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His Possession In Discretion

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Brielle Newman A 21-year-old girl who was struggling to make life comfortable for herself and her niece, Delilah. Her sister left the baby the minute she could get up and leave the hospital. Brielle hasn't seen her since. She also hasn't seen her parents who walked out on her at 17 or her brother who went to the army and hasn't contacted her for 9 months in counting. Being all by herself she's desperately trying to give Delilah a life she never got to experience. Killian Russell A 24-year-old ruthless CEO who doesn't tolerate negligence or stupidity. He wouldn't blink an eye before firing someone who worked for him for years. Make one mistake and you're done. His parents were extremely proud of his success. He never had a stable relationship. He was once a hit it and quit it guy but now he just lays low as most women throw themselves at him just for his money. Being the richest man in the northeast and second richest in the country he has no time for love. When he finds little Delilah in a Starbuck's ordering a coffee he follows her out. She takes him to Brielle who instantly made something click in Killian changing their lives forever.


Killian's POV

" William.. I am only going to say this once so listen the f*ck up " I sneered into the phone as I walked down New York City's busy street.

" O-ok sir " I heard him gulp and I rolled my eyes.

" You are responsible for not bringing the documents to my office when I asked you last week. You are responsible for my stocks going up and down for no reason at all. I need you put the f*ck*ng files in my office like yesterday f*ck*ng fast. And if this company has any more faults because of your carelessness I will ruin you. "

Before he was able to respond I ended the call. I've been meaning to fire him sooner or later but second chances keep trying to invade my brain. Being 24 and owner of the largest and most successful enterprise in the country, there is no room for mistakes. I only hire the best of the best. If you go behind my back once I'll make sure you never work in this country again.

KR Inc. is my company and I've worked on it for 5 years. Getting my Bachelor's degree while still in high school I was ahead in all of my classes. I had no time for friends or partying nor did I want to be involved with any of it. I had one friend throughout my childhood. Blaine Porter. I honestly don't know why I'm still his friend. His personality is just too far over the bar.

He also finished college while in high school and we went to the top together. I just went further than he did. Speaking of the devil I looked down to see he was calling me. I picked it up and held it to my ear.

" Blaine what do you want? " I asked irritated as I walked across the street. Many people recognized me and made sure to get out of my way.

" Kiki!! How are you my friend? " I rolled my eyes.

" It's Killian and I'm doing fine. What do you want? "

" Aww is someone a little p*ss*d that they didn't get laid last night? "

" You know I don't do those degrading activities anymore. " I replied and he laughed.

" I'm just saying. Would be nice to get a little p*ssy now and then "

" Again Blaine what do you want? "

" Just wanted to talk to my bestie "

" Don't you have a company to run? " He went silent for a second.

" Sh*t you're right! Gotta go!! " He ended the call and I shook my head. Typical Blaine. I walked into a Starbuck's and went into the line. I decided to take a little stroll in streets before I go back to work and completely lose my sh*t on everyone.

There were three people in line. A couple who was ordering and a lady who was behind them. I could feel the stares of everyone in the room but I didn't pay them any attention. I looked down at my watch to check the time. 11:38 AM. I still had a few minutes before I need to get back. As I looked at my watch, in my peripherals I saw a little girl jumping up and down as her curls flew through the air. I didn't even notice that she was in front of me. I put my hands in my pockets and watched her as she sung softly.

" I'm in love with shape of you. We push and pull like a mag-i-tude " I smirked at her mispronunciation of the word magnitude. I assumed she was the daughter of the woman who was now ordering since the couple had finished. When the woman finished I was expecting the little girl to go with her but she went the opposite way of where the woman went. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked back to the counter.

Before I was able to take one step the sound of a chair scraping went through the room. I looked over to see her pushing a chair with a look of determination. When she reached the counter she hopped onto the chair and stood as she held onto the counter.

" Hi. Can I get a ma-nilla latte with no ice please? " I tilted my head as I watched her order.

" Ok that will be $4.12 sweetheart " She pulled a few dollars out of her pocket and I looked around.

" Does anyone else see this? Anyone? A child is ordering Starbuck's. " I said and people just shrugged their shoulders. The barista took the money and as she went to go make the drink the little girl hopped off the chair and pushed it back over to the table. She went up to the counter and grabbed the latte.

" Thank you! " She walked out the cafe and I just stared at her in awe. What the hell just happened? I walked out of the store and followed her.

" Excuse me sweetheart? " I said and she turned around and smiled.

" Hello sir! " I bent down to her level. Her curls fell down her back and her blue eyes were bright and vibrant.

" Hello darling. What's your name? "

" D-Delilah what's yours? " She stuttered as she smiled.

" You can call me Killian. Now Delilah honey is that latte for you? "

" No it's for Bribri. W-want to meet her?? " She asked happily and I nodded my head.

" Sure I'd love to meet her " She giggled and grabbed my hand in hers.

" C-come on! She's in the library! " She led me to her 'Bribri' and I decided to asked her a few questions.

" How old are you Delilah? "

" 3 and 3 quarters.... I think " She said proudly and I chuckled.

" Does Bribri know you're out here? "

" N-not really " She said as we reached the library. I opened the door for her and she walked through.

" Thank you " She said and I nodded my head. She led me to the back and on the way she waved hello the old man sitting behind the desk. He smiled and waved back. He made eye contact with me and his jaw dropped. I ignored him as I followed the little girl. She took me to a small corner of the library which held a table, a cart filled with books to put back in the shelves and on the table there was newspapers, a book bag, and a small laptop that looked a bit scratched.

We heard rustling and the pitter patter of feet on the other side of the library. We walked over and I saw a small girl throwing the kids toys around and looking under tables and chairs.

" D-delilah? B-baby no more hide and seek. You can c-come out now. Dede baby? " She said as she ran her fingers through her long wavy brown locks and I could see tears in her eyes.

" Bribri I'm right here!! " She yelled in the library and the girl turned quickly making her brown hair flare around her. Delilah ran over to her and she picked her up and sighed.

" What did I say about running off? You scared me very very b-badly "

" I'm sorry. I-I just wanted to get you this " She gave held up the latte and the girl smiled.

" Baby where did you get the money for this? "

" Your wallet... " Delilah said softly and the girl sighed as she set her down and gave her head a kiss and put the latte on the table.

" Thank you sweetheart.. Why don't you run along and go see if Mr. Burkley needs any help ok? " Delilah nodded and skipped off to find the man from earlier. She pushed her hair over her shoulder and picked up the drink and took a sip. I cleared my throat to make my presence known and she jumped and made eye contact with me.

She looked to be at the most 5'0 nothing compared to my 6'3. Her lips were bright pink and her blue eye's were also very bright and vibrant. I walked over to her and she bit her lip. It made my eye twitch for a second but I shook it off. She had on light blue skinny jeans, with a white sweater and white low cut converse.

" You must be Bribri " I said softly and she shook her head as she smiled softly.

" I-it's Brielle " Even her name sounded angelic.

" The names Killian... I didn't mean to follow her I just found it a bit fascinating how a 3 year old ordered Starbuck's all by herself. " She laughed as she grabbed a few books off the table and her drink.

" She's very smart for her age " She walked towards the table in the back and I followed her swiftly.

" Is she your daughter? " I asked as they had similar features but Delilah didn't address her as her mother.

" Oh um no. She's my niece. My sister wasn't really ready for a kid. " She said putting the books on the table. I nodded my head as I decided not to push the subject. She opened her book bag and pulled her wallet out. I discreetly looked over her shoulder and watched as she opened it and she only had $40.

She sighed and put it back in her bag. She looked over to me and smiled sadly.

" Everything ok? " I asked her and she pushed her hair out of her face.

" Everything's fine.. Just trying to look for a new job. " She said and I looked down at all of the newspapers.

" What's your occupation now? "

" I'm part time here at the library and also part time at a dance studio. " I nodded my head and my watch beeped. I looked down to see it was already 12. I looked back up at her and smiled politely.

" I don't mean to be rude Brielle but I have to get going " She nodded her head and stuck her hand out for me to shake.

" It was nice to meet you Killian " I grabbed her hand and brought it to my lips giving it a small kiss.

" Believe me darling.. the pleasure was all mine. " She blushed madly and I smirked before walking away. I walked past the front desk and Delilah waved from the seat.

" Bye Killy!! See you later! " I smiled.

" I'll see you later sweetheart " I made it outside and I pulled phone out and called my driver, George.

" Yes sir? " He answered.

" I need you to come pick me up. Use the GPS coordinates to track my location "

" Of course sir " Five minutes went by and he pulled up in front of me. He came out and opened the door for me and I stepped into the back. He came back to front.

" To headquarters sir? " He asked.

" You know it George " He pulled off and I opened my phone to answer a few of the hundreds of emails I received this morning. As I tried to concentrate the image of Brielle kept clouding my head. It seemed that she didn't know the least bit about me. Just the thought of her made my hand twitch. For some reason I felt some sort of need to see her again


Brielle's POV

I looked back to the shelves as the blush refused to leave my face. I walked back to the cart and started to push to the next book aisle I had to fill. I entered the horror section and I took a sip from the latte Delilah got me. It's not her fault for buying this. She doesn't know I'm struggling to get money or anything.

If I had some kind of help from my family I feel as though I wouldn't be stressing as much. My parents were always a bit distant during my childhood and just the fact that they left me in the house one day when I was 17 with just $1,000 and a note, broke my heart. I had to get a job and learn how to pay bills because my sister decided I would be fine on my own and also left me.

It was when she called me to come see her in the hospital that I actually got to see her after 7 months. When I arrived at the hospital and went to her room she was gone. I found Delilah in a incubator since she was premature and I didn't leave the hospital unt


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