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Hundred Shades Of Love

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Just Before the engagement party began, Audrey walked up to Keith with the bad news. “Sophia is missing, am guessing she must have eloped with her boyfriend Frederick”. Keith dazed at her, everyone was gathered, his family, friends, business partners and reporters were everywhere all eagered to meet the young mistress of the Winslow family. He strode into the room and meet Lindsey, the event planner, staring at her, he uttered “Can you fit into Sophia's shoe" Audrey stared at him stunned, the suprise look on her face mixed with jealousy didn't escape Lindsey who gulped feeling nervous. "Keith what are you doing?" Audrey asked but Keith didn't spare her a glance.

Chapter 1

Lindsey stared at the mirror in her hand checking her make-up.

"Perfect" her lips curved in a satisfactory smile.

She stood up and walked to her bed while adjusting her Blue pants. She grabbed her black purse and turned to leave but the sound of her buzzing phone stopped her.

"Oops!, That call is a saver, I almost forgot my phone" she said as she reached for it.

She sneered looking at the caller ID, She rolled her eyes answering the call.

"Lindsey, it took you till the second call to pick up my call Tell me whose husband are you fornicating with" Katherine yelled

Lindsey withdrew the phone from her ears, closing her eyes briefly, trying so hard not to snap at the woman ‘She was always getting on her nerves.

"Ma, I'm not sleeping with anyone's husband, please can you stop mentioning that whenever you call" Lindsey grabbed her keys from the table which she had forgotten as well.

"Really?, the same way you said no man was sponsoring you, and you were caught in bed with your elder sister's husband huh?"

Lindsey was used to that insult so it didn't break her as much as Katherine thought it would.

She took in a deep breath, walking towards the compound car park.

"I'm going to work Ma, if you called to remind me of how much of a wh*r* I am then please wait till I have nothing important to do and ready to entertain such"

She was now driving out of the compound in her red Audi A4 car.

"Work, by this time?"

"I'm an event planner ma, I got an event planning contract a few weeks ago and it's normal for me to attend the engagement party that I planned, it would help me know the kind of guests that would be attending their wedding so_"

"So you can cheat with them too" Katherine was bent on reminding Lindsey of her past mistakes.

"No Ma!" Lindsey yelled getting exhausted.

"Just don't worry, you won't understand even if I explain since you are not an event planner" Lindsey tried to end the conversation, she didn't want to argue with her stepmother but Katherine wasn't done with her yet.

"I'm just wondering when you will plan your wedding, you seem to be busy planning every other person's wedding except yours"

Lindsey didn't utter a word, not even a sound, Katherine would definitely get tired of doing the whole talking and end the call.

"You should add your younger sister, Nancy, to the list, she found a man," Katherine said.

"Oh wow, that's good news, I will call her later to congratulate her" Lindsey smiled

"You should, I just thought I should remind you that you would be twenty-nine tomorrow, I wonder how you will find a man when you get to thirty, Men don't like old cargo," Katherine said.

Just, as usual, she wants to start bragging about her kids and their success.

'For goodness sake, aside from the fact, she is still single, she is doing pretty well for herself, at least she pays her rent and feeds herself.

"I just hope you won't end up being a desperate woman like your mother and start jumping from one man to the other, you might not be as lucky as she is to find someone that would marry you when you get pregnant"

Lindsey gulped down, Yes, she grew up being reminded daily about her mum's wayward life which unfortunately for her she was the product of.

Her mum had abandoned her when she was just two years to get married to another man, who refuse to take in a stepdaughter, she was kept at the mercy of her step-mum Katherine.

"Hello, are you still there?" Katherine asked, she was expecting Lindsey to retort but she rather remind silent.

"I will call Nancy to discuss the wedding preparations, goodnight" she tried to sound normal but her trembling voice betrayed her.

Katherine smiled before ending the call, she always gets the last laugh.

Lindsey drove into Eco hotels, the biggest and most expensive in the city, she parked carefully on one of the empty slots.

Taking a second look at her face to make sure her make-up was still intact, she alighted from the car and walked into the venue.

She smiled at the decoration which looked splendid, the Winslow family was very rich, powerful, and influential in New York and to Lindsey, it was a big honor for her to plan the wedding of the third son in the family.

"Hi, you must be Ms. Lindsey Roach, the wedding planner" Lindsey turned toward the direction of the feminine voice.

She reciprocated the cute smile the lady was giving her "Yes I am, Good evening" and she took the handshake she was offering.

"I'm Mrs. Audrey Roberts, the groom's best friend, the one you spoke with on the phone a few weeks ago, Remember?" Audrey asked.

"Of course, I remember you were the one that got me this job, thanks so much for recommending me Mrs. Roberts, it means a lot to me" Lindsey thanked her.

"You can call me Audrey, let's be informal with each other please, as for the recommendation, you did a fanatic job at my girlfriend's wedding, I couldn't resist recommending you," Audrey says.

"Thank you, Audrey, you can also call me Lindsey," Lindsey said.

"Sure, Come with me, I will introduce you to the staff and then to the couple," Audrey said leading the way while Lindsey followed.

"Nice outfit, I was able to get a grasp of your job seeing your outfit" Audrey complimented.

Lindsey was putting on a yellow long-sleeve shirt tucked into blue pants, she wore a blue heel to match and then her black purse.

"Thank you, you aren't looking bad yourself," Lindsey said.

"I know right" they got to where the staffs were and Audrey did the necessary introduction.

Before they walked to the platinum lounge of the hotel, where the bride stayed, waiting for the event to start.

"You arrived a little late, I thought you would come along with your staff, an hour ago to supervise the work," Audrey said, they were in the elevator.

"Oh, about that, I had some emergencies to take care of but my PA is equal to the task, she's just as good as I am,' Lindsey said.

"Impressive" the elevator beeped, opening, they got off and walked to the bride's room

Audrey knocked lightly before opening the door, the sweet orange fragrance welcomed them to the cozy and luxurious suite.

"Sophia, the event planner is here, you should meet her" Audrey announced their presence but got no response.

Lindsey sat in the lounge while Audrey walked into the room to find Sophia.

"I think she stepped out, maybe you should wait for her" Audrey said, coming out of the room alone.

"That's not a problem at all" Lindsey smiled at her.

Audrey walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of wine and a glass for Lindsey

"Please don't get drunk, the party starts in thirty minutes, as you must have noticed, the guests have started arriving and the paparazzi are all around, you don't want to mess things up" Audrey warned.

"I'm not a heavy drinker, and I certainly don't get drunk while working," Lindsey said proudly.

"I need to step out and welcome other guests," Audrey said and disappeared.

Lindsey stood up walking around the suite smiling, she couldn't wait to meet the bride who was stepping into the best phase of her life, Lindsey couldn't imagine being the wife of the fifth richest man in New York and the mainstay of the Winslow conglomerate.

Those kinds of privileges happen in movies and not in the cruel and realistic world, she was in.

She took out her phone from her bag, taking some pictures for her Instagram, she quickly edited the picture and uploaded it, smiling alone.

Keith raised his head to the sound of the door, he smiled as Audrey walked seductively to him.

" I sent for you a few minutes ago"

"I had to welcome the event planner, she's waiting in Sophia’s room," Audrey said leaning over him

"You looked rather too handsome tonight, Are you getting handsome for Sophia?" Audrey asked and he raised a brow at her, giving her a flattering smile.

"You know I can never do that, I only get handsome for one woman and that woman is you" Keith kissed her softly, Audrey smiled

Keith kissed her wrapping his hands around her waist. Audrey’s eyes closed as he kissed her harder. She touched his biceps breathing heavily kissing him back.

He put his hands inside her dress touching her. Keith laid her down getting on top of her. Audrey touched his chest. Keith squeezed her breast and pulled her closer taking off her dress then cupped her breast.

Audrey moved her hand down to his pants and touched the curved thing in between his leg. She massaged him feeling him get even harder in her hand.

She unzipped his pants and took it out then stroked him as he closed his eyes briefly on top of her.

He thrust into her hand groaning in her ear as her p*ssy throbbed.

He massaged her breasts twisting her n*ppl*s getting them sensitive. Audrey closed her eyes feeling his warm mouth on them. She squeezed her muscles as he s*ck*d her nipple making her throb even more.

Keith pushed her hand off his dic then he went between her legs looking at her smoothness, his heart racing even more. He leaned over sucking her.

Audrey closed her eyes putting her hands on his head as that tongue did everything on her till she was vibrating underneath him moaning.

Keith paused then flipped her. Audrey knelt with her chest on the bed and a.s.s in the air. Mando slowly pushed in and fuvk…

A shiver ran down his back at the unimaginable feeling. He pushed himself further in, Audrey paused about to raise her chest reminding herself of how she had done it before then she #removed.

Audrey closed her eyes on top of him rocking him like she were on a horse. He put his hands on her flexible waist as she went even faster losing control, her moans getting louder

Keith grunted holding her waist and thrust from underneath tilting his hips. His banana-shaped dic hit a sensitive spot.  Audrey screamed at the impact.

Their bodies slammed against each other over and over till she let go convulsing as he filled her up.

She finally stopped and lay on top of him shaking.

She slowly got off him a while later then smiled as he smiled letting her remain on top of him.

"That was the best I have had" Keith kissed her forehead.

"Just promise me you won't leave me for Sophia," Audrey said, she placed her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

"You should know that Sophia is just a stepping stone, she's temporary and my love for you is permanent" Keith said.

Just then a knock was heard on the door and the two love birds looked towards the door, dazed for a moment.

Chapter 2

"Who is there?" Keith stared at the door, while Audrey hurriedly wore her clothes.

"The event is about to start, mum asked if I should call you to meet some important guests" Tiana, Keith's sister said.

Audrey let out a sigh of relief, she had thought it was Sophia.

"Okay, I will be down in a jiffy," he said, Tiana nodded her head and walked away.

Keith turned to Audrey giving her a flattering smile "I need to go and check on Sophia" Audrey perked him and stood up.

"Okay, make sure she doesn't make crazy questions for the wedding, I'm not sure how long I can keep up with her," Keith said grabbing his phone.

"You should trust me, on that" Audrey put on her heels and blew a kiss to Keith before leaving the room.

Keith smiled looking at the door Audrey just walked through, he dropped his phone and went into the bathroom to wash himself up.

A few minutes late


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