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Love After Marriage: Young Master’s Disguised Wife

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Barbara thought that she had married an ordinary man, but who knew that this man transformed into the CEO of her company. Not only that, he was also the most mysterious successor of the richest empire in Asia. In front of others, he was the decisive, cold-blooded leader of the business empire. While in front of her, he spoiled her very much.

Chapter 1;

"Barbara Jones, this is my bank card. The password is 131224. You can buy whatever you need in the house, it's up to you."

It had been hours, and Barbara still remembered what her newlywed husband said when he handed her a bank card before going out in the morning.

To be honest, she knew very little about her husband. She knew nothing about him except that he personally told her his name was Leo Young. She didn't even know much about his family.

Barbara didn't know why she was so courageous to marry a man she had only met twice before. Ten days ago, with the help of her best friend Freda Lawrence, Barbara met this man called Leo after several blind dates. She didn't have any hopes. After all, after being framed three years ago, she didn't have the qualification to be picky.

She could only be picked by others. It was precisely because she could no longer find any fault with others that she arrived fifteen minutes early on the blind date.

If she couldn't gain an advantage on her own conditions, she could only perform better in other aspects; hoping to leave a good impression on each other. If she could meet the right man, she could marry herself off and reassure her parents.The man she was going to meet came neither too early nor too late.

The man was dressed in a suit, and he looked very formal. It made others feel that he attached great importance to this blind date, making Barbara feel that he was very nice.

The way he greeted was also very normal, "Miss Barbara, hello! I am Leo."

As his voice sounded extremely magnetic, it made Barbara have a better impression of him.

After a simple and ordinary conversation, they politely left their phone numbers before leaving.

With many blind dates, Barbara did not take this blind date seriously.She thought that this blind date would end up the same as before, but unexpectedly, she received a call from Leo two days later.

His voice sounded still polite and respectful, "Miss Barbara, are you free tonight?"

That night, Leo invited her to Margot for dinner. Barbara didn't really like such an awkward situation like a blind date, so she spoke very little during the banquet. She looked a little squeamish after the meal, and she didn't eat enough.

She originally wanted to find an excuse to leave first. After some hesitation, Leo spoke up first, "Miss Barbara, I will be free next Wednesday, so how about going to get the marriage certificate?"

"What? What kind of certificate?" Barbara was shocked by Leo's words.

"The marriage certificate." He repeated seriously, which didn't sound like a joke at all.

"The marriage certificate?" Barbara still could not believe what she had heard. She pinched her leg so hard, confirming that she was not dreaming. Only then did she seriously looked him up and down.

Leo looked so handsome that he could be recognized in the crowd. He looked very serious and didn't look like an impulsive person. It was the second time they met, and he had said that he wanted to marry her.

Then, the man said softly, "I think your thoughts are the same as mine. The purpose of dating is to form a family, marry and have children, and live a normal life."

"That's right, I think so, but it's only the second time we've met, don't you think that's too fast?" Barbara told him her own thoughts.

She wanted to have a family of her own, but she didn't expect him to be so hasty. "It is indeed rather fast." Leo still looked calm as he continued, "After our first meeting, I considered for two days. You made a good impression on me. I personally feel that there is no conflict between our personality, so I wanted to give it a try. "

Barbara slightly frowned, and was a little displeased, "Marriage is not a game in my opinion. Try it? "If it doesn't go well, do you want to …" Before she finished, Leo interrupted her, "Miss Barbara, we are all adults. Naturally, we won't expect a love that doesn't exist. We know exactly what we want."

Barbara did not reply, she stared straight at Leo.He looked calm and unassuming, as if he was a good match for marriage.

However, could she really give the rest of her life to a man who she had only met twice?Was it really possible?

Noticing her hesitation, Leo continued, "Perhaps I was too anxious, and did not consider your feelings. If you think that I am still okay, you can go back and think about it. I'll wait for your call."

After returning home that day, Barbara had been thinking about it the entire night.She admitted that she shared some views with Leo, such as the impossible love.

After being so deeply hurt, she could no longer believe that there was love in the world.

The next morning, Barbara dialed Leo's number and agreed to his proposal.Barbara took the household book in the morning, and they went to the Marriage Registration Office to register in the afternoon.

When she and Leo walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with their marriage certificates, she felt weird.It was said that marriage was woman's second life, and now it seemed that it was not as simple as it seemed.

The cheap certificate had carved a special imprint that belonged to Leo, in her life.Yesterday was the day Barbara moved to Leo's apartment.Last night, Leo was very gentle.

He took the initiative to leave the master bedroom for her to rest, while he rested in the other bedroom.Barbara never thought that Leo would actually give his bank card to her before he left for work today.

She still didn't understand him. How could he be so confident to hand over all his possessions to her?"Barbara, all the reporters from the major media are waiting inside. Staffs from the board of directors and the new president will be here soon.

What are you doing? "Rita, the manager of the Public Relations Department, interrupted Barbara.

She quickly recovered herself and straightened up her attitude, "Rita, I'm sorry, I will pay attention."Rita looked at Barbara, and said sternly, "Barbara, although you are the staff of the Business department, since your manager has sent you here to assist our Public Relations Department, you better stay alert and don't drag me down.

"Barbara pursed her lips and nodded, "Rita, I was distracted just now, it won't happen again." Rita looked at Barbara again before she looked away.

She then clapped her hands and called the staffs who were in charge of receiving the guests to come over."Everyone, keep your spirits up.

Today's press conference must be wonderful. We can't afford even the slightest mistake." As Rita spoke, she looked at every single staff seriously.

Chapter 2;

"Yes." staffs of Public Relations Department, who were in charge of receiving the guests and colleagues, who were sent to support replied in unison.

Rita noticed Barbara in the end, "Barbara, I heard that you are the best employee in your profession. In a while, you will follow beside New CEO and take charge of his work.

You don't have to worry about other matters. " Barbara nodded, but before she replied, Sally, the employee of Public Relations Department, gloated at her,

"Barbara, if our New CEO is not married yet, will you get him first?"To put it bluntly, if there was a chance to get close to the new president, why was it her turn when no one went.

Rita glared at Sally, "Today, it might be related to our future, you guys have better be more serious."After being scolded by Rita, no one made a sound.

Barbara took a deep breath quietly, trying to do her best at work.

No wonder Rita was nervous, since this matter happened so suddenly.

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