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Her Husband's Wife

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Charlene Knight was definitely about to lose her husband to his ex wife, Henrietta. She was becoming despondent ever since Henrietta returned and wanted to claim her husband. Richard Sullivan still had a soft spot for Henrietta that had left him with their now twenty-one months old son, Miguel. He couldn't allow his son to be taken away from him and Henrietta wasn't ready to give up on her son either. It became hard for him to resist her whenever she was around, and this perturbed Charlene. She had nothing left to hope for. What she believed was their marriage was arranged and the CEO had no feeling for her. Should she keep fighting or give up? She became dejected and her love life became a twisted fate

Charlene Knight

“Charlene Knight.” She increased the volume while reading the magazine as she was completely engrossed. She blinded her face with it. It would be hard for the passengers on the public bus to see her face since she had covered half of her face with it. She ribboned her golden hair to one side and parted her plump pink lips. A voice called out from behind but she heard no sound other than the song she was listening to. A gentle tap on her shoulder made to remove her gaze from the magazine, she glimpsed behind her seat. “Charlene Knight. ” He called her full name. She was in a mellow mood with a solemn countenance. She parted her lips and blinked once. “Javier.” She murmured his name and put the magazine down on her lap. His eyes beamed. He stood up from his seat and walked to the old woman sitting beside her. “Please ma'am, may I have this seat with the exchange of mine?” He requested politely. “Sure son.” The old woman nodded while smiling brightly. She rose and walked ponderously to his seat. Javier sat heavily beside her. “How did you get in?” “I was with you at the bus stop.” He said. She shrugged. “I guess you didn't notice. What are you reading?” He asked, taking the magazine on her lap. He loosened his tie as he turned over the first page. “It isn't the kind of thing you'd love to read. Give it back.” She attempted to take the magazine from him but he didn't let it go. “You've been staring at this picture for a while.” He said knowingly. “So?” “Do you like him?” She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She might have liked the man in the magazine but to be honest with herself, the man would never notice her. She had a secret crush on the man ever since she came across his magazines in her father's room. She didn't know anything about the young CEO but she had a huge crush on him. Sometimes when she had nothing to do or she was perturbed, staring at his picture ease her mind. Since then she found peace in his magazines. “I found the magazine in Dad's room.” She steered the question. “That's not what I asked you. Do you like Richard Sullivan?” He demanded, still hanging the magazine in the air. “If I say yes would that help your curiosity? Give me back the magazine.” She said sternly. She wanted to snatch it from him but he kept wagging his hand in the air, making it hard for her. She was losing her patience as Javier kept playing her. It got to the point where she was going to get off the bus, she pressed a button then up, and she rose. “You can keep it if you want.” She said and walked to the exit door. “Wait, Charlene,” Javier called but she never turned back. She alighted from the bus with her backpack hung at her back. Javier hurried after her but the bus had started moving. “I'm getting down.” He announced, making the bus skidded to a halt. He hurried out of the bus and headed in the direction she had taken.He was able to catch up with her on her way home. “Why are you following me?” She halted and turned around.“I just want to return this.” He extended the magazine to her. “I'm sorry if I've upset you.”“You can keep it if you want it. I have many at home.” She said smoothly.“I'm not Charlene Knight that loves reading magazines. It's not my taste.” “Um.” She extended her hand to him. “Then let me have it.”“Not so soon, sweetheart. What happened to your twins' brother?” “He sustained a minor injury on his leg during the motorcycle race. He's going to be alright, ” She assured. “Thanks for asking about that idiot. My magazine please.” Javier returned the magazine to her. “Have a pleasant day.” “You too. Don't bother to wait for a bus, just hail a cab instead. Bye-bye.” She started walking as she headed home. It would take her ten minutes to reach the estate. She took public transport because Charles couldn't make it to college without limping. He couldn't move without support after he sustained the injuries during the weekend. She turned over the first page as she kept walking. She wasn't looking at where she was going as she focused her gaze on the picture. “Hey, watch where you're going, Miss.” A young boy nearly hit her with his bicycle. She closed the magazine and sighed. “I'm sorry little one.” She bowed a bit. “Oh.” She breathed. She sidled across the estates, looking at their gate. A smile clouded her eyes as she hurried to the door. “Welcome, Charlene.” The gatekeeper greeted her cheerfully. “Thanks, Mr willow.” She trudged to the door, twisted the door handle then walked inside. “Welcome, Charlene.” Their housemaid greeted her on her way to the kitchen. “How are you? Where is Charles?” “I'm good, and Charles is in his room.” She hurried to the stairs, she gripped the railings as she ascended the stairs. She headed to his door, planting a soft knock on it. “Come in.” She unlocked the door and stepped inside. “Have you tried to get your *ss off the bed by yourself?” She sputtered while moving close to him in the bed. “I'm following Mom's instructions.” “You, Charles? I don't believe you. If you've followed mom's instructions I'm pretty sure you won't be in this position.” “You are making me feel bad right now.” “What a stubborn child?” She put her backpack on the bed. “Stop talking like mom.” “Have I started scolding you? How are you feeling now?” She touched the bandages on his leg. “Not as severe as yesterday, at least I can hop on one foot.” “Is there anything you want me to help you with?” “Massage.” He pouted sarcastically. She hit him playfully. “I'm not your girlfriend, Charles Knight.” “But you said you're my first girlfriend. Are you breaking up with me already?” “Don't start now.” She hit him because of the mischievous smirk on his face. “Your long crush is holding a party tonight and dad is going to attend with mom.” “Really?” “Yes really. I overheard them talking about the party, it seems like Mom is going to attend the party too.” “Oh no. What should I do Charles? This is my last chance to meet Richard Sullivan. I have to attend the party with Dad.” She took Charles's hand while looking at him with her puppy eyes which she knew was his weakness. “Stop looking at me with such eyes, Charlene.” She shook her head vigorously. She blinked once, looking pitiful. “Please you have to think of something, Charles. Please.” She pouted her lips in a cute way that made him give up. “Let Mom return, then we'll figure out what to do together.” “Are you sure?” He scoffed. “I'm a master planner, are you doubting me?” “Of course not. If it works I'll talk to Vero on your behalf, it seems like the lady also likes you.” “Who's Vero?” “Your nemesis.” Charles widened his mouth. He huffed and looked away. “You mean that castigator.” “I know you're stalking her, you like her but I don't know why you two are always criticizing each other.” She chuckled mockingly. There was no way Charles would ask her to do that, both of them never got along for two minutes. They always ended up in a fight, she criticized him, and he retaliated. That made them enemies. “Lair. Why should I stalk my enemy?” “Gosh, you're behaving like a kid right now, Charles. I stalked both of you.” She laughed and bantered him a little. “You stalk her, she stalks you. Both of you will make a good couple.” “Hell no.” He put up a pococurante act as he pouted his lips. “Stop being a hardhead.” She gave him a hard knock on his head before dashing out of his room. “Ouch! Charlene, you're so dead.” He shouted. “Catch me if you can.” She knew he'd never stepped out of the room, he refused a walking stick so there was no way he could walk on his own without any support. Charlene walked into the room. She had a quick shower and then put on a casual dress. She sauntered back to his room, she met him facing the ceilings, he seemed to be contemplating. She ambled closer as she looked weirdly at him. He sprung away because of her weird stare. “Jesus. That was creepy, you don't stare at someone like that.” She pulled back while standing beside him. “Let's get your *ss out of bed.” She offered him support. He took her arm as she lifted him out of the bed. “Ouch!” “Stop whining like a kid.” She berated him. “Stop scolding me like mom.” He yelled, letting go of her arm. “Then if you want me to stop, you too should stop groaning like a woman. You're a man for goodness sake.” “I'm not Charlene Knight.” She hated to hear people saying they were never her. “What do you say?” She released her grip, making him hit his butt on the bed. “You're bad.” “You have a gentle face but your foul mouth, no good words ever come out of it.” “Perhaps you want to miss the opportunity of meeting your prince charming today?” “Really?” “Let's have a deal.” “If it doesn't work out for me, I'll add to your injury, Charles Knight.” “If it works, you have to obey me.” “I'm older than you.” “Just two seconds.” She contracted her lips into a frown while resisting the urge to smack his head. “Two minutes.” She corrected him. “Stop lying, Charlene. Do I have this deal?” “If you fail you have to do whatever I want. I'm going to meet Richard today.” She jumped up cheerily. He smirked with a wink. “Sure.” He extended his hand for a handshake. “Don't act clumsy in front of him, and you need to stop obsessing or you're going to mess up.” “Shut up dimwit.” She snapped. “Let me help you out.” “I don't trust you,” “I swear I won't let go of your hand. Let me help you out.” She assured him with a smile. Charles hesitated before giving in, he looked into her eyes squarely. He had to be sure she wouldn't hurt him. “Okay.” ROWAN WAS SITTING patently for Kathleen to finish her makeover. She was in the room preparing for the party. Rowan glanced at his watch and sighed loudly. “I'm sorry darling, I'm almost done.” She hooked the necklace around her neck and then stared at her reflection in the mirror. She turned to look at him, twisted her lips, and gestured to him to say something about her makeup. “Not looking bad. You look gorgeous tonight.” He winked at her and gave her a thumb. “Thanks, sweetheart. Shall we?” They held hands and exited the room. Charlene looked at him for the last time, she wished she could wipe the dirt smirk on his face. Charles wasn't helping her situation, he focused his gaze on the flat-screen tv as he ignored her like she wasn't with him. She was going to cry if he didn't say anything. “Stop looking at me with that face, I haven't done anything wrong.” “You promise to help, remember?” “I didn't say I won't help. I'm just hoping you won't mess up this time.”“I promise you. I will give you whatever you want, please help me. I have to attend the party.” He gave a short nod. He looked at the staircase, he was hearing their parent's footsteps. He took a deep breath and then cried out in a high pitch. Charlene looked abruptly, she rushed to his side to help. “Hey, what's wrong?” “Call mom now. That's the only way to stop her from going with Dad.” He whispered to her and grinned. “You're a fool. You almost gave me a heart attack.” She hit him on the shoulder. “Mom, Dad!” Charlene called out. Kathleen rushed downstairs. She hurried to his side and crouched to examine his legs. “What's wrong, honey?” “My leg.” He wiggled on the sofa and forced tears out of his eyes. “My head is spinning, Mom.” “Oh, God. I have to call for the ambulance.” She said and searched around for her purse that she had dropped on the floor when she heard his cries. “Here, Mom. Stop shouting like a baby, Charles.” Charlene cautioned she attempted to massage his legs but he pushed her hands away. “Stop adding to the pain I'm feeling. Argh.” He cried out again. Kathleen couldn't think well, the way he was crying made her knees weak. “Calm down. I've called for the ambulance dear.” “Sorry, Charles. I thought you were getting better.” “I'm getting worse.” He cried out. When he noticed their parents were pacing around without looking at them, he exchanged a wink with Charlene. Flavia brought a first aid kit. She brought out a syringe and injected him to ease the pain he was feeling. In a short time, the ambulance arrived. He was groaning non-stop so they wheeled him out with a stretcher. “I'm coming with you,” Rowan said when they reached outside. He hopped in his car, and Charlene joined in while Kathleen followed the ambulance. When they arrived at the hospital, Kathleen wanted to go in with him but her colleague stopped. It was after ten minutes the doctor came out. Kathleen leaped up and dashed toward her. “How's my boy?” Rowan and Kathleen asked in the union. “He's getting better. He probably hit his injured leg against something and that caused him unbearable pain. He's resting right now.” “Ah. What a relief?” She sighed with relief. She looked at Rowan, who had a worried look. “How about the party? You go ahead, I'll watch over our son.” “But…” “You don't want to disappoint your best friend. He'll be fine.” Charlene didn't make any attempt, she stood beside Flavia while looking at them. She was saying prayers underneath that her mother shouldn't tell her to stay back. “I'm not fond of going to party alone.” He complained, hoping she would change her mind. “Charlene should come with you. After all, she'll get to meet someone tonight.” Charlene was about to shout out of joy but she held herself back. It wasn't time to jubilate. She bit her lower lip to stop her from grinning. “But I want to stay with Charles,” “Are you sure?” Kathleen knew she meant the opposite of what she said. Rowan cleared his throat to get their attention. “We should head on. Flavia will stay with you and if anything happens, call me.” He said and kissed her on the forehead. She nodded once. Rowan and Charlene walked out of the hospital. Charlene never stopped grinning while walking behind her father. “Do you have a party dress?” “I have one.” “That makes it easy.” “Am I going to meet Richard today?” She inquired. “Maybe. Charlene, it's not just a party that you should mess around with, don't act recklessly.” She gave him an assured smile without uttering a word.

Awkward moment

She searched her closet for a party dress, unfortunately, she couldn't find the red strapless gown she wore on her prom night. She had searched thoroughly but it seemed like she didn't have the gown anymore.

Charlene cursed underneath as she looked at the clock on the wall. It was getting pretty late and someone was downstairs waiting for her to come down.

“What am I supposed to do now?” She ran her fingers through her hair, and huffed with frustration. Her phone vibrated on the bed, she walked over and looked at the screen.

“Dad? I'm fucking things up as much as I can.” She rasped, took her phone then ran out of her room. The whole mansion was hushed, since Charles was still in the hospital, Flavia was also with her mother.

She looked around determinedly while sneaking into her parent's bedroom. She closed the door behind her slowly, although she was the only one around but she was fretful.

Her phone rang in her hand, she put it dow


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