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For Calvin Mario Harald, all the events between him and Aurora Maria Smith were not just a coincidence. For some reason, he was so sure, the woman whose status as his boss was specially destined by God to be with him. No matter how hard Aurora refuses, reject, or hate, Mario will never give up. Count, twice they slept together. However, the beautiful woman kept denying it, even assuming that Mario was not her ideal type of man. Will Mario's love be reciprocated in the end? Or Aurora remains stubborn, holding on to her convictions. *** 21+ So many explicit content

Chapter 1

Several years earlier.

A plump young man walks timidly down the school halls to get to the classroom as soon as possible. Feeling worried because a few hundred meters in front of him, some naughty students were always waiting to take the lunch or money he had brought with him.

However, there is no other choice. The only access road to enter the classroom is the main hallway. If he got past his soon, he would be on time for class. He also decided to skip classes, which was impossible for him to do.

"Calvin!" shouted a tall, big boy when he saw his target from a distance. Walk closer. He was followed by a group of other children, numbering approximately five people. They all seemed smiling as if they had found an object to play with.

"Why are you just standing here? Are you avoiding me on purpose?" the man snapped, staring intently at his interlocutor.

"I-I... I didn't mean to avoid you," said the teenager named Calvin with a stutter.

"Do not lie!" another man snapped. "You want to play us, I see. Where's your money? We can't even shop for food because we've been waiting too long for you to pass."

Calvin immediately shook his head. "I didn't bring any money today. Mama just gave me carbonarra pasta."

Calvin doesn't brag. He did not carry the stock of money as usual. He deliberately acts like that, intending that these naughty men don't bother him anymore.

However, Calvin's efforts were in vain. These bad boys don't care. Two immediately pushed Calvin's body until he leaned against the locker. While one other seemed to seize the bag that the man was wearing. Get the lunch box out of there. Then he deliberately threw away the pasta that Calvin's mother had prepared until it scattered on the floor of the school corridor.

Not quite up there. One of them even stepped on it on purpose, then scooped it up with his hand. He intended to feed the dirty paste into Calvin's mouth.

"Hurry up and eat this pasta or I and the other kids will beat you black and blue," he threatened earnestly.

While continuing to be held by his hands and body, Calvin shook his head. Closes his mouth tightly. He was trying to resist what was offered to him.

"Please don't do this," Calvin pleaded. His head kept shaking repeatedly.

"You dare to refuse my orders? Eat quickly! Or I will beat you up."

Calvin remained firm in his stance. Trying to survive, not obey what the man in front of him ordered. He could get a stomach ache or maybe diarrhea if he eats the dirty pasta that is proffered.

"You want to be beaten!" shouted the man. He was throwing the pasta in his hand. He took a position, ready to beat Calvin, who his friends were still holding.


Before the punch hit Calvin's body, a young girl in sportswear seemed to be walking hastily and deliberately approaching. Even when they were only a few inches apart, the girl pushed the big man so that he swayed a little.

"Let him go. Or you will regret it!"

All the children immediately laughed. He was underestimating what the girl said.

"If we don't want it, what do you want?"

"I'll beat you up," he shouted, which returned to triggering the laughter of the naughty children.

"Just beat it if you can," challenged one of them.

The girl nodded. Take a step forward, then grab the arm of a giant man. Folding, then pinning it until it groans and then collapses in pain.

Not only that. When her most prominent opponent can no longer move, the girl turns to other naughty children—beating them one by one without the slightest help until they all give up and decide to run away.

Seeing the contents of Calvin's bag scattered on the floor, the girl took the initiative to help tidy it up. She was picking it up while putting it back in the bag. After tidying up, he handed it back to the item's owner.

"Here is your bag," said the girl.

"Thank you very much. Sorry if I bothered you," Calvin replied while cleaning his bag, which was slightly dirty due to floor dust.

"No need to be shy. If they bother you tomorrow, just call me. I'll beat them up again like before."

He nodded. Had both been silent for a moment. He then cleared his throat to lighten the mood. The next second he held out his hand, inviting us to introduce ourselves.

"To feel comfortable asking for help, I'd like to know your name in advance.

"Ah, of course." The girl nodded and took the hand that Calvin held out in return. "My name is Aurorae Smith, I'm a grade 7 student. You can call me Aurorae. How about yourself?"

Calvin carved a smile. Without an awkward reply to what the girl in front of him asked.

"Thank you very much for your help just now. My name is Calvin Mario Harald. You can call me Calvin. I'm a grade 8 student. It's a pleasure to meet and know you."


Mario looked intently at one of the beautifully framed photos he was currently holding. In one photo, a stocky boy looks shyly, embracing a tall, thin girl who smiles so loosely.

Mario certainly remembered. This moment was taken when he was celebrating a school farewell party. There is a feeling of joy because you can graduate with such a satisfying grade. But on the other hand, he also felt sad because he found that he had to be separated from the sweet girl who had helped him.

After the accidental incident in the school hallway, Mario becomes close to Aurorae. Everywhere, always together. Either they were spending time reading books in the library or exchanging the food they brought. Truly, Mario felt those were times he would never forget.

However, their togetherness did not last long. Mario, who is one level above Aurorae, must pass first. He was forced to continue his studies in Germany because he had to join his parents, who had moved places. Mario, who knew that they would be separated for quite a long time, had even prepared a special gift as a keepsake for Aurorae to keep.

"I deliberately gift this music box to you, Aurorae. If one night you have trouble sleeping, just open it. The songs playing in it will help you fall asleep until you finally fall asleep soundly. Trust me."

Aurorae accepted Mario's gift—opening the box to see what was inside.

"Thank you. It's really good. I'll keep it well and carefully. I hope when I listen to the songs in it, I can remember you."

Mario nodded and smiled.

"Of course. I put our picture in there too. So you don't forget to know a fat guy like me."

Aurorae laughed and deliberately directed her hands to pinch Mario's cheeks playfully.

"Don't worry. I won't forget you, Calvin. Later, when you're successful, don't forget to look for me. Remember! You have to be established and thin first if you want to marry me."

Mario nodded again. Offers a finger around it. He invited Aurorae to make the pinky promise.

"Of course. I promise. When I grow up to be successful, well established and also thin, I will immediately search for your whereabouts even to the ends of the world. I will propose and then I will ask you to marry as soon as possible."

"Okay," said Aurorae. "I also promise not to marry another man before you come to see me."

Because of this promise, Mario mobilized all of his father's confidants when he returned from Germany to help find Aurorae's whereabouts. He is lucky to have a father from among the officials, making it easier for Mario to find anyone he wants to meet.

As soon as he discovered where Aurorae lived, Mario immediately launched his action. The man even deliberately applied at the EXON company, where Aurorae worked, to surprise the woman.

But it's a shame that when she got accepted for work and met her for the first time, Aurorae didn't even recognize Mario, who had changed his appearance. What hurts more, he even saw his first love look so intimate with his boss several times. But because he already loves it, Mario doesn't care. He was determined to continue trying to melt Aurorae's heart to turn away and return to himself.

Chapter 2

Mario clearly remembers that night he had just come home from work. After finishing cleaning up. He quickly dressed neatly. A friend will pick him up in a few minutes and ask him to go to a bar. One of his best friends, Darrell, has a birthday tonight. He decided to celebrate the birthday at their regular place.

Mario had not finished wearing clothes when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Buttoning up his black shirt, Mario then directed his feet towards the door. It opened immediately, then found the mother, who was already standing there with a glass of milk.

"Where are you going so neat, Calvin?" she asked. The 45-year-old woman came closer, then handed me the glass of milk she was carrying.

"Mom, I'm already big. Why do you like to deliver milk like this."

Instead of answering what Diana asked, Mario even protested. It was indeed his mother's habit, consistently delivering warm milk every night so Mario would sleep easily


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