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Her Betrayal

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Clenching my eyes shut, I let a few fat teardrops roll down my cheeks. The blazing anger in his eyes, the accusations in them were too strong to bear. It literally hurt to look into his steel grey eyes that were now burning with hatred....hatred towards me. .................. Braelyn Taylor never thought that she would again cross paths ever in the future with her highschool sweetheart Evan Lewis after that fateful day, let alone work with him...under him. With her betrayal burning strong in his heart till date, what does destiny actually have in store for these two ill-fated lovers?


MG Galindo

Review after the novel completion

Loved the story. Wish the chapters to be a bit longer. The plot was good, interesting. Like how it went from just one day in high school to adult hood. Short and quick. Maybe telling a bit more of high school instead of going back to flash backs. Really hate the flash backs in stories. Someone should make a story making the women strong will, confident, not submissive or gullible. We as women just disgrace ourselves. We should start making us stronger so younger generations start believing in themselves.

March 19, 2024

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