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Loving The Arrogant Man

Loving The Arrogant Man

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"Loving the Arrogant Man," talks about love and betrayal and the significant consequences when you keep secrets. Erica has to figure out her past, present, and future and deal with problems in her relationship with Troy. As she learns the truth, she has to decide whether to tell it and risk making things better or keep it hidden and make things worse. It's a story full of emotions where true colors come out, and the characters have to deal with the choices they've made.



The people applauded, gazing at us in admiration. We had just finished our garden wedding and it wasn't attended by many guests; only our close acquaintances, friends, and family. I'm incredibly happy right now because I finally married the person I love the most and will cherish for a lifetime. Troy Sandoval.
I love Troy so much. That's why I didn't hesitate to say yes when he proposed to me. We've been together as a couple for almost a year, and we haven't encountered any problems. Every day, he makes me feel special.
Troy is caring, kind, and, most importantly, very thoughtful. That's how I got to know him during our nearly year-long relationship, which is why I quickly fell in love with him. Through him, I found my dream guy, the kind of man who is enough for me. So, here we are now, officially married, and I'm now Mrs. Sandoval and my dream came true.
After the ceremony, we headed straight to one of the hotels owned by SGC (Sandoval Group of Companies) where our wedding reception would take place. We were in a convoy, and some visitors followed us. We sat quietly inside the car; perhaps he was tired, so I let him relax for a while. We didn't even discuss where we would go for our honeymoon. Maybe we'll talk about it after this.
Days, weeks, and months passed, and our married life with Troy was going well. Of course, occasional arguments were inevitable, which is normal for couples. He was often not at home; when he wasn't attending business meetings, he was on business trips. I always understood him; maybe his job was that important. It's not easy being the Chairman of SGC. He always came home tired, and sometimes he couldn't help but be in a bad mood.
But today was different. It felt like I was talking to a completely different Troy. He had just come home from the office.
"Oh Babe, you're here already. Why did you come home early, are you tired?" I asked him, approaching and giving him a kiss and a hug but he didn't even look at me. He wore a frown and furrowed his brows.
"Babe, is there something wrong?" I asked again, but he didn't react. He just stood there staring at me as if I had done something wrong but I ignored it.
"Change your clothes," I told him as I unbuttoned his shirt one by one and suddenly, he spoke.
"Bitch!" He said with no brake.
I was halted because of what he said. He grabbed chin and lifted it to look at him.
"Haven't you been wanting to know your place in my life for a long time? I'll answer that now so you'll know and remember it. A Bitch. That's it!" He uttered with anger, maintaining his grip on my chin.
I pushed him away because I couldn't comprehend the words he was saying. I couldn't understand him now. Yes, sometimes I had questioned him how much he loved me and what place I had in his life when we argued because it seemed like he had changed and become different. When I asked him, he wouldn't answer me; he would just turn away and avoid me.
"Are you satisfied with my answer?" He added.
Then he pushed me, and I fell onto the bed.
"Troy, why? What did I do wrong? Did I make a mistake, why are you so angry with me?!" I asked with confusion. But instead of answering me, he turned away and quickly left the room without even glancing at my direction. I cried silently and buried my face in the pillow, hoping no one would hear me.
I thought about what I had done, but I couldn't think of a reason for him to be so angry and say hurtful words to me. Until I drifted off into my thoughts.
Troy was currently drinking in the library when his cellphone rang. "What is it?" He asked the person on the line.
"Mr. Chairman, as a well-known figure in the entrepreneurial field, there are rumors that you're planning to start a new business. Is that true? What kind of business is my friend thinking of starting this time?"
"Can it wait, Ryan? Not now; let's talk another day, okay?"
"W-wait." He didn't hear Ryan's next words because he hung up the phone. Ryan was one of the shareholders of SGC and also his friend.
He downed the remaining bottle of alcohol. He was in a bad mood now.
After leaving the office, he went straight to the hospital to visit his brother. But the doctor said there was still no progress, so he took out his frustration on Erica.
When I woke up, I quickly went downstairs and saw that Troy was already leaving the library. I approached him thinking he was in a good mood already.
"Um, babe, maybe you're just tired, or perhaps you've had a tough day at the office. Come on, I'll give you a massage," I offered. I was about to place my hand on his shoulder when, unexpectedly, he seized my waist and kissed me abruptly, as if he were venting his frustration. His actions left me deeply puzzled, but I chose to dismiss them. I had missed him, so I kissed him back, tasting the hint of alcohol on his lips. Had he been drinking? However, he promptly pushed me away and gave me a bitter look.
"Do you know how important it is for a person to have self-knowledge? I'm sure you know what your position is. Remember your identity. You're not my wife! You're just my maid!"
When he said that, it felt like daggers stabbing into my heart, one by one. He didn't even think twice before he said those words. It's like he doesn't care whether I'll get hurt or not. A pang of pain struck me, and the memory of his wedding vows flashed through my mind. Did he forget those words?
"Troy, how can you say that? I'm your wife! Don't you have any pity for me?" I asked him bravely.
“You've turned my heart into steel. Have you ever heard of steel having emotions?" He responded. I was confused by what he was saying. I had no idea why he was so angry.
"So now your heart is made of steel? Since when, huh? Troy, what's the problem?! Why don't you want to tell me?" I asked repeatedly, almost dropping my tears.
He didn't answer me because his attention was diverted to the door when someone knocked.
"Who's that?!" He yelled.
"It's me, boss." Dino's response came from outside of the door; maybe he was scared of his master and could sense his bad mood.
"Get out!" Troy ordered.
"Boss, the doctor said he's slowly regaining consciousness," Dino added.
Troy was shocked by Dino's statement and quickly left the house without even looking back or saying goodbye.
"Troy!" I called out to him, but it seemed he didn't hear me. I heaved a sigh.and will wait again until he comes home. But who was Dino referring to? Why did Troy react with such sudden concern? Is he hiding something from me?

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