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"I Exclusively Cherish Thee Alone"

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In the quaint dance of fate, they were childhood sweethearts, their destinies intricately woven by familial machinations into the tapestry of betrothal. Bound by familial decree, they embarked on an engagement journey, compelled to share not only vows but also the confines of a single chamber and the embrace of a common bed. One fateful evening, a concoction of spirits led her into an inadvertent inebriation, and in the muddled haze of emotions, he seized the opportunity to imprint a stolen kiss upon her lips, savoring the forbidden fruit with a taste for clandestine desires. The clandestine escapades continued, veiled in secrecy until an unexpected revelation laid bare his transgressions. Accused, he met her allegations with a sly smile, asserting, "You are my wife; why should I not savor your essence?" Thus began their daily routine of banter and playful bickering, a façade of disdain concealing the profound significance that each held for the other. When witnessing her proximity to other male figures triggered his latent possessiveness, he chose to bind her even closer, ensnaring her in an exclusive realm where she became uniquely his. In this tantalizing narrative of love, mischief, and possessive ardor, the stage is set for a riveting exploration of their intertwined destinies and the undeniable magnetism that pulls them together amidst the playful sparring of hearts.

Chapter 1

**Chapter 1: Where Have You Been Reveling**

Mù Xiǎo Xiǎo dragged an oversized suitcase, standing at a doorway secured with a high-tech palm print lock. Without much thought, she reached out, expecting to hear a 'beep' as the door swung open.

To her surprise, the door remained steadfast, leaving her momentarily perplexed.

"What's going on?" She kicked the door, but it barely budged.

Baffled, she reluctantly rang the doorbell. Growing impatient, she began to shout, "Yín Shào Jié, open the door for me!"

However, even if someone were inside, the luxury apartment boasted impeccable soundproofing, rendering her cries unheard.

Mù Xiǎo Xiǎo pouted, muttering, "Could that scoundrel not be at home?"

Glancing at the time, it was already eleven at night. If he wasn't home at this hour, he must be reveling outside.

Humph, that despicable Yín Shào Jié!

Mù Xiǎo Xiǎo pursed her lips, left with no choice but to call Yín's mother.

Unsure if Yín's mother was already asleep, it took a while for the call to connect.

Once connected, she explained, "Mrs. Yín, didn't you set up my access? I can't open the door, and that scoundrel Yín Shào Jié is not at home!"

Apologizing, Mrs. Yín said, "I'm sorry, dear. I forgot to tell you. Yín's apartment, even my palm print isn't registered. He insisted on keeping everyone out. You'll have to figure it out yourself. Call him and tell him to come back immediately to open the door for you."

Mù Xiǎo Xiǎo, hearing Mrs. Yín's slightly breathless voice, didn't dwell on it, merely ended the call with a shy "Goodnight, Mrs. Yín."

She dialed Yín Shào Jié's number and, considering they hadn't seen each other in a while, wondered if he'd recognize her voice.

It took a while before he answered.

As soon as the call connected, Mù Xiǎo Xiǎo confidently shouted, "Yín Shào Jié! Where have you been reveling? I'm back in the country, standing outside your apartment. Hurry up and open the door for me!"

However, the voice on the other end wasn't Yín Shào Jié's but that of an unfamiliar man. "Are you looking for Jié Shào? He's busy right now. Call back later."

With that, the call was abruptly ended.

Staring at her phone, Mù Xiǎo Xiǎo couldn't believe her call had been dismissed.

Evidently, the person who answered was Yín Shào Jié's lackey. Could even a lackey dare to mistreat her?


On the other side, inside a bar's private room.

Yín Shào Jié was drinking with someone, a beautiful girl nestled beside him, intimately holding his hand. "Jié Shào, are you drunk?"

This time, Yín Shào Jié had won, and his opponent obediently downed a large glass before rushing to the restroom to vomit.

Yín Shào Jié sneered, a bit intoxicated as he leaned back on the sofa.

Hàn Yùn Er gazed at his devilishly handsome face, unable to resist leaning in, her hands resting on his chest. She felt the firmness of his well-defined muscles and became even more infatuated with his charm.

A perfect man like Shào Jié was hard to come by in the world. She had to firmly grasp his heart to transform into a phoenix rising to the top.

Staring at his sensuous lips, she couldn't help but press down, wanting to kiss him.

They say Yín Shào Jié has had countless women, yet none have received his kiss. The rumor goes that the woman who manages to be kissed by him is his destined one.

Chapter 2

**Chapter 2: Daring to Command Him**

"Jié Shào..." She murmured sweetly, a voice capable of softening any man's heart.

Except for Yín Shào Jié.

Just as she was about to kiss his lips, Yín Shào Jié suddenly furrowed his brow. His eyes snapped open, deep as ink, meeting her gaze.

In the next moment, a trace of displeasure flashed in his eyes as he unceremoniously pushed her away.

"Stay away from me!" Due to excessive drinking, he seemed uncomfortable, supporting his forehead with his hand. Despite this, his tone was cold and indifferent.

Hàn Yùn Er pouted, approaching to hug his arm. "Jié Shào, you're drunk. Let me support you."

Yín Shào Jié frowned, searching his own pockets but finding nothing. He sharply demanded, "Where's my phone?"

His lackey rushed over, holding his phone. "Jié Shào, Jié Shào, your phone is here. It f


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