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"No, my queen, but missions are for servants, and you are not a servant. You are the queen of the underworld. Your mission is to serve your people and always be with your husband." Medusa stated. Medusa's words sparked a fire in her, and she couldn't take it any longer, so she sat up in bed. "Why can’t you just be on my side for once in your life?" Lucinda asked, sounding hurt. "Lucinda, you don’t understand, I want the..." Lucinda cut in, putting her hand in the air. "I don’t want to hear it! Get out!!" Lucinda said, pointing at the door. "I said get out now!!" she snapped. Medusa pursed her lips and clutched her book before jumping down from the bed. Lucinda was a beautiful human girl who became Lucifer’s bride overnight she was always limited to only hell, but she wanted to go to earth, she wanted to live amongst people, Lucifer granted her wish, but she had to take an oath never to fall in love with a human or the consequences is death. Will she break the oath? Will she fall in love with a human? Read to find out.


In a time long ago, when angels, demons, and humans coexisted, a desolate house became the stage for a fateful event. Within its crumbling walls, a woman struggled to give birth. The sky grew ominously dark, and the moon cast an eerie crimson glow. In this otherworldly setting, their lives would forever be intertwined.

The woman writhed in pain, her desperate attempts to deliver the child met with increasing desperation. Agonizingly, she clawed at her own belly, her breaths coming in wild gasps. Finally, with a final surge of strength, the baby emerged and landed upon the blood-soaked sheets. Trembling, the woman reached out to cradle her newborn, whose cries pierced the air, mingling with the tense atmosphere.

Footsteps echoed ominously, drawing closer to the room. The door flung open, revealing Lucifer himself. Towering at fifty feet, he bore ten horns upon his seven heads, each adorned with a blasphemous diadem. His likeness was a grotesque amalgamation: leopard-like skin, bear-like feet, and a mouth reminiscent of a lion, its fanged maw stretched wide in a grin that revealed teeth sweeping the floor.

A scream of terror tore from the woman's throat, and she collapsed onto the bed, succumbing to the overwhelming horror before her.

"Come to me, my bride," Lucifer, in his rumbling voice, claimed the baby from the bed. It was a girl, still stained with her birth's crimson essence. He entrusted the child to his devoted female servant, and together they departed, descending into the depths of the realm of darkness—Hell itself.

Their descent brought them to a foreboding castle, nestled within the fiery pit of Hell. Sinister and bizarre demons guarded its entrance, their twisted horns resembling those of malevolent reindeer. Lucifer fed his three-headed dog with flesh torn from human bones, while the female servant bathed the wailing baby, immersed in a bathtub filled with tears and sorrow.

Curiosity sparked among the female servants, giving rise to whispered gossip. "Why would our king choose a human as his bride?" one dared to ponder, her gaze fixed upon the bathing servant.

"I cannot fathom his intentions, but surely he discerns something extraordinary within this child," the one cradling the baby replied. Two other servants entered, presenting a soft fabric outfit akin to those worn by humans.

"Enough idle chatter," scolded the servant, her voice laced with authority. "Our king awaits, and we must focus on our duties." The two gossiping servants glared in response, their silence punctuating their obedience. The task at hand resumed, dressing the baby without uttering another word.

"Cease your crying!" the exasperated servant grumbled, her gaze trained on the distraught infant. "Human babies... a vexation," she declared, her irritation evident.

Hours passed, and the servant cradling the baby approached Lucifer with reverence, her head held high. She delivered the news of his wife's readiness while he rested upon the throne, his hand gracefully resting upon the armrest.

"Notify the other demons to prepare for the wedding ceremony, for their king shall wed," he commanded, his voice resonating with depth and power.

The wedding commenced, with the servant offering the baby into Lucifer's towering embrace. His gaze fixated upon the child, still crying within the servant's arms, her tiny hands in constant motion.

"From this day forth, you are my wife. Your name shall be Lucinda, symbolizing illumination, and you shall reign as the queen by my right hand," he declared, his deep voice resonating through the chamber, as he beheld the baby with unwavering intensity.

With a golden knife, Lucifer deftly cut into his right hand, crimson blood flowing freely. He pressed his bloodied hand against the baby's forehead, her giggles resounding in the room. The blood, like a mysterious essence, seeped into her delicate skin, vanishing from sight.

"Through flesh we are bound, united as one. Your sorrow shall be my sorrow, and your joy shall be my joy," he proclaimed, evoking a chorus of cheers and toasts from the assembled demons and servants, who devoured human flesh with a macabre delight. The air filled with song and dance, a celebration of immense joy.

"Medusa, my most trusted servant, henceforth I charge you with the protection and care of my wife for all eternity," Lucifer commanded. Medusa, a resplendent young demon with blood-red skin and hazel eyes, bowed before him, acknowledging the honor bestowed upon her.

"Of course, Your Highness," she affirmed, her voice filled with loyalty.

"Now, take her and procure human breast milk, that she may grow and thrive," he declared, tapping Medusa's shoulder. With that, he dismissed her, turning his attention elsewhere.

Medusa carried the baby away, settling her gently upon a bed. She fashioned a protective nest of pillows, encircling the child to prevent any mishap. The infant's cries persisted, her tiny legs kicking, mouth agape.

"Fear not, my darling," Medusa whispered, her voice soft and soothing as she caressed the baby's delicate features.

Placing the baby on the bed, Medusa beckoned another servant to watch over her charge, while she herself, with her expansive wings unfurled, departed the castle. Earth beckoned, and as she descended, her demonic features shifted, assuming the guise of a human. Her hair neatly bundled into a bun, she walked among the oblivious humans, blending seamlessly into their midst.

A heart-wrenching wail reached Medusa's ears, drawing her attention to a weeping woman sprawled on the ground. Indifferent gazes met the scene, for the humans passing by were consumed by their own affairs.

"Poor soul," Medusa murmured, shaking her head, before making her way to an orphanage. Phasing through walls, her form invisible to human eyes, she entered the kitchen.

Chapter 2 THE WEDDING 2

She saw a middle-aged lady making baby milk, and there were a lot of bottles in a bowl on the kitchen counter.

"W… who are you?" The woman asked in a shaky voice, stepping back as she laid her eyes on Medusa.

Medusa smirked and cast a spell on the woman and took a lot of baby milk bottles in a bean bag and flew out of the motherless baby's home, descending into hell like lightning.

She carried Lucinda on her lap and started feeding her one of the baby bottles in her arm.

Lucinda started sucking on the bottle with her tiny mouth continuously, closing her eyes and slowly drifting to sleep. Medusa heaved a sigh. She placed her on the bed and covered her with the duvet before sleeping next to her on the soft bed.

20 years later,

"Lucinda! Lucinda! Lucinda! Where are you?" Lucifer called with a deep and hallowing voice.

"I am coming," She answered from where she was, stood up and started flying back to the castl


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