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Her Quiet Revenge

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Rose Alexander, Canada's most beautiful heiress, thought her dream of a happily ever after was finally coming to pass. However, after being betrayed by most of the people she loved and cared about, she turned to a devil-like, handsome Greek-Italian god. Picking herself back up again was all Rose could do after a dreadful incident that almost took her life. She learned not to trust anyone and to keep her guards up after her financier broke her heart and left her to die coldly on a lonely street in the middle of the night. With nothing left for her to lose, she decided to take her revenge, ready to was willing to do everything possible to make sure the people who betrayed her paid. But it was more serious than she thought. Left with no choice, she sold her soul to another Italian devil, who might just end up breaking her again.  Why do all Italian guys do this to me? she thought.

Chapter 1

Rose Alexander

I stood by the doorway with a shocked expression. My brain was trying to comprehend what my eyes were seeing in front of me.

My mind and heart were both arguing as I couldn’t believe that my best friend, someone who was the most precious person to me and someone I treated like family, was in bed naked with my beloved fiance. The only man I loved so much in my whole entire life

But then my heart kept arguing with my brain, which was trying to tell me it was only someone who resembled him. But seeing the looks on their faces said otherwise. They looked like they couldn’t believe I was standing before them.

“What’s this?”          I asked, my voice barely audible.

Blinking a couple times, it seems the two realized they weren’t imagining stuff and I was right in front of them. quickly gathering the sheets as they struggled, covering themselves up.

looking up at me with a pleading expression.

"Rose," as my fiance called me, was jumping out of bed desperately trying to get his pants that were lying on the floor. "Please, I can explain my love.“

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, trying my best not to cry as I realized my hope for the man not being my fiance was shattered.

I was driving home from work when I felt my cramps becoming unbearable, so I decided to go to Selena’s house, hoping she had gotten some medicine, not expecting to find them both in bed.

“What?”           I asked, "What do you want to explain?" "How did you lie about having a business meeting while you were in bed enjoying yourself with my best friend?" "Even though I told you I was in serious pain, is that it?“

“Rose please.”

My best friend spoke for the first time, trying to join the conversation. Turning, I looked at her, blinking my eyes and trying so hard not to cry in front of both of them.

Looking at her, I couldn’t help but wonder why. I treated her like my sister; we did literally everything together and went everywhere together. I thought as I shook my head, closing my ears to block the voice of Selena moaning Ryan’s name from earlier.

Looking up at them I chuckled darkly, like someone who had lost her mind. I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me right now; it must be a dream, right? Looking at them, I couldn’t help but think about how much they deserved each other.

Ryan has always been the famous, popular, and eligible bachelor of Canada, the country's most wanted bachelor, while Selena was Canada's beauty queen, the woman everyone desired to have; she was on every man’s mind and heart.

While I was just there, there was someone who always excluded himself from others, someone who people don’t know much about.

I was just a shrinking violet.

It made sense now that I thought of it as my feeling stupid for believing a guy like Ryan would be interested in me and for believing in his lies. But I couldn’t blame myself; when Ryan approached me and told me he was interested in me, I felt happy. I felt like I was as lucky as Cinderella and as strong as Queen Elsa. But those were just my fantasies, I thought as I turned to look at them again. I thought once more that it made sense.


“Please let me explain, Rose,“ Ryan said in a hurry.

Chuckling           I looked at him and said, "Don’t bother.“ I smiled as I continued, “Just save me the stress and lies you are about to fill my head with.“

Removing the engagement ring, I threw it on the floor towards him, not caring if it got damaged or not.

Turning to my ex-best friend, I smiled and said, "I wish you both a happy life since our engagement is over now.“

Turning around, I left the room with every ounce of strength I had left in me, willing myself not to shed tears until I had left the premises. I am a queen, and I refuse to let my enemies see me in tears. That’s right.          From this moment on, those two were now my enemies.

Walking out of the house in a fiery state, I walked towards my car, opening the door, which was later closed shut, and turning around to look at him, anger in my eyes.

“Rose, please let me explain my love," Ryan said, panting.

“There’s nothing to explain here, Ryan." "Get your hands off my car before I do something we both will regret.“ I tried to open the car once more, but it was shut again.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed a button on my keys. Turning around, I looked at Selena, who was standing a little bit farther behind Ryan.

“Keep my car safe; I will send someone to come take it tomorrow,“ I said before making my way out of the premises, which disgusted me right now.

I opened my phone to try to book a cab.

“Rose,“ Ryan called, running towards me and grabbing my arm.

I jerked my arm out of his hold as I felt disgusted by the touch that I once yearned for.

“Get away from me while I am being nice, Ryan.”

“Don’t worry, I will make sure to announce that our engagement is off to the entire Canada first thing tomorrow morning." I said I was walking off once more.

“Rose, please," he kept begging, holding my hands in a firm grip, not willing to let me go.

Struggling to free myself from his grip, I decided to kick him where the sun does not shine.

Releasing my hands, he quickly caught my leg before it could come in contact with his balls, looking at me with horror in his eyes.

Seeing I was free, I pushed him away as hard as I could, releasing myself completely from his grip, before taking off and running towards the gate of the compound while he chased after me.

Opening the gate of the compound, I ran out, trying my best to get away from here as fast as I could. I could feel my strength slowly fading away as tears started pouring down my face.

Taking a sharp corner I ran into the street in the middle of the night without looking.

Hearing the horn of a truck, I turned to my left. Horror struck me as I saw the light of the vehicle, which drove fast towards me, hitting me before I could think of moving.

Stopping the car, the old man got down to check what just happened. Seeing what he did, he quickly got back into his car and drove away, leaving me on the street.

“Rose!“        Ryan shouted, looking at me in the middle of the street and running towards me.

“Don’t!  "Let's go,“ Selena said, dragging him away. "Look, Ryan, this is an opportunity for both of us; we can finally get rid of her.“ She said she was cupping his cheeks.

"But Rose," he said, bending down to carry me.

“ No!     Ryan     You just need her for money after all, right? And now that she’s gone, you can have all the Alexander shares.

Looking at them with tears in my eyes and blood rushing out of my mouth, I was slowly losing my strength; my eyes were slowly closing.

Mustering all the strength I had left in me, I raised my hands, putting them on Ryan’s shoes, hoping he would see how desperate I was and not listen to my ex-best friend.

“Let’s go, Ryan; by tomorrow everything will be over and we will get everything,“ Selena said, tugging on his arms.

Turning around, he held Selena’s hands and left.

Looking at them, I couldn’t believe that someone I considered my best friend and the man I loved would do this to me.

Tears came down my face as I couldn’t believe I was going to die like this while they were going to enjoy their lives.

No, I screamed inside my head, "It is not over yet; I must avenge myself; I refuse to be played like a fool and die like this; I will definitely be back to get back at them."

"It's not over until I say it is," I thought before slowly letting darkness take over me.

Chapter 2

Alfonso Tommaso

Looking down at the woman I saved last week from death, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly happened.

The doctor had come to check on her and ensure she was going to be okay. But it had been almost a week already, and he was getting worried.

What could have happened to her was that she was lying in the middle of the road, dressed up.

It could be that she was hit, but the dress she was putting on and her jewelry clearly showed that she was a loaded lady, so why was she out at that time of the night? I couldn’t help but wonder.

Sitting beside her bed, lost in thought, I heard a small sound coming from beside him.

I was stunned when I looked at the lady, who was now awake and looking around, her gaze stopping at me, looking at me with her emerald green eyes, which held pain in them.

Whatever must have happened to her earlier was definitely still affecting her.

Looking closely at her and examining her features, she was


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