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Marriage before love brings endless joy

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Her good friend said that Her granddad was certain that she'd never been in love and hadn't even experienced her first kiss by the time she was twenty-eight, and that's why he was forcing her to marry his old first love's wealthy grandson. If she was skilled in romance, her grandfather wouldn't dare to let her marry him. The solution to this problem wasn't difficult; she just needed to find a suitable partner. Just as she left the bar, she was embraced by a man with an amazing figure. This kind of man... met her standards for a suitable partner! In fact, he didn't disappoint her. She thought that this would put an end to the blind date. Who could have imagined that he was the blind date?! What a twist of fate! In order to meet the expectations of both families, they had no choice but to pretend to be in a relationship, and two months later, they broke up due to incompatible personalities. As the two-month deadline approached, she discovered that she was pregnant! But she couldn't marry this man because he had a ten-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend...

Chapter 1

A Confused One-night Stand

"Grandpa, Dad, Mom, I won't marry someone I don't know, so forget about it and don't bring up this matter again. I'll pretend I didn't hear it today."

 In the lakeside restaurant of the Hongyang Golf Course, Kang Weibing finished speaking in one breath and stood up to leave. 

She had only taken a few bites, but now she had lost her appetite completely. Even her favorite dish, the restaurant's signature Mexican burrito on the table, couldn't spark her desire to eat. 

She had always known that her grandfather had an unforgettable first love, who was now the wife of Shanglin Caixia, the head of the Shangwang Financial Group. 

The Shang family was wealthy, and back then, when her grandfather was poor and not accepted by her family, he married her off to a banker, Shang Zhengren, who came from a well-matched family, during his service in the military. 

Therefore, her grandfather was motivated to start from scratch and built the Classic Department Store Group, which now owns over a hundred department stores and shopping malls throughout Asia. 

Although her grandfather is now a widower and Mrs. Shang is a widow, public opinion is formidable. The Kang and Shang families are both prominent families, and the two can only nod and exchange a few words when they meet at social events. Even if they wanted to be companions in their later years, it would be impossible. 

It was a tragic and regretful love affair.

She also felt sorry for their love story with no resolution, but that was all; she never expected such an absurd agreement between her grandfather and Mrs. Shang! 

They made a pact to have a boy and a girl marry among their descendants when they each turned eighty in the same month of the same year. 

And this month happened to be her grandfather's eightieth birthday. Unfortunately, her grandfather only had one son, her father, and her father only had her as his only daughter. Similarly, Mrs. Shang only had one son, and that son also only had one son, making them a perfect match. 

How could things be so coincidental? 

She refused to believe in any predestined fate. If that grandson of Mrs. Shang was a man who obediently followed the arrangements of his elders and married willingly, then he definitely wouldn't be good enough for her Kang Weibing. 

Her future husband must be the best. That's why her love record is still blank until now, for no other reason than the fact that she is very picky!

"Girl, let's meet first before saying anything!" Kang Lide quickly pulled his granddaughter. "I heard that the boy is handsome, tall, and has a masculine charm. Maybe you'll like him!"

"I definitely won't like him!" Kang Weibing stared at her grandpa unwaveringly, her tone decisive, and her beautiful eyes filled with maximum tolerance for the old man.

If it were anyone else who brought up this matter, she would have stormed out long ago.But her grandpa was different. He had cherished and pampered her since she was young, treating her like a precious treasure. He was like her 24-hour bodyguard. Whenever she had a slight cold or flu, he would be extremely worried.

Once, she just sneezed, and her grandpa immediately called their family doctor. It could be seen how much she meant to him.

"So, I say, let's meet first before saying anything!" Kang Lide said kindly.According to Caixia, her grandson was outstanding in every aspect. Not only was he impeccable in appearance, but he also had excellent abilities and was very dedicated. For the past ten years, he had only loved one woman, but that woman was very selfish and refused to marry her grandson. She was wasting his youth and didn't deserve to be with her grandson.

After hearing this, he became very certain on the spot that the boy was the perfect candidate to be his future granddaughter's husband.His granddaughter had high standards and had never found a man worthy of her attention. She had never been in love or had a boyfriend. Such a pure and flawless woman was most suitable for that affectionate child!

"There's no need. I won't like him." Kang Weibing firmly refused again.She knew what it meant to "give an inch and take a mile." Once she agreed to meet, it was possible that she would be pushed into the wedding hall. She knew very well the feelings her grandpa had for his first love.

"Girl, are you trying to make grandpa a person who goes back on his word and can't hold his head up in front of his beloved woman for the rest of his life?" Kang Lide looked at his granddaughter tearfully, and his long, thin face now resembled a bitter gourd.

"So, does grandpa want to force me to marry a man I don't love and suffer for a lifetime?" she retorted, not buying into her grandpa's act of pretending to be pitiful."Am I forcing you to marry that boy now?" Kang Lide said with a hint of grievance. "I only ask you to meet him..."

"Weibing, just agree to grandpa!" Kang Furong, who was usually calm and composed, said.Kang Bonian also stepped forward and advised his daughter authoritatively, "Weibing, you know how grandpa treats you. Can't you fulfill his small wish and meet that man? Grandpa is already eighty years old. How much longer can he live? Can't you let him leave this world happy?"

"Yes, let me leave happily..." Huh? What kind of talk was this? He was old, but he was still healthy. What about his son? Was he cursing him?"Then, grandpa, swear that after I meet him, I'll have full control over my decision. You absolutely won't force me!" She wasn't someone to be trifled with, and she wouldn't let her grandpa have any more say.

"After you meet, it'll depend on your decision, of course." Feeling some room for negotiation, Kang Lide came alive again and smiled. "If you don't like him then, can grandpa force you into the wedding hall?"

"I recorded what grandpa said." She held up her phone in front of Kang Lide, and after seeing his slightly stunned expression, she raised her eyebrows triumphantly. "Then let's arrange for us to meet as soon as possible!"

"Grandma, are you saying that after I meet with Miss. Kang, it's up to us to decide whether or not to pursue a relationship, and you won't have any objections at all, is that right?" Shang Zailin rubbed his resolute chin and looked at the old man in front of him who was obviously scheming something, carefully choosing his words.

His grandmother was not an ordinary old lady. She was a top student in the Business Administration department when she was young, and even in her old age, she remained sharp-minded. She still held an important position in the company. So he never regarded her as an ordinary elderly person.

"Yes!" Shanglin Caixia answered her grandson's question straightforwardly.

"In that case, there's no need to meet. I could never be involved with any woman other than Gongqi. You should be well aware of that," Shang Zailin said directly. 

He wondered what his grandmother was thinking, wanting to introduce another girl to him even though she knew he already had a girlfriend. Did she want him to be unfaithful?

"I'm asking, my child, has grandma ever asked you to marry into the Kang family?" Shanglin Caixia calmly looked at her grandson and asked.

She knew it wouldn't be easy to fulfill her and Kang Lide's wish, but she really wanted to see their bloodlines unite in her lifetime. This kind of persistence was something these young people didn't understand.

Moreover, she didn't believe that the selfish Gongqi could make her beloved grandson happy. Her actions were partly for Zailin's own happiness.

"If there's no possibility for development, why waste time meeting?" Shang Zailin furrowed his brow and asked.

His grandmother was a cunning old fox, only showing tenderness in front of her first love, Mr. Kang Lide, the founder of the Classic Department Store. He was truly afraid of falling into her trap.

"I'm telling you, my child, how many times does grandma have to say it?" Shang Lincaixia sighed. "This is a promise made by grandma and 'that person' when we were young. Now the time has come to fulfill it, of course."

Shang Zailin pondered while looking at the old lady. "By 'fulfill,' you mean to fulfill the promise. It's definite that even after I meet with Miss. Kang, nothing will change. The only person I love is Gongqi. So please tell me, how do you plan to fulfill your promise?"

She leisurely sipped her tea and slowly asked, "Let's say I am a customer in your bank and I have encountered some issues with my deposits. When I complain, instead of investigating, you just tell me that it must be my own problem. How would I feel? Of course, it might really be my own fault, but you should at least investigate, right, my child?"

After speaking, she calmly waited for his answer.

Shang Zailin furrowed his brows and studied the old lady in front of him for tens of seconds.

He knew that the saying "the older the ginger, the spicier" was not wrong. Not only was it not wrong, it was also very applicable to the elderly in his family.

"I understand what you mean, grandma," he raised his eyebrows. "I will meet with Miss. Kang, but I want to make it clear that I'm just going to meet, without any ulterior motives. So you don't have to hold any expectations. Gongqi is still the person I'm going to marry, and that won't change!"

Shanglin Caixia glanced at her grandson and said indifferently, "my child, did I say that Miss Kang will definitely be satisfied with you? Don't put gold on your own face."

Shang Zailin stared at the old lady and finally understood what it felt like to be shot in the heart.

Indeed, the older it gets, the spicier it becomes.

A black sedan drove into the parking lot of the Carefree Bar. Shang Zailing parked the car, got out, and took out his phone as he walked towards the bar's entrance. He dialed Xie Gongqi's phone number.

After a few days of consideration, he still believed that he should tell her about the blind date tomorrow. They had no secrets between them, it was a promise they made when they first started dating, and he had always kept it.

It had been thirteen years since they started dating in college. They were each other's first love, and he was her first man, just as she was his first woman. Until today, besides her, he had never been with another woman.

They had agreed to get married at the age of thirty-two. She was an animator and wanted him to give her a few years to dedicate herself to her passion for animated films. The domestic animation market was not yet mature, and she was currently working at a well-known animation production company in Hollywood, thriving in the environment she loved.

Every year, she would fly back twice, staying for about ten days each time. And during his work breaks, he would fly over to see her. They maintained their relationship through phone calls, video calls, emails, or MSN messages. Their relationship was stable.

He knew that his grandmother and parents were anxious about his marriage, after all, he was already thirty-one and the only heir of the Shang family. They hoped to have grandchildren soon.

But he understood that work was a significant part of Gongqi's life. She wasn't just fascinated but obsessed with animated films. He couldn't be so selfish as to call her back and make her a regular housewife.

Although he convinced himself like this, in reality, he was eager to start a family with her soon. He wanted to have children with her, to see her and their child every day after work. That was his hope.

He had never told her how much he longed for her to be by his side, to share his joy when he was happy and his burdens when he was upset. He didn't want to give her pressure. It was already difficult for her to work alone in a predominantly white world. If he didn't support her, who would?

Anyway, they would be together every day in a year. A year would pass quickly, and in another six months, he could start planning the wedding. He planned to give her the most romantic wedding in the world, to move her and make it an unforgettable event, and to let her know that she had not chosen the wrong person...

"Hello, Zailing?" Gongqi answered the phone.

Her voice made him smile. "Are you busy? Aren't you supposed to be working overtime today?"

"Yeah, things aren't going well. I might have to work through the night. How about you?"

"I'm at the bar's parking lot; a few friends have invited me to get together. We're all from business families, and we regularly keep in touch to strengthen our friendships."

"Oh," she hummed casually. "Is there anything else? I'm running out of time..."

"There's one more thing!" he quickly said. "Listen, baby, I have a blind date tomorrow with a wealthy heiress arranged by my grandmother. I can't refuse, but it doesn't mean anything. It's just a courtesy meeting. After meeting her, my grandmother will leave me alone. I just wanted to let you know about this."

She remained silent for a moment before self-mockingly saying, "I guess your grandmother must hate me, right? Letting her beloved grandson stay single for so many years and arranging a blind date for you. It seems like she's really unhappy with me!"

Hearing her words, he regretted telling her about this. "That's not the case, it's a bit complicated. I'll explain another day. Aren't you busy? Go ahead, I need to go..."

"Angela? Darling, are you taking a shower?"Just as he was about to hang up, he suddenly heard a man calling this way, and his whole body froze.

Angela? That's her English name. A man calling her affectionately to take a shower, what does that mean?His face instantly turned pale with anger. "Who is that man? Why is he telling you to take a shower? Where are you?"

Being in a long-distance relationship, he had always relied on trust as the foundation. No matter how other women flirted with him at social events, he remained indifferent. How could she betray him like this?At this thought, his hand holding the phone tightened, and his chest became unsettled.

"Where are you?" He angrily asked.The sound of the other party hanging up came from the phone.Looking at the disconnected phone, he couldn't believe that she would do this to him!D*mn it! She actually hung up on his call!He quickly dialed back, but unexpectedly received a message that her phone was turned off.

In an instant, a raging fire seemed to burn in his chest. His face became incredibly dark, and he felt like a volcano about to erupt.He didn't give up and made dozens of consecutive calls, but her phone remained turned off.If it wasn't intentional to evade his questioning, why would she insist on keeping her phone turned off?

"D*mn it!" He angrily threw his phone into the drain. The thought of her possibly being with another man drove him crazy!"Oh? Isn't this our President Shang? Why aren't you going inside?" Chen Zhiwei, the rich second-generation of Hua Yun Group, walked towards him with a smile."It's nothing," he said gloomily. After saying that, he tightly pursed his lips, and his imagination fermented into something terrible in his mind.

"Is there something that bothers you?" Chen Zhiwei raised his mouth. "Let me tell you, alcohol is the best friend of humans. After a few drinks, I guarantee you won't be bothered anymore. I got through my divorce with the help of alcohol. Come on in!"The fire in Shang Zailing's chest was still burning.He didn't believe that alcohol was a good friend of humans, but at this moment, he really needed a drink to numb himself.

"Hey,still a virgin at your age? That's really pathetic. No wonder your grandpa introduced a man you've never met to you. He's probably afraid you can't find a husband," Qin Jiami said in the bar, already slightly drunk. Therefore, she spoke without any filter.

"Stop talking." Kuang Weibing, with only a slight buzz from the alcohol, looked quite unhappy. Her lazy and beautiful eyes narrowed as she retorted, "What's the problem with being a virgin? You're a divorced woman, isn't that worse than me?"

She had remained a virgin because she was picky, not because no one wanted her. Ever since she had entered this bar, at least twenty men had approached her to chat, and she could have a man anytime she wanted, if she were willing. It was just that she wasn't willing.

"At least I know what the taste of s*x is, you don't." Qin Jiami once again poked a hornet's nest, and after saying that, she even laughed foolishly."But the man who let you know the taste of s*x also has s*x with other women, and you caught him cheating." Kuang Weibing reminded her coldly.

"You...!" Qin Jiami touched the deepest wound in her heart. She raised her head, both sad and bold, and emptied her glass, then began to criticize her friend,"What's the point of having money? You're just so unlikeable. It's your venomous tongue that still keeps you virgin until now. Don't you know that women need to act cute occasionally to be loved?"

She was about to go crazy. "Shut up! I told you, I'm still a virgin because I'm picky. Stop bringing up useless things!"The music was too loud, and Qin Jiami shouted at her, "Then prove it to me!"

Under the dim blue light, she furrowed her eyebrows and met her friend's challenging gaze. "How do I prove it?"Qin Jiami pointed at her. "Find a one-night stand partner."

Kang Weibing's brows furrowed even tighter. She raised her pointed chin and squinted her beautiful eyes at her friend. Her chest felt hot due to the alcohol fermentation."What do you mean?" she asked.

Qin Jiami grinned, showing her beautiful teeth. She nonchalantly said, "This way, your grandpa won't force you into marriage anymore. He thinks you never dated or had a boyfriend. If he knew you were a master of love, would he still want to introduce you to his first love's grandson? That would be so embarrassing for him!"

A layer of frost instantly covered Kang Weibing's pretty face. "Qin Jiami, can you be even more offensive?"This woman changed so much after her divorce. Could it be that the divorce had shattered her too much?

However, what Jiami said made some sense.Her grandpa actually wanted to control her marriage, all because he saw that she had no experience with the opposite s*x.

D*mn it! How did she let herself fall into this situation?She was Kang Weibing, the queen who stood tall above others. How could she allow herself to be without a man? What era was it? Were there still women like her, who reached the age of twenty-eight and were virgin?She believed it wouldn't be difficult to find a one-night stand partner. She just needed to get herself drunk!

Shang Zailin stumbled out of the bar, and the considerate bartender followed closely behind him.

"Are you okay, President Shang?" he asked attentively. He had already called a taxi for him, offering the most thoughtful service to their customers.

"I'm not drunk." He pulled out a one-hundred-yuan bill and handed it to the bartender. He didn't know where the others had gone; all he knew was that he was dizzy, his chest was tight, and his whole body was hot. He wanted to shout and scream, he wanted to smash things to vent his anger, he wanted to fly to the United States right away...

"Your car is here." The bartender respectfully said.

A taxi approached, and a woman in a Western-style dress stumbled out of the bar. Shang Zailin suddenly shocked, almost holding his breath.


He eagerly grabbed the woman's hand and without saying a word, pulled her into his embrace, holding her tightly.

It turned out that his Gongqi wasn't with someone else. She had come back, wearing the clothes he had given her. He had misunderstood her...

"It's you..." Kang Weibing buried her face in the man's smoky shirt. From his tall figure, she knew that he was the one she had been looking for. She didn't like short men.

"I missed you so much!" With his eyes closed in contentment, he held her tightly, one hand caressing her hair involuntarily. Her appearance calmed his restless emotions from the entire night.

"The taxi is waiting for you. Please get in, both of you!" The bartender opened the back door and cleverly whispered something to the driver's ear. "To Desire Motel!"

They were obviously a perfect match, like a raging fire waiting to ignite. Where else would they go if not to a hotel?

He was just doing a good deed in passing, and President Shang would definitely thank him properly next time. Of course, the tip would not be small!

Chapter 2

The Secrets Behind a One-Night Stand

Kang Weibing followed a stranger into the Desire Motel's fashionable suite. As soon as they entered, he forcefully kissed her, his hands possessively resting on her hips, pressing her against his body.

His kiss ravaged her mouth like a flood, fierce and unstoppable. She had no power to resist and willingly fell onto the big bed with him.

The room was dimly lit, almost hypnotic. His passionate kiss turned into a lingering and scorching one. His hands roamed over her body, driven by an overwhelming desire. Before she could fully recover from the dizziness, he penetrated her with smooth and determined movements.

God! She felt so soft and enveloped him tightly.

"I can feel that you haven't betrayed me, baby... I'm sorry, I misunderstood you..." He mumbled against her lips, his voice hoarse with desire. Ignoring everything else, he thrust forcefully and kissed her lips again, passionately.



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