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Heir And Heiress Series

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Everywhere becomes silent as every single pair of eyes turn to us and although I'm used to attention, it's never been in this type of situation and I find myself wondering how to handle it. All worries fly out the window though when Hunter grabs my hand after locking his car. Murmurs erupt in every angle of the school ground at his actions and I glance at Hunter only to see a look of determination on his face. What is he up to? He suddenly turns me towards him and traps me against the car door. "You're right, we need to clear one misunderstanding"he states his breath fanning my face. "And what would that be?" I breathe out already dazed by him. Get a grip Daisy, you're out in public! "That you are mine and all other boys can f*ck off" He answers hoarsely just as he finally closes the space between us and takes my lips for a world-rocking kiss. Daisy Heart is a friendly heiress with great friends who just wants to have a good high school experience. She thinks everything is beautiful except the heir to the Stone Empire: Hunter Stone. Hunter Stone is a playboy Heir who just wants to have a good time while young before responsibilities come knocking. He thinks everything is fun except the heiress to the Heart group of Hotels: Daisy Heart. After being forced into being partners and roommates for a school camp project, Hunter and Daisy are determined to make each other's life hell. The undeniable attraction between them certainly doesn't help. To make things worse, Hunter also knows that Daisy has feelings for his best friend. Sequel to a series of fights, failed pranks, and arguments, fate offers to deal a final blow to the situation. What will happen when two opposite characters that hate each other collide? The result is bound to be catastrophic.



Review after the novel completion

I was a good read, they need to proof read it and change lunges for lungs in a lot of places but other than that it’s a pretty good read, the story in itself is interesting and keeps you wanting to know what is going to happen. The characters are well thought out and well written as well, specifically the two main characters are very lovable and cute in their personalities and the way the relationship develops, they make me smile.

December 7, 2023

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