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Hidden Identity Billionaire's Favorite Mistress

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Matured content. "Why...are.. you looking at me that way?" Emily stuttered. "I want to kiss you so bad." "" Have you ever been lied to? Have you ever tried to change someone? Have you ever thought you knew someone but found out things were not how it seemed? Emily Riverstone finds out that her new boyfriend happens to be the owner of a multi billionaire company and had been hiding his indentity from the world and even from her. Will she be able to overcome the consequences that comes with knowing the truth or will it be the death of her.

Chapter 1

"We can’t work with that cloth, that’s just it.” Bella said throwing away the cloth Emily just picked from her wardrobe, she jumped up from the bed and walked to the wardrobe to see what they could wear to the party.

Today was Emily’s birthday party and Bella had offered to celebrate it for her, she had invited her over to her hostel to select any cloth of her choice from her wardrobe but Emily was being cautious of what she was selecting.

Emily didn’t come from a wealthy family, her father was a well-known debtor and her mother and sister lived the fake life with the money their father was able to win from his gambling.

Emily was the total opposite, she didn’t know how to pretend not to be what she wasn’t, she worked hard to put food on the table and to even get herself into school. God being so faithful she was already in her final years.

Bella on the other hand came from a very wealthy family, but she hardly talked about them so Emily couldn’t say much about her Bella’s family. There was a time the discussion had arisen but Bella had always brushed it off.

“This would really look good on you,” Bella said showing her a strapless gown. “I have another color of this gown, so we could totally wear it together, what do you think?”

“I don’t think I can wear that,” it was so short, she was sure if she bent down, her undies would reveal itself, but she was more worried about her tats, she had gotten matching ones with Bella on her thigh last year, they had been so drunk, they made a bet on it.

That tattoo was the beginning of Emily’s new found hobby apart from her books, she had sketched some new designs in her sketch pad and had it in mind to get them done when she had enough money to spare for it.

“Why? It’s pretty sick.” Bella was not planning on backing down from wearing this gown, she didn’t really have any other gown that she fancied in her wardrobe right now, and she wasn’t in talking terms with her mother to demand for a change in wardrobe.

She had been selling some illegal stuffs of late to keep herself from starving to death, Emily didn’t know about this and she wasn’t planning on telling Emily anytime soon.

“The thigh tattoo,” Emily said pointing at her leg, revealing a hakuna matata symbol on the side of her thigh.

“When did you start caring about that? I think you are just making silly excuses because you don’t want to go to this party.”

“Am not,” Emily denied.

“Of course you are, we are going to that club whether you want it or not.”

Emily rolled her eyes at Bella, she was uncomfortable with going to the party.

“Let me go and freshen up, so I can do my make up quickly, so I did have time to make you look like a doll,” Bella chimed.

Emily concluded it was Bella’s birthday because she seemed more excited than the celebrant.

“Alright,” Emily smiled. “Bella…” she called out when Bella was about to enter the bathroom, Bella turned around and stared at her. “Thank you so much for everything.”

“You are welcome,” Bella replied going into the bathroom.

Emily busied herself with arranging Bella’s room, it was the least she could do for her, especially when she crashed here most of the time. She arranged the books on the bed into the small bookshelf by the side.

Her phone vibrated softly in her pocket as she checked who was calling her by this time.

It was her mother, probably calling to wish her a happy birthday.

“Why haven’t you yet sent the money?” was the first thing she heard when she picked the phone.

“What money?”

“What do you mean what money? Or did you get fired at your place of work? I am late on food supplies, I messaged you this morning why didn’t you reply. I even thought you were trying to send the money.” Her mother continued to nag.

“I don’t have any money with me, the little money I had I used it to pay my final year school fees, exam is close by.”

“But your sister told me you are celebrating your birthday, I didn’t teach you to lie Emily.”

“I really don’t have any money with me, Bella is the one celebrating the birthday for me.”

“Please Emily ask her for money then, there is really nothing in the house and you are partying.”

“I sent you money three days ago.”

“Do as I have said Emily, I haven’t eaten all day, do you want us to starve and die.”

“Fine, I will see what I can do.” Emily couldn’t believe this, her mother didn’t even wish her happy birthday but was more concerned about some money, she knew it wasn’t about food but her friends were coming over tomorrow to greet her.

She wanted to buy some expensive clothing's to make them feel she was living just fine.

She had totally forgotten, she had plans to give her extra cash but after paying her school fees, she didn’t have any money with her. She was definitely not going to ask Bella, Bella had done enough, she would just ask for a loan at work.


“You look so beautiful,” Jessica whispering into Emily’s ear, they had gotten to the party late, well Bella had insisted that they get there late in order to make an appearance. Emily and Bella were social butterflies when it came to school activities, so the club was packed with students from their school.

“Thank you Jessie,” it was all thanks to Bella, Emily wanted to add as she took a sip of the glass of champagne in her hand.

“And that tattoo on your thigh is sick,”

Jessica added taking a sip from her own glass. “Bella also has the same thing on her thigh as well, did she pay for the tattoo the same way she paid for this club and for this outfit you are wearing.”


“Did she also do your make up as well? this lip stick looks expensive.” Jessica never like Emily, she always wondered what the hell Bella saw in a poor piece of sh*t like Emily, she reeked of poverty.

Sometimes she felt that Emily was the one actually manipulating Bella into giving her money.

Bella had out did herself by getting the ViP section packed with top students in the school and those top students weren’t very fond of Emily, all of them came from really wealthy families unlike Emily who had gotten into the school through scholarship.

“Bella did this because she…”

“Because you manipulated her right? You have always been a manipulator, aint you tired of always asking money from her.”

“I didn’t ask anything, she is my friend.”

“You could have said no, if truly you didn’t want it but no you didn’t because you wanted it, you are a manipulator, stop pretending.”

“I am not a manipulator, you cant just…”

“If you are not a manipulator why cant you fend for yourself,” Jessica interrupted her again smiling. From a far one would think they were having a peaceful conversation from the way Jessica was smiling. “You are a pest and very soon Bella will see you for who you are.”

“We should go and dance,” Bella screamed entering into the VIP booth, she had gone dancing and noticed Jessica and Emily discussing, she wasn’t here to discuss but to have fun. Plus she knew Jessica didn’t really like Emily but Jessica was also her friend, she didn’t know why they couldn’t just get along for once.

Bella dragged Emily into the dance floor hurriedly that she nearly spilled the drink in her hand.

“I think I should go home,” Emily said as they reached the dance floor.

Chapter 2

"What the bloody hell are you talking about?” Bella said collecting the glass from her and giving it to one of waiters passing by. She started whining around Emily slowly, when she got to her front, she placed her butt in front of her and kept whining and giggling, but she noticed Emily wasn’t in the mood.

“Okay, did something happen at home?” Bella said turning around and looking at her.

“No, you… just forget about what I said.”

Bella couldn’t hear her well as the noise in the dancehall was really loud, she held Emily by the wrist and pulled her towards the direction of the toilet, luckily no one was in there, Bella closed the door immediately after she checked to be sure they were alone.

“Now, did something happen?... Did Jessica say something mean again to you?... I swear I will send her small ass out of this club immediately.”

“No..No,” she didn’t want to be accused of manipulating Bella which was already what they assumed of her.

“Then w


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