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Hire A Maid

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Hire A maid for Mr Arrogant Meet Angelina Moore, a young lady who is determined to bring her parents out of poverty they find themselves in. Meet Daves martins a young billionaire who works night and day to grow and promote his business. what happens when they cross path? Angelina was hired to be Dave's maid by his dad but Daves never accepted as his maid due to the fact that he never liked maids being hired by his father plus he hated Angelina due to the unfortunate incident that has happened between them before. what happens when they cross path? Read to find out.

One...... The competition

Angelina's point of view:

"Angelina, I have trust in you, I know you can do it, all you have to do is to believe in yourself and don't panic, and don’t forget to wish the opponent best of luck and always put on a beautiful smile on that pretty face of yours" my mom Morgan Moore advised me about the competition I am going for today.

My name is Angelina Moore; I am from an average family. We are poor, my dad is a fisherman and my mom assists him in selling the fish in the market. I have a younger sibling, Abbey Moore and my dad is Raymond Moore. We live happily even without being rich.

Enough of me, well the competition is about biology, science is everything in this life well that is my belief because I love science. SCIENCE IS MY LIFE, I CAN'T DO WITHOUT IT.

I study all the science subjects in high school but my best subject is biology. I really want to study biology in university but due to the financial status of my family, I have to work to earn enough before going to college. I heard about this biology competition a few months ago so I decided to apply for it. If I win this competition, I will win a sum of $15,000 and I will be able to provide a better shelter for my family. I would be able to buy a better house in one of the estates in town. We live in a rough apartment that we rented on the rural side of the country which I don’t like so I have that determination to buy us a house after all what is my job as the eldest child of the family. I am 21 years old; I should have been catering for the family and that’s why I don’t want to lose this opportunity.

“Come back to reality, Angelina. What are you thinking about; don’t forget what I told you. I believe in you, my child. And if you don’t win, it's okay we will just move on with our lives baby” she said, but I know I won’t lose.

“No, mother I won’t lose, are you not the one that always says that we should never stop until we achieve our goals and we should always have positive mind and I always to as you always say so now tell me how I will lose, never I won’t lose because this is part of my dreams, mom you should know the type of child you have given birth to” I smiled at her, no matter how I will always make my parents proud.

“I have to go now, and don’t forget to come exactly on time or else I won’t eat tonight, well I am just joking you know I don’t joke around with my food” I stood up, and went to the door

“And don’t forget to pray for me, love you” I blew her a kiss and went out of the house to the hall where the competition will take place.

I got to the hall exactly the time I planned to get there. I revised and when it was time for the competition, I wished my entire opponents best of luck as my mom advised and wore a smile on my face even when I felt a little scared.


“…………………………. And the last contestant is Angelina Moore, she is twenty one and a biology addict, I can say she can’t do without biology, please let's give her rounds of clap” I waved to the people, what can I probably do anyway?

And the game began; I was asked severe questions regarding biology topics like: micro organisms, reproduction, ecosystem and so on. I got almost all the questions except two questions. That scared me. I found myself in the final round. The final round was tough but still went through with it and I was good with my result.

The competition is now over and we are waiting for the result. During the competition I kept on recalling my mom’s words which helped me a lot. Thank you God and mom love you.

The host came back on the stage to announce the winner, I started to chew my lip, and I do that when I am nervous, God almighty please help me out, and you know I really need this money.

“THE WINNER OF THIS YEAR’S SCIENCE CONTEST IS THE ONE AND ONLY BIOLOGY ADDICT, HER PERFORMANCE WAS COMMENDABLE. OUT OF 50 QUESTIONS SHE WAS ASKED, SHE MISSED EIGHT QUESTIONS. SHE SCORED 80% OUT OF 100%, YOU HAVE REALLY SHOWN THAT YOU STUDIED HARD FOR THIS COMPETITION. AND THE WINNER IS ANGELINA MOORE, YOU ARE AMAZING, GIRL. NEVER ONE HAS EVER SCORED UP TO THIS IN THE HISTORY OF REALITY CONTEST” I couldn’t believe my ears, I won the contest. I didn’t know when tears started to fall from my eyes; well they are tears of joy. My parents ran from the audience section to hug me whom I embraced, the truth is that I feel dumb right, it is like a dream right now. Of course that was part of my dreams.

“PLEASE COME FORWARD TO RECEIVE YOUR REWARD” the host said through the microphone. I went up to the stage with my family to receive the amazing blessing. The remaining scenes at the competition were blurring.

“Now Angelina you won’t worry about your college fees” my mom said after settling in the living room.

“Mom, I can still do that by looking for work or going for scholarship programmers’ but right now what I want to use the money to do is to buy a house for a house in a good estate. Mom I don’t like this environment at all, the thugs smoke weeds and the smell won’t let us sleep at night and moreover it is bad for dad’s condition. I want us to have our own home instead of begging the landlord to give us time to gather the rental fee. Please dad and mom don’t say no. I have even searched for homes and I have seen portable homes for us where we can have our own rooms and a big kitchen and separate toilets. I will pay for the house tonight” I said with a stern face which gives them the signal not to oppose my decision

“But Angelina……..” my mom tried to talk.

“Please mom, just let’s do this, I still have five thousand dollars, if I work hard I will get the remaining fee before it resumes. Please I beg you”

My dad started crying, I rushed to him to console him “Dad stop acting childish, it's my duty and don’t forget that I will always make you happy no matter what. Hmm if you don’t stop crying I will start to cry too” I wiped his tears with my fingers. “Smile daddy or else”

“They are tears of joy drama queen lets me go and freshen up, thanks for saving our lives” he stood up and went straight to his room, my dad was never a was a carefree, he is so conservative and shy, he rarely talks

“Dad, will you stop that already?” I said, annoyed.


I went to my room and I paid for the house, we will move in within a week. That’s cool

God, thank you for today

And after that I fell asleep

Two... He is a playboy

Dave’s point of view:

“Why did you break up with Molly, Dave?” my friend Harris junior asked.

“I am tired of her shit, and why are you so concerned about it?” I replied him. I don’t give shit, people say I am arrogant and heartless. I love my title like that anyway because no one dares to mess the one and only Dave martins. Being in this position is not easy, I worked non-stop day and night to be in this position. At 25 years of age I accomplished what my dad or any other billionaires haven't accomplished. I have multi billion companies but I am still in the third position of the richest man in America. But I am the hottest bachelor. I love that about me.

Girls drill for me, they want to make me theirs but instead I sleep with them one night stand. I am not a predator but my body is not a firewood, when they seduce I give in, and when I am tired I dump them. The life of a playboy is fun.

“She is a good girl, you know that,” Harris said.


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