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Love in the Operation Theatre

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Krystal Janice Alexander is doing all she can to make Kylian Jonathon Alexander to give up the 'Boss of the Operating Theatre' award to her but he's refusing. The hostility continues when Krystal is suddenly transferred to Kyle's place of work for her to operate on an important person,and she has to live in the same apartment with him in the Doctor's Residence. Join me on an exhilarating journey with these doctors that are on a mission to find a medical explanation for falling in love while they encounter different patients and sicknesses,including lovesickness and try their very best to heal their patients. ******* "And the winner of the most coveted medical award is.......Dr K.J Alexander!!!" The mc announced. Everyone expected either a gorgeous lady or a charming gentleman to take the stage so they could not hold their gasps when they got both.

Chapter 1

The shelf had books arranged in a neat row with tags indicating the date it was stored,on everyone of them. Everywhere was impeccably neat in the room except for the table which had all sort of charts and files strewn all over, several opened books lying facedown and little cardboards with notes scribbled on them were accompanying them. Right in the middle of this disaster of a table sat the glass name tag which read "Dr K.J Alexander".

The door was pushed open from outside and someone ran in, apparently in an hurry.

"Doctor, Doctor...." He stopped when his eyes met the brown eyes staring hard at him. Long eyelashes,pretty nose,little nose and an extraordinary long hair same colour as her eyes. Their hospital most revered cardio thoracic surgeon was staring hard at him. The only one in the history of their hospital who took cases like she was eating and could spend 20 hours in the operating theatre without complaining.

He looked around and noticed the papers and charts scattered across the table, he deduced that she was studying a case. Realizing his mistake, he hurriedly composed himself;went back outside and knocked the door.

"Come in."The voice was soft. Softer than usual which signified impending doom to him.

He went in quietly and waited for her to ask him to start speaking before he let all hell loose.

"Doctor,did you hear? I am just coming from the Medical Director's office and i heard you have been transferred"

She stood up,surprise evident on her face. He continued;

"You don't know to which hospital you were transferred,do you? Lucian Rays Teaching Hospital. Also you have to live in ....."He couldn't finish because she stormed right past him.


She slammed the door shut after her and walked to the front of her desk gritting her teeth. Someone came in after her and even though the person still didn't talk,she knew it was the ever nosy Leonard. He must be coming to see her face right now and make jest of her but as usual she would turn the tables.

"What?"She asked,turning to face him. He was looking at his feet but she could tell he was trying hard not to smile.She smirked seeing his look and continued;

"I have been nominated for the"Boss of the Operating Theatre" Award. So go and get my dress ready"

"Krystal!!!"Leonard exclaimed."You weren't just informed of your nomination,right?So why are you just telling me to prepare your dress?"

"Are you questioning me now?Even my dad knows about it so how dare you,his master informant,pretend to know nothing about it? Aren't you having fun prying into my private life and reporting to my dad?"She was closing in on him as she spoke.

Eager to change the topic,Leonard hurriedly said;

"I will get the dress ready."

"I love you K.J Alexander,I love you K.J Alexander"It took Leonard a while to realize that a phone was actually ringing. Krystal went to her desk and picked it up.

"Yes dear....mum will be a little late tonight so don't wait up for me. Love you!!"She hung up.

She noticed Leonard was looking at her with a weird expression so she asked;

"What's wrong?"Her eyebrows were slightly pulled together.

"Your ringtone"He replied."Wasn't that your voice?You actually used a voice recording of yourself pronouncing your love for yourself as your ringtone?"He was staring at her like she grew horns on her head.

"Why? Can't i?Is it a sin to profess my love to myself?"

Leonard shook his head pitifully.

"Just now. Was that Alexis?"He changed the topic knowing that if he didn't, Krystal would probably bug him all day.

"Yes. She's asking if her dear mum would be home later than 11pm tonight just like yesterday"

"Uhm"Leonard cleared his throat."Miss Alexander, why do you keep letting Alexis call you 'mom'. I think it could scare prospective suitors away thinking you are a single mom. Chairman worries about this a lot too."

"Let them go. Who wants them anyway? Alexis calls me mom because i told her to and she knows I'm only her older sister so don't freak out. I wouldn't want a chicken boyfriend anyway though a loyal one like you is manageable. Besides whose dad is the chairman? Yours or mine? So don't worry about him."

Leonard suddenly remembered the reason he had come in before and his face turned serious.

"Doctor,were you told the reason you were transferred to Lucian Rays?"

Krystal's face turned serious too when she heard his question.

"I was told it's top secret. The president of country v is coming here for an heart transplant and he wants the best of the cardiothoracic surgeons here to take care of his surgery irrespective of their hospital. The president apparently contacted the president of our country here who then called the chairman of each prominent hospital in this country. The medical director told me surgeons from each hospital would be meeting at Lucian Rays tomorrow."She informed.

"But Lucian Rays isn't the best hospital in this country so why was the hospital chosen as the venue?"Leonard still felt somewhat doubtful about the whole arrangement.

Krystal shrugged. She had asked that question from the Medical Director too.

"He said it's because Lucian Rays has a Doctor's Residence. We all can stay there and practice the surgery together without having to worry about going home."She looked at Leonard and noticed that the doubt which was evident on his face had subsided. Instead there was a hint of curiosity.

"Will Alexis be going with you?"

"She should. After all the transfer is not permanent. The transfer was just issued so that no one would suspect anything."Krystal checked her watch as she spoke and noticed the time was 7pm. She looked at Leonard.

"I and Alexis would be coming to the award presentation ceremony a little bit late so prepare our seats in a quiet area. Also you don't need to tell dad about the transfer, he would only get riled up thinking it is an underground syndicate behind all these."


"Kyle Jonathon Alexander!!!!"The voice thundered through the whole room making everyone present shudder in fear. All but the man standing right in the middle of the room. It was rare for their king to show his anger unless it concerned his sons:Ethan and Kyle. The source of the present outburst of anger was Kyle,the handsome man who stood in the center of the room,shivering and sneezing.

"How can the heavens curse me with a son as weak as this?"The king thundered,facing no one in particular. He had two sons,both very handsome. The only things which caused him to worry about them was that the older was brave but lacked intelligence while the younger was intelligent but lacked physical strength. He knew that a good ruler didn't necessarily need physical strength to keep his kingdom stable but must possess creativity and intelligence so after studying his two sons,he decided to choose the younger one Kyle,as his successor.

Whenever he seeked his sons opinion on matters concerning the royal affairs, Kyle suggestions were always more useful than Ethan's which were more brutal.

Reynold could still remember the day he pronounced Kyle as his successor. Everyone had been surprised,not because Kyle was the younger son as it wasn't compulsory to hand the throne over to first sons anymore to reduce conspiracy against first sons,but because Kyle was weak. They believed that Kyle could not keep up for long with his weak health. Ethan had expressed his displeasure by destroying the throne room and then disappearing for a week. When he came back,he went to his father and apologized for his behaviour and then sweared his allegiance to his younger brother.

At that time,Kyle frequently had colds, and fevers. Also,his meals had to be prepared and scrutinized by expert chefs. Then,they had ignored his physical weakness so when he asked to be given a chance to go abroad and study Neurosurgery,Reynold had agreed at once. Ethan had come some weeks later to seek his approval to study business administration. Reynold gave his approval even though their choice of career were not fields the royal family had influence in. Still he had hopes,he wanted the royal family to rule the country's resources.

Kyle was 18 when he left while Ethan was 21,they had come back 8 years later when they were 25 and 29 respectively. One as an accomplished Neurosurgeon and the other as a shrewd business man. They both started work at Lucian Rays group. One in the Lucian Rays Teaching Hospital and the other in the Lucian Rays main headquarters.

They started work a year ago so why did it seem like Kyle was getting weaker not only physically but emotionally too.

"How dare you defy my mission? Did you forget your role to bring the Alexander family back to its former glory? Did you forget your role as the future ruler of this country?" Reynold glared at his son. His outburst didn't elicit any reaction from his silver haired son who kept shivering not from fear of his father but from the cold clothes he was in.

"Kyle"Reynold growled. His voice was decreased to almost a whisper so everyone knew what he wanted to talk about."Don't you forget our involvement with the underground. Don't dare. Don't forget that the cars you drive and your living expenses are from the money we got from our collaboration with them. The missions i gave you and your brother are our way of repaying them. Now you screwed up one of the most important missions. If you don't agree to my biddings,i would have to take this Ethan's way."

Kyle finally looked up. Everyone else did too because they knew what Reynold meant by 'Ethan's way'.

"I did not forget any of these but i think you did forget some. I stopped using your money 9 years ago so i don't think i am obliged to obey any of your instructions. I obliged your summon only because of the seal."Kyle's demeanor still had not changed even with the way his father's anger rose.

"Can you hear yourself?You said nine years ago. Before then which money was used to cater for you?The days you spent at the hospital when you were young,did you think your stay in the vvip rooms was for free?I don't need your answers but remember that your coworkers lives depend on you."Reynold said, finally using his trump card. He could see anger brewing in Kyle's eyes,finally.

"What do you want?"Kyle growled, finally giving in to his father's wishes ."Remember if it has anything to do with hurting people then i would prefer to be the one dying instead"He was back to his intelligent and calculative self who also hated to carry on the royal bloodline in this modern age. Imagine a king as a doctor.

Reynold grinned. This was the exact quality he loved in Kyle. His ability to turn tables around to his own benefit. Though Reynold could sometimes make Kyle give in to his wishes,it was always an hard task to accomplish.

"For now i have only a simple task for you. Ethan informed me that you were nominated for a medical award,make sure you get it by all means as it will be useful for us later. Also you have to leave from here to the award venue. Ethan will be leaving with you." As Reynold expected,Kyle refused.

"About the award,i will surely get it but leaving from here to the venue with Ethan?That's a big no. I have to go to the Doctor's Residence and leave with the others. If i leave from here,i would have to go with your guards and my coworkers may notice that."

"You must leave from here. Ethan already prepared for you two to stay in the vvip section together. I don't think any of the other doctors is wealthy enough to afford that section so be rest assured that that none of the doctors will see you unless you go on stage for the award. Rest enough before you leave."That was the final say .

Kyle didn't say anything so Reynold took it that he agreed. He stood up from his throne and walked out with his entourage leaving Kyle behind.


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