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Married By Agreement

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The betrayal of her lover left Stella destitute. She thought it was the end of her life as a widow. But Mr. Marvin comes like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, making her strong so she can take revenge on the parasitic lover who drained her of all her wealth. Who is Mr. Marvin? Stella thought he was just an angel who came down from heaven to help. As she finds out the reason behind it, she's stunned.

Chapter 1. Meeting an Annoying Man


"D*mn it!"

Stella escaped from two burly men who were chasing her. She ran into an alley and hid in the neighborhood's public bathroom. Quickly, she took the cell phone and called someone.

"Leave the house now. Wait for me at the red light intersection near the bakery. Bring our clothes too!"

Without waiting for her sister Mia's response, she immediately switched off the phone. The draining incident made her lean her head against the door while catching her breath.

After feeling that it was safe, she opened the door slowly while peeking out. She stepped slowly, observing the surroundings warily.

"Looks like I'm safe," she muttered, then walked quickly to meet her sister at the place she had mentioned earlier.


She immediately looked back, saw the people who had been chasing her coming out of another alley and running towards her.

"D*mn it!" she shouted, then ran again as fast as she could to avoid them.

After running for quite some distance, her eyes caught at the car that was stopped at the traffic light. She couldn't possibly run in the previous direction because she would only get caught, nor could she run the other way which would make her even further away from the appointment with her sister.

She knocked on the windshield and said, "Help! Please help me!"

The windshield opened. "What are you doing, huh?" asked a man who was driving the car.

"Open the door and let me in. I need your help," she said while her eyes looking at the man who was still chasing her. "Come on..."

"You're crazy, huh?"

"I'm in my right mind, sir. I just need your help," she said desperately.

Right at that moment, the red light turned green. The sound of car horns from behind began to blare, urging his to move.

"D*mn it!" The man cursed in annoyance, forced to open his car door.

She got into the car and sat back. "I'm safe," she muttered.

The car finally drove through the red light.

"Thank you."

The man didn't answer. He continued driving until the car stopped in the left lane.

"Why did you stop?" she asked.

"You got into my car to avoid the people who were chasing you, right? Now they're far behind and there's no way they'll catch up with you. Now get out of my car!"

"Can't you take me to the intersection ahead, sir? I have to meet my sister who is waiting for me there."

"No! Get out of my car!"

"But, sir..." The speech was interrupted as her eyes caught sight of a man walking across the street. She knew the man, he was Damian. "D*mn jerk!" she swore irritably.

"What did you say? D*mn jerk?" asked the man in the car, looking at her with a shocked expression. "I helped you, and you call me d*mn jerk? You're so ungrateful!"

"Huh? It's not like that, sir. It's not you, it's that man behind." She pointing at Damian.

The man turned to look in the direction she was pointing, seeing a man who was walking alone. He didn't give much attention and redirected his gaze back to her. "I don't accept excuses! Now get out of my car!" he said sarcastically, giving her an annoyed look.

She started to get annoyed, after had been speaking as softly as possible. "I'm going out. Thank you for helping me. My advice is, don't be so arrogant, or you'll be far from your soulmate!"

She got out of the car, closed the door roughly, then crossed the street to meet Damian.

Marvin, the man whose car Stella was riding in, closed his eyes as her closed the door very rudely.

"D*mn!" He snorted sarcastically.


He reached into the pocket of his suit-covered shirt, took out his cell phone, and stared at the screen. Dariel's name was displayed. He immediately swiped the green panel on his phone screen.

[I've managed to get the data of who your lover's affair was. I'll send you the man's picture now.]

Not long after that, Dariel sent the picture. Immediately clicking on it, his forehead frowned. At the same moment, he turned his head to the right and saw the woman who had been in his car earlier arguing with a man.

The same man as the one on his cell phone screen. He continued to pay attention to the argument. Shortly after, he witnessed the woman landing a slap on the man's cheek, followed by a knee to the man's stomach. The man groaned in pain, clutching his stomach.

He smiled and grinned, then glanced back at his cell phone screen and put it to his ear.

"Riel, find out who this man is, including any women he's been close to."

After giving a command, he switched off the phone, then drove back to Esther Company, his family-owned business now under his control.


Chapter 2. Accept My Agreement

"Damian! Stop!" said Stella as she crossed the street.

Damian immediately stopped walking, turning his head to the woman who was walking towards him.

"Uh, sweetheart? Why are you here?" He smiled.

She looked at him sarcastically.

"Why, darling? Did you change your mind about my offer yesterday?" He asked.

"Yuck!" She grabbed him by the collar and pulled him roughly.

Instead of being angry and upset, he smiled sweetly.

"Give me back all of my father's possessions!" she said through gritted teeth.

He gently removed her hand from his collar. "Something that already belongs to someone else can't be given back to its owner, sweetheart. Don't blame me, blame your father. Why was he foolish enough to trust me with all his business," he said, still smiling sweetly.

Her hands were clenched tightly, the sight of Damian smiling disgusted her even more, and the fire of hatred grew.

"Or put it this way, accept my offer to be my wife. Gi


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