"Ciara! Stop crying!"

There was the scream of a middle-aged woman, who was wearing the best maroon dress in her entireーDeslivear Demougust, or who was usually called Lily.

"Because it'll only ruin your dull makeup!"

Kleiner was busy listening to a woman yelling and cursing someone, but he didn't know who the woman was cursing at. Faintly, he began to hear a scream that deafened the eardrums for anyone who heard it.

"Enough, Mom! Will my sacrifice not satisfy you and Dad?"

Vyschella Ciara Demougust asked the mother in a trembling voice.

"I don't want this marriage either!"

The 21 years old girl's tears streamed down her rosy cheeks.

"Cyra is much prettier and smarter than you! Of course, you're nothing compared to her!" Villiana said.

"Yeah, I'm no match for him, but at least … I'm not tarnishing the family's name in public!"

Vyschella cried out in defence with her puffy eyes and there was no glimmer of life in them.

"What are you saying?!"

Villiana was furious. With a flushed face, her right hand was already floating in the air and ready to land on the cheek of Vyschella. However, something unexpected happened.


Someone violently opened the dressing room door, who else but Kleiner.

"Mr. Kley!"

Villiana was nervous. Her face turned soft and tense when she saw Kleiner enter the dressing room. She quickly withdrew and hid her hand earlier. She brought her mouth close to her daughter's ear.

"Ciara, quickly hide your face and wipe those rotten tears of yours!"

"Is my bride ready?"

Kleiner asked as his eyes swept across the room, and he found something interesting and also intrigued him for a long time.

"Soon, Young Master."

Villiana answered the question asked by Kleiner while covering Vyschella's body so that Kleiner wouldn't see it.

Did Villiana forgot or was she stupid? Because Vyschella's reflection was visible in the large mirror, where Kleiner was standing staring at her.

"Okay, I'll be waiting."

Kleiner grabbed a chair that was nearby. He sat quietly as he continued to stare in the mirror.

Villiana grew nervous when Kleiner spoke the last sentence. She walked up to the laudatory figure of women all over the country and tried to get him out of the bride's dressing room at all costs.

"YoーYoung Master, it's not good for a couple of brides-to-be to meet. You'd better wait in the waiting room!"

Villiana tried to convince Kleiner. She had to be able to get Kleiner out of this room or her plan would fail miserably.

"Oh, okay."

Kleiner resigned himself to Villiana's treatment, but did not give up so easily when he saw the figure of a different beautiful woman who would soon marry him.

"See you at the altar, Cyra."

Kleiner feigned ignorance of the Demougust family's plans. And, not a single word came out of Vyschella's mouth.


Villiana led Kleiner into the waiting room at a quick pace. Her heart seemed to want to leave its place.

"Please, Young Master!"


Villiana opened the door carefully. She followed Kleiner into the waiting room, which was right next to the bride's dressing room.

"Young Master, pardon me! But it's really not good, if the two of you run into each other," Villiana explained carefully so as not to offend the young master. She put on a face of empathy as a mask this time.

"Go and bring Cyra to me at the altar later! I can't hardly wait!" Kleiner ordered Villiana calmly.

"Yes, Young Master."

"Hmm, Mrs. Lily, is there nothing you wanna talk to me about?"

Kleiner tries to uncover the Demougust family's crimes against him. Villiana felt herself threatened, she immediately shook her head.

"No, Young Master. I've nothing to discuss with you at this time."

"Good! I hope for the future, there'll be no more moments like this!"

Kleiner threatened Villiana. His sharp eyes glanced at Villiana and found her body shaking. Villiana was indecisive and frightened. Now, she could only nod slowly.

"Yes. Excuse me, Young Master."


10 minutes had passed since Villiana left the waiting room. Currently, the people from the groom's side were busy. Not busy preparing for today's big event, but busy looking for the bride, who ran away on their wedding day, namely Villearisa Cyra Demougust.

"Oscar, is there any progress?"

Kleiner asked his assistant curtly while blowing cigarette smoke into the air. He looked out the waiting room window and hoped that his men would find Villearisa.

"Not yet, Young Master. Detectives are searching every bus stop, station and airport in the city."

The assistant, who had served Kleiner for the past ten years tried to explain this matter to him.

"Find her alive!"

Kleiner ordered it while glancing at the assistant.

"Sure, Young Master."

Oscar answered with a bit of fear. Afraid if the master is really going to fire him because he hasn't found his fiancé yet.

"Come on, Young Master! It's time!"

"Yes," said Kleiner.

They walked outside towards the altar that had been decorated in such a way. A serene atmosphere enveloped the room. Everyone looks anxiously waiting for the couple's holy vows to be valid soon.

Now, Kleiner stood before the priest, who was about to marry him off to a surrogate bride.


Enter the bride along with the fatherーDrake Carrington Demougust. They walked slowly accompanied by a group of bridesmaids.

All eyes are on the bride, who looks gorgeous and charming.

Dugh! Dugh! Dugh!

Kleiner's heartbeat quickened as the bride drew closer to him. He could clearly see and distinguish who the bride he was going to marry was, and he knew that everyone here had been deceived by the Demougust family.

"They're twins, but not the same," Kleiner said in a low, barely audible voice. "Maybe they think that I'm blind!"

Kleiner extended his right hand to Vyschella, and the woman who would become his wife welcomed his outstretched hand. Kleiner continued to stare at Vyschella without blinking.

'She's so extremely gorgeous,' Kleiner praised in his mind. 'More beautiful than any gemstones,' he praised again.

Without realizing it, Vyschella looked at Kleiner intently before finally looking down in shame.

With a straight face and a deep voice, Kleiner made a vow of allegiance to life and death and vice versa. Kleiner knew that the woman beside him was crying, but he still put a diamond ring on her right ring finger.

Guests lined up to congratulate the newly-wed couple, who had just gone through the thrilling oath of allegiance. A fake smile appeared on their lips.

"Congratulations, Cyra!"

"I couldn't be happier for you, Cyra!"

"You really deserved it, Cyra!"

The friends, whether it was Villearisa's friend or Kleiner's friend, took turns congratulating the bride.

"Thank you."

Vyschella replied to the friend's words with a slight smile. Nervous and confused, that's how she felt right now.

Kleiner never took his eyes off Vyschella, who he thought was more beautiful than his fiancéーVillearisa.

'Why do I think that's weird, anyway? Obviously, my only woman is Cyra!' he cursed himself.


Kleiner left Vyschella alone at their wedding reception. Since some of their close friends congratulated him, Kleiner just disappeared until the event ended in deep sadness for Vyschella.

"Young Master!"

Oscar stood beside his master while bowing slightly.

"What's wrong? Is that boring crazy show over?"

"That's right, Young Master. The guests have left, and the event is over. Then, do you wanna see Miss Cia now?"

"Don't be crazy, Oscar! I don't love her!"

Kleiner didn't stop screaming at his assistant as he downed the last of the wine he was holding in his hand.

"I'm so sorry, Young Master because after all, Miss Ciara is your legal wife."

Oscar said trying to wake his master. Kleiner's head started to feel dizzy, not dizzy because of life's problems that came and go, but dizzy because he was still reminded of the charm of beauty that Vyschella had earlier.

"What's her name?"

"Vyschella Ciara Demougust," Oscar replied firmly.

"What's her nickname?"

Kleiner lightly massaged his forehead. He began to feel the effects of alcohol on him.

"Miss Ciara," Oscar replied again.

"Who's her ex-boyriend?"

Oscar raised one eyebrow when he heard Kleiner's strange question.

"Hmm, nothing, Young Master."

"Huh? What? You mean, she's never been in a relationship with another man at all?"

Kleiner didn't seem to believe what the assistant said.

"That's right. That's some of the data I received from our detectives."

"Then, what about the other data?"

"I sent it 10 minutes ago to your smartphone, Young Master," Oscar explained patiently.

"Oh yeah? I haven't opened it yet."

Kleiner couldn't believe what Oscar said. He reached for the smartphone that was placed on the table right next to the empty wine bottle.

Deftly, he opened his smartphone and his eyes began to read the writings that were there. His eyes were fixed on one sentence and rounded perfectly.


"Yes, Young Master?"

Chapter 2: Where is She?

"Is it true that all the data you sent?"

"Is there something wrong, Young Master?"

The look on his master's frustrated face made the assistant think hard. Oscar knew what his master wanted to say, but why did he persist in not continuing his question?

Oscar did not lose his mind, he tried to provoke Kleiner again with various questions.

"Young Master, do you know that Miss Cia was tormented when she was in the Demougust mansion?"

"I don't even care if that woman lives or dies!"

Kleiner stood up. He straightened his clothes for a moment. Before walking away, Kleiner briefly glanced at Oscar.

"From now on, don't let the Demougust family come in my mansion!"

Kleiner walked away, leaving Oscar, who was still trying to digest every word that came out of his master's spicy mouth.

"Young Master, wait for me! Do you wanna go home now?"

Oscar ran after K


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