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“Love is for the soul and sex is for the body. Both cry out for satisfaction.” "This isn't what I wanted, I don't want this !!! I want something more with you Howard, when would you ever give me the attention I need, when would you ever give me the respect I need? I love you, Howard!!! "Selena hollered at him, with tears rolling down her cheeks and her face as red as cherry. After five years of separation from her relationship, a twenty-two-year-old Italian Selena Greco runs into her ex-boyfriend Howard Turner after leaving home to get a better life, and just like five years ago, all the feelings came back. She wasn't aware he was the owner of the company she had applied for a job as his secretary, and things got steamy between the two. She finds it difficult to leave this mess that she had gotten herself into again, she wanted a solid relationship while Howard wanted otherwise. What happens when she finally decides to leave him for real this time? Would he take a step forward and give her the commitment she yearns for this time?

Chapter 1

"What a day?" Selena mutters as she dropped a piece of paper that was given to her earlier. She had been out hunting for jobs since she relocated to California in the United States, she had left all that she had known while growing up and her family in Italy. She was beginning to lose hope that she would never be able to find a job here after several rejections from different companies. This was her last hope or she have no choice but to go back home, she already spent most of her savings to feed and that wasn't the plan.

She desperately needed a change, cause for the past few years all she had to take was rejection from different angles, the worst rejection she had to face was when her now ex-boyfriend Howard chose someone else over her, that was probably the hardest pain she has had to endure over the past five years. Just this job and she would be the happiest person on earth. She wants a job that was going to earn her enough for her and her family which she had left back home in Italy. Especially her mamma and papa. They had worked all their lives to fend for Selena and her siblings and now was the time they needed to start receiving from all their hard work. Selena had this weight on her but yet it was extremely difficult to find a decent job, it would be disappointing if she has to go back to her home in Italy with nothing, not even a husband.

She heaved a sigh as she opens the door to her empty house, she couldn't afford any furniture yet just a small mattress to lay on at night and a gas cooker to make her small meals. She flings her high heels which she had tried so much to keep up with during the day, she had waited for this moment as soon as she stepped out of the house earlier that morning. She undresses and runs into the shower as if her life depended on it at that moment, she had walked the walk of a lifetime in those shaky heels.

She had her bath and didn't feel like leaving the shower it felt so peaceful, it calmed her of the chaos and stress of that day.

" I need this job " she mutters

as she wraps herself in her white towel. This interview had stressed her the most since she arrived in California. If she didn't get this one in particular it would be disappointing.

She lays on her bed and reflects on the interview she had at Howards Groups, it had remembered her ex-boyfriend Howard who broke up with her just after a few months of their relationship. Despite how much he had hurt her she was still in love with this man, it sounded really stupid but she was helpless here, she couldn't do anything to help herself but be in love with Howard. It was difficult moving on but did little she know she had just walked back into his life.

She had always questioned her existence since the very day that Howard had invited her to dinner, foolish her thinking it was a romantic date and they would probably have some fun that night but Howard had something else in store for Selena.

"I want to discuss something with you, "he

said as he gently moves his from hers at that moment she could tell something was off.

"What's it ?" she stuttered, she was nervous at the sight of the serious look on his face and how he had to compose himself before letting it out.

"I have been seeing someone lately and I would like to end this relationship" she

felt her heart sink into her stomach, how could he do this to her not only was he ending the relationship, but he had also been seeing someone else during their relationship. The question that hit her was for how long had he been cheating on her and she was there being the loyal girlfriend. How stupid was she to think she would be loved by a man like Howard? But she'd rather keep that to herself than ask him and get her heart even more broken. Seeing his name at the entrance of that company and also over and over again while she moved around the place and did her interview only made memories from that day hunt her.

"Well that's in the past once I get this job everything will be okay," she thought to herself. She believed that once she got this job her life would be way more stable and she could probably get herself a man. A man to take home to her parents back in Italy and walk down the aisle with most especially.

She kept checking her phone over and over again. Each time feeling disappointed. She grabbed a hoodie and put it on and went for a walk.

As she walked down the streets she bumps into some guys who looked dangerous with tattoos all over them not a single one was without tattoos and earing, they looked like bad guys, she regretted having to pass through that route.

"Hey come over here," one of the men said who appeared to be the boss. She just wanted to have a night stroll and get all the load off her chest, not this. This wasn't in her plan for tonight. She acted like she didn't hear them but two guys came after her, she started walking faster and it didn't seem fast enough so she started running.

She suddenly feel someone grab her, maybe this was her end, there was no way she would escape this huge dangerous guy now. But she was confused about what they wanted from her, and it suddenly hit her was she going to get raped.

She struggled to get away from him but was pulled closer to him, there was no way she would escape this man now she was sure she was going to get raped tonight.

Chapter 2

She was too scared to look up and wondered what was going to happen to her next, she wished someone could just come to save her, why didn't she just stay in the comfort of her little house then her heart wouldn't have been pounding so hard in the middle of the street at night. She didn't know what was going to happen next, she wasn't a saint but wouldn't want to be forced into having sex with random guys in the streets.

The place was suddenly quiet as she looked up she saw the same person she had dreamt of several nights, the same person she always wished to see Howard was standing right in front of her. Even though she had missed him so much she hated the fact that he had broken her heart close to him felt like a blessing and a curse. She was shocked at how was he here.

"Howard "she mutters without knowing when his name had come out of her mouth, she had planned to turn around and leave the moment she saw him but her body and her lips


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